Darkness on the Horizon
VIII: To Be The Pirate King

Written by Takato Metallium
Plot: AU, dark, slash (Luffy/Zoro, Sanji/Usopp, Robin/Nami, Luffy/Usopp), descriptions of rape, one-shot.
Disclaimer: I disclaim all rights to One Piece, as it belongs to Eiichiro Oda-san. If I owned OP, Sanji and Usopp (not to mention Zoro and Luffy) would've had sex already. 'Fraid not, kiddies. I only own the fanfic, the idea and not much else.

My name is Monkey D. Luffy; affectionately known as Mugiwara boshi by my enemies, and feared as the Pirate King by simple-minded villagers and townspeople. I have a nine hundred million Beri bounty on my head – quite possibly the highest bounty in the history of pirates. I ate the Akuma no Mi, Gomu Gomu, when I was a child, which gives me the ability to stretch my body like rubber, but above all…

…I am a monster.

I will admit it to myself and nobody else. I am a monster; the devil himself some say – even my husband once called me the son of the devil, long ago when we first met. I have forgotten what it's like, to live for something other than the sight, the taste…the feel of blood…and indeed I believe I've quite forgotten where my bloodlust started.

Perhaps it started when I was to kill my brother, Ace; perhaps it started long before then when Shanks talked me into battling him, to try and find out which one of us was truly the better pirate. Heh, I believe he had seen what I was about to become; a battle had been the only way he could kill me without remorse.

Unfortunately, I won. Shanks has been rotting on Raftel for the last eight years, along with the rest of his crew. I will always be thankful towards him for saving me when I was a young boy though; eternally grateful no matter how others might feel otherwise.

Ace joined the Marines after my crew and I murdered the Whitebeard Kaizokudan in cold blood. He tried so hard to capture me for three long years before I was able to hold him by the throat, several feet off the ground, my fingers oh so slowly crushing his windpipes. Ace had put up a good struggle, clawed at my arm like a wildcat with wide dark eyes, staring at me like I was some sort of freak…a monster from the darkest of children's nightmares. He died by my hand; his esophagus collapsing in on itself from the pressure I put it under, blood gurgling from his throat to splatter along my arm and halfway across my face.

I dropped him unceremoniously to the cruel harsh desert dunes of Arabasta and raised my arm close to my face. I was shaking, for some odd reason – shaking from the thrill of victory, shaking from the adrenaline rush battle gave me…shaking because I had just killed my older brother, the only family I had left alive. I still remember the words I had whispered to his dead body as I licked the blood off my arm;

"There is no honor amongst pirates, brother dearest. Survival of the strongest, Portgas, and I'm afraid you just weren't strong enough. After all…I am the King of the Pirates."

I think that had begun my sink into insanity. I remember every detail of the plan I had made to ensure Nami would become pregnant with our children; I remember every piece of blackmail I've ever said to my crew; I remember threatening them…I remember everything of these last nine years and yet nothing at all.

That's right. The last nine years have been a blur in my eyes, fuzzy images being played before me with outcomes I know are not true, people I know I have not met. I see the face of a young, frightened child; I hear the cries of mercy from a woman begging me not to kill her; I smell the blood of a man who was in my way. Countless, nameless faces blur into one before my eyes; blur into the one person I hold dearest above all else…

My husband. Roronoa Zoro.

Out of all my crew, it sickens me the most when I look at him, remembering how I have treated him these past years since our marriage on Raftel before the finding of One Piece. Every time I look at him, I'm reminded of villages we have ravaged, reminded of those nameless, faceless victims of my own dark bloodlust. I'm reminded of everything I've ever done to anyone, be it a member of my crew or someone else entirely.

Only then does it make my stomach churn. Only then does it make me want to vomit up my last meal at the thought of a sea of blood dripping through a nameless town.

I'm almost afraid to touch my daughter these days. Too afraid I'll do something to her as well. My beautiful little angel, Kuina D. Roronoa; the little girl I've been conditioning since her birth, dreaming of the day when she will take my place. I see Nami in her, remnants of the one I offered to be my navigator. I wonder when my little princess will begin to notice the similarities between her and her 'Auntie' Nami, when she'll begin questioning the origins of her existence. Kuina is not as innocent as she portrays herself to be, not under my teachings. She'll grow up to be a fine young woman, and even a finer pirate.

I can't count the amount of times I have shared a bed with Usopp. Long before I ever loved or married Zoro, even times afterwards when there were nights my husband couldn't meet my requirements. Usopp was willing to meet those necessities…too willing I found sometimes, much to my dislike. I found out his deepest, darkest secrets during our times together; his strongest desires, his inner cravings….everything about himself that he had never told anyone else before. The filthiest, dirtiest dreams were panted into my ear late at night when no one else was awake; stories of sinful profanity not even my own vivid imagination could provide. When he told me he loved Sanji, though, I knew then that our late night rendezvous would have to come to an end.

I look at Sanji as my own personal work of art more often than not. I broke his mind by making him destroy his beloved, sought-after ocean of All Blue; I broke it further when I got him drunk enough to rape Nami. Even though I knew his love for her was fake, he would never have agreed to it unless extremely intoxicated – Sanji was just that kind of person. He had become schizophrenic after it happened. So schizophrenic that I was unsure of whether or not he would be sane enough to be able to cook anymore; prepared to abandon him for the safety of my crew. He proved me wrong, though. More often than not I still see him fighting for control over himself, but thankfully the medicine Chopper provides him is enough to keep him stable – Usopp is his only other set of chains.

Chopper has been submissive over the last eight or nine years, following my orders without a single protest. His voice no longer carries out over the ship, no longer does he swear; he is even more timid now than he was when I first took him in as my crew's doctor. If Kuina is alone without her 'brother' around, she will more often than not keep Chopper company while he continues to work in his own quarters. I thought negatively about it at first – especially when Chopper came back after his mission with my daughter poisoned on his back – but then a small part of me told me to leave them be, and so I did.

Robin…she was furious with me after what had happened to Nami, even going as far as to threaten me if it happened a second time. I only smiled smugly at her and told her that there was nothing she could do about it unless she planned on committing mutiny, and even then she would be powerless to stop me. She told me that I was turning into another Crocodile, ruling with fear and hatred, and I suppose that in a way she has been right. I knew there was nothing more I could do to my archeologist; she had already lost so much in her life; but then my smile became cruel and I indifferently threatened Nami's life, should she decide to go against me in the future. Robin has kept her personal feelings hidden these past years, but I know how much she despises what I've become.

I must admit, I hate myself as well.

Everything I've done…all the changes I've put my crew through…even my daughter and her half brother I hate.

…That's why this is goodbye…

My name is Monkey D. Luffy. I am, was, and always will be the Pirate King.

And I'm sorry.


It was the loud shot that rang through the morning dawn that roused the crew of the Going Merry.

Zoro was the first onto the deck, swords drawn and ready for the enemy that would never be there.

Sanji was next, with his hands in the pockets of the slacks he had roughly pulled on in his rush, feet bare of his blood-splattered shoes as he padded softly over to the swordsman's right, unkempt blonde hair falling into disturbed blue eyes.

Usopp followed his husband shortly after, five-ton mallet swinging purposefully in his hand as he stood beside the chef. The sniper would come to realize his training for the last nine years would all be for nothing.

As Nami, Chopper and Robin exited their respective cabins to join the other three crewmembers, Zoro was the first to notice the blood splattered across the figurehead of the Going Merry, and the straw hat lying faithfully at the bow, void of an owner and coated in crimson.

The Pirate King was dead.

– Fin –

Notes: Before anyone says anything; yes, I know Luffy is practically indestructable due to his Gomu Gomu powers. Of course, I believe that all logia Akuma no Mi users can operate their powers by will – Luffy only uses his more than others did. Therefore, if he were to kill himself by gun, he could lower the percentage of rubber his body becomes. He stood on the figurehead when it happened, incase something went wrong and he ended up having to drown himself instead.
Aside from that – thank you everyone for your reviews and encouraging words! See you next time in To Be A Woman!
– Takato Metallium