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Italics Yamato

Underlined Taichi

Chapter One: The Smell of Roses

Why can't I get to him? The dark is swallowing my energy. The room is draining my life away. I need to get to him. "Taichi! Come back! I love you!" I shout at the top of my lungs but my voice is swallowed by the darkness and he just drifts away. Now I'm in a dark hallway with no windows or doors. What happened to the room? Where's Tai? "Tai! Where are you? Don't hide from me!" I am screaming but like my last attempt, the words are eaten by darkness. Where is he? The hall keeps going God, there's the edge. Below me, an eternal darkness and a bottomless pit grow closer. Why do I keep walking? Stop Matt, stop. Why can't I stop Tai? Help me, I'm almost to the edge. A foot away, half a foot…

It was 2:30 in the morning. Matt was lying in bed covered in sweat, his heart pounding in his chest so hard it hurt. The covers were tangled within each other and around him , a result of his restless sleep. He picked up the phone on the table next to his bed and dialed Taichi Yagami's number. After a few rings, he picked up. His voice was crusty with sleep, like he just woke up.


"Hey Tai. It's Matt."

"Dude it's like 2:30 in the morning. Are you crazy?" What the hell is he doing calling me at 2:30 in the morning?

"I'm sorry Taichi," he said. "I just needed to hear your voice."

"What?" Tai seemed a little taken aback but then it clicked in his mind. "Oh, Yama. Did you have that dream about the room and the hall again?" I really need to be there with him. He never has that dream when I'm with him.

"Yeah, but this time there was an end to the hall. It was the same room and the same feeling. Then I was out of the room and in the hall. And I started walking and couldn't stop. The edge was coming closer and closer. I was about to walk off but I woke up."

"Each time you have that dream it gets longer. Earlier, when it first began you said there was just a room, then a hall now an end to it? Hmm… that could mean your dream is ending."

"Maybe, but I don't think so. I felt so scared, like you were gone forever and I'd never get you back." Yamato almost started crying. He missed Taichi and needed him so much at that moment.

"Don't worry, Yama. I'll never leave you. I'm always here for you." He said it with so much love, Yamato couldn't not believe it.

"I'll never leave you either," he replied, hoping to put enough love in his words so Tai could it too.

"Maybe…" Tai's words were cut off by his loud obnoxious yawn. "Never mind, I'll tell you later, I'm crushed. How 'bout you?"

"Yeah, now that I think about it I better let you go. I'll see you tomorrow Tai. I love you."

"No, I love you more."

"If you say so," Yamato replied, too tired to 'argue' about it.

"'Night, Yama."


I put the receiver in its stand. Come on Matt, it's 3:00. You gotta get your sleep. Matt's body needed the sleep, but his heart wouldn't allow it. For all I know I could have the dream again. He spent a whole hour tossing and turning trying to find a comfortable position, but nothing worked. Finally he just gave up and sat on the edge of his bed, a picture of him and Taichi in his hands.

My favorite picture .God, that day was so much fun. The picture was taken when all of the chosen went on vacation for Mimi's 16th birthday in Hawaii. I didn't want to go swimming but Tai made me. And then Sora took a picture of him and I in the water with a purple sky and the sun setting behind us. Now that I remember that was only just a year ago. What would I do if I ever lost him? If one day he came up to me and told me it was over. I love him so much.

After a while Matt glanced at the clock. 3:42. The calendar next to the clock caught his eye. December 17th. It was the last day of school until Christmas break. Until he wouldn't be able to see Tai every day. Maybe not even talk to him every day... Matt couldn't take the thought any longer. He needed to be distracted. He grabbed his pink apron, a sponge and the soap. He scrubbed this, wiped that. Anything that was dirty (or had a little mark unnoticeable to the normal human eye), he cleaned. At 6:00, he collapsed on the couch. He worked himself so much. Yet, he had to go to school.

I hope I didn't wake Takeru up. He was at the apartment because his, I mean our, mom was in America interviewing for a job. I really hoped she didn't get it because then TK would move to the USA with her. I would miss him so much and I know Hikari would too.

Yamato sighed, got up from the couch and went to take a shower . After he got out, he found Takeru staring at the kitchen in awe.

"What happened here?" Takeru asked

"I cleaned. What's the big deal? Everyone cleans," Yamato snipped at him.

"Yeah, everyone cleans, but no one cleans like you do. Just me standing here makes me feel like I'm ruining it. The air even smells clean."

"Well, that's 'cause I sprayed Oust everywhere."

"But it smells like flowers!" he complained

"What's wrong with flowers 'Keru? I think those roses smell good."

"Roses? What roses?"


"Oh, you mean those?" he said pointing to the bouquet of red and white roses on the counter. "To Yama, My dearest and most true love. Love Tai." He read on the tag.

"Hey! No one calls me Yama except for Tai, ok?"

"Hey, hey. Sorry." Under his breath, Takeru added, "Someone's pissy today."

"You hungry?"

"Uh, yeah."

"What do you want?"

"I don't know. Whatever you make, I guess."

"I'm too tired to make anything fancy. You can eat eggs today, can't you?"

"Sure, that sounds fine, as long as we have..."

"What about cereal?" Their dad said as he walked into the kitchen.

"We don't have any except if you count the Trix in the cupboard that's three years old." Yamato started to get the frying pan and the eggs out. If he wanted to eat moldy, stale cereal, he could make it himself.

"We've got to have more than all this crappy American stuff. I don't know how you can stand to eat it dad." Takeru said while rummaging through the cupboards.

"Yeah, I'm sure I saw some moldy Pop Tarts in there the other day." Yamato replied sarcastically while frying the eggs. "Takeru, if you want theget it out. And could you grab the while you're at it?"

"Fine, I'll grab one of the Hot Fudge Sundaes. They're not moldy. I just bought them last week. I have to go to work now anyway. No time to eat anything hot, sorry Matt. I'm running late today."

"That's fine, dad. Just make sure to call if you're going to be home late again."

"I will. Bye boys."

"Bye dad," both Yamato and Takeru said.

"Here are your eggs, Takeru."

"Thanks, Yamato."

"No problem, just eat fast. We don't have much time."