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Chapter Six: The Party

The clock read 2:12 am. Seventeen hours until Sora's party. Sighing, Yamato rolled over and tried to fall back asleep. You would think that a whole day of re-arranging his room would wear him out, but Yamato hasn't been able to sleep at all. I am so out of it; I don't even remember walking to the bathroom. The thing that brought him back was the feeling of the cold tile floor against his feet. Why the hell am I here? Oh, that's right. Sleeping pills. Matt opened the cupboard door and took out the first sleeping aid in sight. Not caring how many pills spilled into his hand, he swallowed them all. Now all he had to do was wait for them to kick in.

Lying on his bed, Matt was not seeing the white ceiling above him at all. It was hidden by the image of Taichi; his tan face shining with a smile. Yamato couldn't take it anymore. He needed to hear Taichi's voice. He just needed to. He felt like he was going to go insane. Yamato picked up the phone and was just about to dial Tai's number when it ran. Yagami Taichi flashed on the caller ID in front of him. Thank God. I'm not the only one.

"Taichi?" he asked hopefully.

"Hey Yama." Wow, he's up too. Wonder why.

" Why are you calling so early?"

"Why are you up so early?"

"Because I was thinking about you," they replied simultaneously.

A few moments of silence and then,

"Chi chi, I miss you."

"I know baby. I miss you too."

"I want you to be here, holding me."

"Me too. I would wrap my arms around you, pull you closer and whisper in your ear: Yama, my Yama. I will always love my Yama. No matter what."

"...Keep talking." His voice is so soothing.

"Are you going to fall asleep?"

"Well, I took at least eight sleeping pills, so I hope so. And I want your voice to be the last thing I hear until I wake up." Yamato had tears in his eyes. Tai sensed them.

"Oh, baby. Don't cry. I'm here with you. I will never let you go."

My gosh, his voice is so amazing. Taichi is here with me. He voice is easing me to sleep.

"Never ever, ever will I leave you. My Yama you'll be forever."

My eyelids feel so heavy. I'm drifting into my image of Tai. Deeper, deeper, deeper.

"Just relax Yama. I'm not going anywhere. One day we'll have a place of our own and I can hold you all night. Tell you how much I love you..."

What is that noise? Groaning, Yamato opened his eyes, then shut them immediately. Sunlight was pouring through his bedroom window, blinding him and preventing him from his dream.

Taichi and I were on a cruise. We were swimming with nothing on. Bad Matt! You just woke up and you're already a pervert!

"See, look what you've done to yourself." Yamato looked down at his blanket. It sort of looks like a tent! Damn it Taichi! Focus on the noise Matt. Oh, it's the phone. Turn off you stupid thing. Something occurred to Yamato just then. The sun rises on the east. His window faces west. Confused, he looked at the clock. 5:27. Holy shit! I guess those sleeping pills worked. Oh fuck. I only have an hour and a half before I have to go and pick up Tai and Hikari for Sora's party. That meant that Yamato had only ninety minuets to take a shower, fix his hair and pick out his clothes. Boy, am I screwed. (A/N: by Taichi!) Not to mention the fact that our phone was off the hook all day. Dad's going to kill me if he finds out.

The cold water felt good on Yamato's head, drenching him in its coldness. Too cold! Too cold! Ahh...that's better. Warm water feels better when you're taking a shower anyway. Cold water is for swimming.

Matt checked the clock as soon as he stepped out of the shower. Good, that only took twenty minuets. I'm going to need at least forty-five for my hair and twenty for my clothes. Wow, that works perfectly if I time it all right.

Matt did just that. He was ready to leave with seven minuets to spare. Yamato made sure he looked extra sexy. Sora's house was big and had a lot of rooms, empty rooms. He chose his favorite pants. Tight black leather. Usually Yamato saves them for his concerts but tonight was special. The shirt he was wearing was Tai's favorite. It was a deep blue T-shirt that had a V-shaped neckline tied with string that criss crossed like xxx, only vertically.

"Matt, are you ready?" Takeru poked his head into Matt's room.

"Yep, just let me grab the presents for everyone." Yamato tried to grab all of his gifts at once, but it just wasn't working. "Hey Takeru!"

"Yeah?" his younger brother asked, walking backward into Yamato's room.

"Can you grab the rest of my presents?"

"Uh, no. I've got my own to bring. Just put them in a bag. It'd be a lot easier."

"Oh." Matt felt like a moron. Stupid Tai.

"Hold on, I'll get one." After Matt's little 'Taichi Moment" (AKA: lack-of-a-brain moment), the brothers were all set to go.

"Bye Dad," Takeru said as they walked out the door.

"Bye. Have fun. Oh, Yamato?"


"Not too late, okay? Not past two in the morning."

"Okay, Dad. Bye."

"Wow, we get to stay out until two! That's so cool!" Takeru was fixed on the idea of staying out past midnight the whole ride to the Yagami's.

Picking Taichi up was no problem. The only thing was that Kari had to remind Matt that they were going to be late unless he started driving sometime soon. He and Tai were making out.

At the party, Sora greeted everyone at the door while Mimi and Jyou stood back. Mimi was ecstatic to see Taichi and Matt again.

"I missed you guys so much!" she squealed, pulling both into a hug and kissing their cheeks.

"Missed...too...Meems," was all Tai could manage to get out.

"Yamato your hair looks so amazing! What products do you use?" Mimi and Matt had a five minuet conversation about hair products until Mimi went to talk to Kari. Everyone was having a great time visiting and talking. At last, the last two people walked through Sora's door, late (Daisuke and Ken).

"Quiet people!" Sora yelled, but no one seemed to have heard her. So, she stood on a chair and shouted at the top of her lungs. "Will everyone please listen?" The chosen quieted and turned their attention on her. "Thank you. We're going to open presents now."

The whole group cheered, then started to put all of their presents into a pile in the middle of the room. Let's just say that it took forever to open them all. There were twelve people; each brought one present for every other person. That equals eleven presents per person times twelve people. You do the math. (A/N: I'll save you the pain: 132. OMG! I did math! I love calculators.)

After everyone thanked one another, the party got back on track. At sometime around ten , the front door opened. Along with the cold air, in came about thirty people. Most of them, the chosen recognized from school.

"What are they doing?" Sora looked furious. "Get out! All of you! Get out!"

"You heard her," Mimi piped in. "Go away."

"Chill, girls." One of the boys in the front had stepped forward. "You're such a small group, we decided to join your party. Plus, we heard that Mimi was back. Will you let us come in?"

Sora was about to tell them to leave again when Mimi pulled her aside.

"Come on Sor. Some of these people I haven't seen since elementary or middle school."

"But Meems, they'll ruin everything!"

"Just give it a try. If it turns into something bad, we have ways of making them leave. 'Shiro could open the portal to the Digiworld and the Digimon would help us!

"What about-"

"Please Sora. For me?" Sora loved that look as much as she hated it. And she loved it a lot.

"Oh, alright."


"But if anything, ANYTHING, happens, they're gone."

"Capiche!" Mimi did a half skip/half run over to the group. "Sora says you can stay!"

Everyone flooded into Sora's house. Most made their way to the living room where the music and dancing were. Others headed in the same way because the food and drinks were in the hall outside the living room. A few stayed behind to talk to Mimi or others.

"Yama," Taichi whined.


"How did you know?!"

"I know everything about you Chi chi."

Woah! Yama has super mind reading powers! "A threat! What are you going to do? Blackmail me?"

"No, Tai. I'm not going to blackmail you. Why would I do that?"

"I don't know. Maybe I did something stupid." Yeah, Tai. Maybe. Dude, I just dissed myself! SO not cool! "Or, you want to just for the hell of it."

He really is weird sometimes. And slightly crazy. Not to mention a little bit hyperactive. Okay, you caught me. Immensely hyperactive. But I still love him. "Let's go get you some food."

"Okay!" Matt and Tai made their way to the snack table, saying hi to practically every person they walked past.

Oh! Goodie! Sora got pizza rolls! And Pringles! And Cheez It's! And candy! And those little wieners on a toothpick! And carrots!... ew. Why does Sora have carrots? She got my favorite drink too! Mountain Dew! In a gigantic punch bowl with those little Styrofoam cups that you write your name on so people know whose cup is whose. Ow, my head hurts.

"So, Tai. What do you want?"

"Mountain Dew!" He poured himself a glass. "And Cheez It's," he grabbed a plate. "Eight pizza rolls. Oh! Yama! Sora got Pocky!"

"That's fantastic Tai," Yamato said, laughing. It's like he won a prize or something. "All finished?"

"Uh," Taichi took one more look at the food. "For the time being, yeah."

"Let's go find somewhere to sit then." They found a place at Sora's kitchen table where there weren't many people. As soon as Taichi's ass hit the chair, the food was in his mouth. Every three minuets, he kept asking Yamato to refill his cup. After Yamato had done this for the fourth time and Tai asked again, he said, "I'll get you one more glass, then I have to go to the bathroom."

"Okay!" Taichi was almost finished with his food. I feel sort of funny. Probably because I just ate so much in such little time. Yama! Where did my Yama go? I need to find him to make sure he's okay! Tai stood up and almost ran into the wall. What's wrong with me?

"Yama!" he cried. "Where are you? Hey has anyone seen Yamato?" The two senior girls he was standing by shook their heads. He kept wandering down the halls, looking in every room. In one room, Taichi walked in on a couple having sex. The boy threw his box of condoms at Tai and told him to 'get the fuck out and mind your own fucking business.' Taichi pocketed the condoms. Who knew, Kari or TK might need them someday. Taichi turned the hall corner and ran strait into one of his childhood friends.

"Hey!" she said.

"Hi!" Taichi replied, giving her a hug. "What are you doing?"

"Having fun. You?"

"Yeah, what are you drinking?" Taichi just noticed the bottle in her hand.

"Sparkling cranberry juice. Want some?"

"Sure," he took a drink from the bottle. Man, this stuff was good. Unexpectedly, the girl grabbed his hand and started walking.

"Where are we going?" Tai asked, taking another swig of the 'juice.'

"You'll see." She opened a door to an empty room.

"Should I go inside?" Taichi liked this juice. It made him relaxed.

"Yes, you should. Follow me." She walked inside with Taichi behind her and shut the door.

"Taichi! Taichi!" Where the hell did he disappear to? That little devil. If he gets himself into any trouble... Yamato arrived back to the table only to find his boyfriend missing. He looked everywhere upstairs, in the living room, and in the halls. The only place he didn't search was the bedrooms. He was afraid of what he would find if Taichi were inside. He would never cheat on you. You know that. Yeah, but people change when they're drunk. And most of the people here are. How do you know Tai is? Because I kept getting him more to drink! How do you know the Mountain Dew was spiked? I can smell it! Now shut up! Yamato took a deep breath and started towards the first door. Damn, just a closet. The second was empty. The third was occupied by Daisuke and ken. They never noticed Yamato and he thought that that was the best. He shut the door quietly. The fourth door was the bathroom, where he had come from. He waited to see who was in the bathroom. Nope, no Taichi. That left the fifth door. As he walked toward it, Yamato saw another person at the other end of the hall walking towards him. She too was opening every door she passed.

"Hey," she said when she saw Yamato.

"Hey. What are you doing?"

"Looking for my girlfriend. You?"

"Looking for my boyfriend. I've checked every single room."

"Me too. Didn't find her though," she pointed to the way she came. "No Taichi either."

"Oh no." Yamato started to panic, putting two and two together. Two people in the bedroom and two people outside it. Shit Taichi.

"So, should I open it?" she asked referring to the door.

"Yeah," Yamato sighed. In what seemed like forever, she moved to the door, twisted the handle and pushed it open. The two figures on the bed didn't notice that their beloveds were standing in the doorway until: Taichi looked up. Taichi saw Yamato. Taichi passed out.

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