Summery: Sam & Dean find Cynthia Dixon, a 'charming', selfish, casual smoking, very extreme type nineteen year old. The up-side? She's beautiful, she's slightly exotic, she has delicate but strong long legs, gorgeous brown curly hair. She's at least half way decent person. Now that he thinks about it she's not as bad Sam thought. But when she gets a premonition that Sam gets a strange illness, they soon find out that it's not just an illness-it's an epidemic.

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The girl with the best-ist coments


She was at a large house. One with too many twist and turns especially since she's alone. Some thing was there. She had a premonition that it was. She was too young for this. A very ugly vampire thing jumped out at her. She whacked it with a piece of wood that she had carved a cross in. There was someone else there. They put a hand on her. She gave a scream/war call.

Dean jumped back as the screaming girl swung a piece of wood at him. "What the f-Sam you said this girl was defenseless."

Sam shrugged. "I-I thought she was. Look at her. She's covered in dirt. I thought she needed help."

"Hel-lo I don't need you're help, Sim or whatever you're name is-"

"Sam-Sam Winchester and this is Dean."

"Look I don't need help from some gay couple, okay?"

Dean chuckled. "Actually, we're brothers, not a couple."

"Whatever. Listen Hardy Boys," Dean seemed taken aback. "I don't need you're help."

"Listen-," Sam paused for her name.

"Cynthia Dixon-but don't you dare call me that or I'll cut off you're balls-It's Cyn."

Dean snorted. "Figures. You would find the violent little girl, Miss Cleo."

Cyn raised the piece of wood. "Shut up. I'll knock-yer-balls-off. I'm damn good at golf." She said with a twang that they hadn't realized before. Dean shielded him self.

"Okay, He'll shut up," Sam jerked his head at Dean, who looked slightly amused. "If you come with us."

She wielded the wood higher at Sam. "Ohhhh-no, I'm not giving into that one. What's you're next trick 'Want some candy?'?"

Dean out and out laughed at that. "Sam? He's probably still a virgin."

She readied the wood. "Golf?" Dean flinched and shut his mouth.

"Li-li-listen, Cyn, we are to normal guys not-what-ever-you think we are. Okay? Were harmless." Sam said putting his hands up.

"A harmless guy with a gun?" Sam looked at Dean.

"You brought a gun? What the hell is wrong with you?"

"You have five seconds to run like you're ass is on fire. Four…"

"I can't believe you, Dean."


"Well you can't expect me to come unprepared?"


"Were coming to meet a teenage girl-"

"One... Burn, baby, burn." Sam and Dean took off running. Cyn ran too, almost catching them. They jumped the front gate thinking she'd stop-she didn't. She skimmed the fence as easily if not easier.

"Oh shit!" Dean yelled. They ran across the street and jumped into the car Sam in the driver's seat. "Sam, Sam go go go!" Sam just sat there. "Go, Sam. Golf!"

"This isn't right I can't leave her."

"Oh god, you found another freaky kid to be connected to?"

Sam wrinkled his nose. "Cyn!" Sam got out. "Cyn? Come on, I can't leave you here by you're self. Cyn?" She walked over to Sam.

"Sam, I can't leave I have to guard this house."

"Cyn, you have to come. You might get hurt."

"No. I won't." Sam took a step towards her. "I'll scream, I swear I will."

"Cyn…" He eased closer.

"Sam. Don't." He took another step. She swung the wood but he caught it, grabbed her and tried to cover her mouth. She shrieked but it was muffled so she bit him.

"Oww!" Cyn took off running. "Cyn, hey come back here! Dean? Drive around the block, I'll meet you half way." He took off after her. "Cyn! Come back!"

Sam ran a full block twice looking for her with Dean driving slowly alongside of him. Dean's eyes got as big as saucers.

"Sam!" And then he sped off.

"Dean, Dean-?" And then there was a rustling in the trees above and then a weight on his shoulders strangling him.

"Tryin' to kidnap me? Oh no mister Winchester, I can't let you do that. I told you to leave me alone! Are you gonna leave me alone?" She tightened her thighs around his neck. "Huh?" Sam nodded. "Good." She let go and jumped down.

"Cyn? What the hell?"

"I had to show you I could take care of myself."

"By choking me?" He said rubbing his neck.

"Yeah! I have to stay. You just don't understand what it's like to lose someone."

"Yes I do. I lost my mother when I was a baby. And Me and Dean are looking for my father."

"I lost my mother when I was young too. A fire."

"Me too."

"My sister said that she was on the ceiling."

"Mine too. Do you what started the fire?"

"She did." Sam eyes widened.

"Where is your father?"

"I think he went sorta crazy, when I was six my sister, Delilah, was basically taking care of me. She was sixteen. Then one day he just snapped. And Delilah took me away."

"Where is Delilah?"

"I dunno." She said with a shrug and a bitter smirk. "She just left-disappeared. And she was pregnant. And just recently I started to have the vision-y premonition thingies. That's why I have to stay, she might come back."

"Me too. Maybe we could help you find her. I think you could help us."

She took a deep breath. "You really don't wanna give up on me, do you?" She shook her head. "You're one crazy ass city boy. Fine I'll let you help." Dean pulled up behind them.

"Come on Cyn."

Dean put his hand up. "Whoa, wait, where is she going?"

Sam looked behind himself then back at Dean. "Well, she's coming with us."

"What? I was all for saving her when I thought she was a poor thirteen year old-"

"I'm not thirteen."

"I know, but genius here made me think you were. I wanted to save her before but now she's threatening to whack off my Fellas. No."

"Please Dean?"

"No, Sam."

"Dean Puh-leeeeeeeeeeeeeee…"



"Okay. If you promise not to do that again."

"Yayyyyyyyy!" She said jumping up and down and hugging Sam.

Dean gave her a blank and slightly mesmerized look. "Just get in the car." He said tiredly.