Chapter One: The New Kid

"Where is Dumbledore!" exclaimed Sirius Black, his stomach grumbling loudly. Sitting next to him was poor Remus Lupin- who got an earful of Sirius's shout. Remus scowled and rubbed his right ear and shot Sirius a look. Clearing his throat, he decided to explain why Dumbledore could be late.

"Padfoot, Dumbledore is a very busy man-," He began, his amber eyes set on Sirius's grey, mischievous eyes. Sirius rolled his eyes and was quite glad when Peter moaned and rubbed his stomach and said louder than Sirius had, "I am hungry! He'd better hurry up!" Remus groaned and shot the sky a 'why do you leave me with these bozos' look.

James Potter shook his head and turned his attention to his sparkling plate. His eyes were not as warm as they had been in the past. His hazel eyes did not glitter with happiness but were clouded with sorrow and regret.

The rising Lord, Lord Voldemort, killed his loving parents, Alex and Eagan Potter, just this summer too. He shuddered softly at his thoughts, bringing the attention to his best mate, Sirius Black.

"Are you okay, Prongs?" Padfoot questioned him, flicking black hair out of his grey eyes, making girls around the Great Hall giggle with happiness. James looked up from his reminiscing to reply.

"Yeah," he breathed. Nevertheless, Padfoot knew otherwise as Prongs eyes were filled with sadness. Suddenly there was a hush throughout the hall. Albus Dumbledore had arrived, with a larger twinkle in his eyes then usual.

"This year, we will have a transfer student from Durmstrang," his words sent people mumbling and hissing at the mention of Dumstrung, a widely known dark arts school. "His name is Ethan Riddle." With his words, a boy stepped out of the door to the right of the staff table.

He was medium sized, with untidy raven-black hair and emerald green eyes; James wondered who they reminded them of, but then he remembered- as a shock of red hair came into his mind- they looked like Lily's eyes.

"He has already been sorted into Gryffindor", The boy, known as Ethan, smiled and sat near James. The girls all over sighed and giggled. James could see Sirius turn red in anger; wooing the women was supposed to be his territory.

"Let the feast begin!" Dumbledore clapped and the annual start-of-term feast appeared; James glanced over at the new kid. His eyes sparkled with hunger.

He is a little slimmer than Remus, James thought as the kid grabbed four drumsticks, three different types of potatoes (boiled, mashed, and whole) and some vegetables. Smiling to himself, as he spotted his favorite food appear on the table, he grabbed his share of food.

"Hey Prongs, are you there? Earth to Jamsie, the lights are on but nobody's home," Sirius said in a sing-song sort of voice, waving a hand in front of his best mates face. Sirius had suspiciously watched James stare at the new kid with an odd look on his face.

"Yeah Padfoot?" James asked, he said looking up after his eyes drifted back from Ethan. He had finished his food and was sitting back, watching the new kid; he just seemed to remind him of someone, but whom?

"Hmm, oh nothing," Sirius said suspiciously. He had a reason to believe Ethan was more than he seemed.

Later, after dessert, James got up and decided to see if the new kid needed help getting back to the common room. Normally, his old self would have let it go, but now he was going to be more responsible.

"Hey, uh, Ethan do you need help getting to the common room?" He inquired as the kid faced him. The kids eyes showed sorrow, but seemingly, when he heard James voice, his eyes brightened.

"Thanks," the first time he heard the kid's voice; it was deep like his but without happiness and filled with sorrow. Nodding in a signal to get Ethan to follow him, James led him through the first years, second years, and the occasional lost fifth year until they reached the portrait of Godric Gryffindor.

Godric had deep brown hair, messy and all over the place with deep twinkling hazel eyes. He wore regal robes and sat in a chair decorated with red and gold fabric.

"Hello James, I heard about your parents I'm-," Godric stopped abruptly as he spotted Ethan. His face turned from his friendly grin to a reminiscing frown Godric.

"Who is this?" his voice lost his normal genial manner and turned to a closed tight voice.

"Lord Gryffindor, I am Ethan Riddle," Ethan said, straightening up. James was shocked to look at Godric; no one called Godric Lord Gryffindor. However, to his surprise, Godric smiled, a tight one but a smile none the less.

"Nice to meet you too, Ethan." Godric swung open and Ethan gasped. James smiled at his amazement as Ethan stepped through and looked around.

"Wow!" He gasped, "It is so- wow!" He plopped down in front of the roaring fire. Ethan yawned and fought off a tired expression. James conjured up a blanket, while murmuring that he needed to sleep.

"Thanks," Ethan said, before placing the blanket around him and stretching out. James watched as the new kids breathing evened out and he fell to a sleepy slumber. Why did he feel this way about the new kid?

"PRONGS!" Sirius shouted, his voice panicked and worried. Bounding down like the mangy, shaggy dog that he was, Sirius was about to plop down on the couch, but James's Quidditch reflexes saved Sirius from squashing Ethan.

"Shh," James put a finger to his lips. "You almost squashed Ethan." He pointed to the new kid.

"Aw, he hogged the good place to sit," Sirius whined, and plopped down on the chair next to the couch.

"What did you want anyway, Padfoot?" James asked; he did not want Padfoot to think he was closing him out.

"I hexed-," but he was cut off by a scream from the girls dormitory.

"SIRIUS BLACK, I AM GOING TO KILL YOU" Ethan moaned and opened his eyes. Lily Evans came stomping down the stairs, her long red hair flaring behind her as her emerald eyes sparkled dangerously. She was huffing and the glared at James and Sirius with a death glare.


"Sometimes I wonder how your parents can stand you!" James felt sadness in his stomach, the screaming of his parents came back to him.

"Uh what's wrong?" voiced Ethan; he was sitting up in the couch.

"Whats wrong is they… they… cursed my robes" But in the middle of her words, Ethan cut her off. "No they didn't, James was with me," Ethan said, frowning at her robes, which had turned pink, as he took out his wand from its hiding place in his sleeve.

James wondered briefly how he had it there.

"Here let me." Then he swished his wand in a wave and the fluorescent pink of her robes switched to the everyday black before their eyes. "A simple reversal charm," he smiled, and then frowned.

"Thanks for helping me get here, James," Ethan mumbled as he slinked off to the dormitory. James watched him close the door of the dormitory.

James turned back to Lily with fury evident in his eyes.

"My parents are dead, thank you very much," he said before brushing past her and trying his best to walk calmly up the stairs, but not succeeding. He opened the door to see Ethan sitting in the cove near his bed, staring out the window.

"Hey," James said softly. Ethan looked up, surprised, and then smiled.

"Do you like Quidditch?" he asked his green eyes sparkling. 'Wow that was a change of topic' James thought, but smiled; he was chaser.

"Oh I love it, you know the flying is amazing, my dad-," then James stopped; his dad and him had played Quidditch all the time before he had died. James plopped down on Sirius bed and stared at the new kid his mind whirling, 'I bet he has parents' sneered an evil voice in his head.

"Your dad what?" came Ethans questioning voice.

"My dad died along with my mum this summer to Lord Voldemort," James said, he watched as Ethan for any reaction to the monsters name.

"Oh, I'm so sorry James," he said somberly; James did not want his pity, he opened his mouth to say so, but Ethan started up again and he was serous. His normally twinkling eyes were dimmed, and his laughter lines smoothed showing a determined solder's face.

"James, your mum and dad would have wanted you to remember them for they are; you Dad loved Quidditch and so did you. Your father would want you to live your life!" Ethan said fiercely. James sat amazed, no one had given him this advice before, and it was as if he experienced it. James sat there stunned.

Ethan got up and was about to go into the bathroom before he turned and said mysteriously, "Light can be found in darkness, if you look hard enough for it."

James sat in a reverie as Ethan went to the bathroom, got in bed and feel into a deep sleep. The only thing filling the room was Ethan's soft deep breathing.

'He must have been tired,' he thought before snapping out of it as the door swung open. His three friends stepped in, their face filled with concern. Remus voiced their concerns.

"James, are you okay?" questioned Remus. James smiled, and it was real this time. Ethan's words had brightened him completely.

"Yeah, I'm fine." James said and for this time he actually meant it. He said his goodnights before getting into his night cloths and laying down and smiled, for once in the entire time since his parents death he was happy.