Chapter 25: Letters and leaving, with epilogue

On New Years Eve, in the Gryffindor common room, a party went on for the New Year; everyone was laughing, drinking punch and dancing to music. It seemed like their was no end to the fun, except for one young man, sitting in the boys dormitory, impatiently waiting his return to his time.

Harry Potter sighed and felt the familiar feeling of anguish weld up in him, thinking of leaving his father and mother.

'Remember, you left them notes! You're going to see them in the future!' Harry told himself, hoping he would not be too distracted to write the last touches of James's letter. He had written one to each (Sirius's and Remus's had an oblivating charm on it to make them forget his future appearance and identity). Sighing, he picked up his quill and began the last touches.

Dear James,

As you know by now, I am gone. No not dead, but left forever. Yeah I know that sounded very to corny for me but I had to say it; I know you're probably upset about my disappearance, blaming yourself, but don't! I left for a reason, which I can't tell you my friend but I will tell you what I heard from a friend.

The ones you care about never leave you but are always in your heart. Please remember that! I would like you to do one thing for me, its stop tormenting Severus long enough to give him the letter I left for him.

I will miss you my brother,


Downstairs, the countdown began. Harry grabbed his stuff, shrunk it in his pocket, and waited. He had put James's letter on his pillow, along with Severus's and Lily's. Remus and Sirius had one, but Peter did not.











"Here we go," Harry said, as he was surrounded by a brilliant gold aura. In a flash he was gone, as the clock struck 12.


Now you may be wondering what happened to James and the rest of the crew. Well, James had left the party to find Ethan only to find the letter. He had vowed from that day on to protect the ones he loved.

Severus had become bitter and cold towards everyone after the disappearance of his only friend but kept his promise to Ethan and become a spy a year before the Dark Lord's downfall.

Sirius had become a little more serious about his choices in life.

Remus… was Remus but with a little more spark in his life.

Lily dated James and later married him, having his child and when she looked into her new born son's eyes she knew this was Ethan… Harry James Potter.

Hello everyone and that is the end of Wise Beyond Years literally! Sniffs I will miss writing this but I can't wait to write the sequel. If anyone has any ideas for how to begin it (like Harry after training like in Founder's Heir or have him in Fate's castle training.) tell me!

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