So Richy said sorry and all the world goes right again.

Every night Rita tells her kittens stories about her and Runt.

Runt, is in a comfortable home in Kentucky.

He is also the only dog that can elect.

Rito is still always watching the stars.

Riley and Rits always want to know why, but Rito can never tell them or the rest of his family.

One day in summer, it was somehow rainging which made the cat family blind in it.

Rito knew why this was happening.

When the family needed him most another day, he vanished.

Only he knew he was always with them.

One day Rita and the kittens were lost in a forest.

Richy was content unlike his other siblings scattering.

"Shush." Rita commanded as she froze.

A Dingo came out of the bush.

When the Dingo was in Rita's face.

Rito was there and knocked the dog out.

The kittens hugged and thanked him.

However, Rita was confused.

One night when Rito was watching the stars and no matter how much he said no, Rita came anyway.

"Why do you do this!" Rita shouted in question.

He couldn't keep it in anyway and his vocal chords just rang, "Because I'm not alive I'm dead!" Rito responded.

"No, no!" Rita said running back and crying to the den.

She could not tell the kittens this.

All of a sudden, it started to rain.

Even in the morning when Rito wasn't there, Richy couldn't stop asking why his mom was crying so much.

That night, Rita went to Rito's favorite gazing place.

A strong gust of wind blow against her face.

She felt something tickle her stomach.

In the dirt she found writing of, "Rita, I was sent to help you, I had my dreams taken away until I found you.

Those cars made me die.

I died when you dragged me to the field.

I was alive with the water of Christ.

Still, I will be with you always."

Rita wanted to cry but nothing came out.

Rita wanted Rito to be safe in a better place.

So life went on for everyone as Rita always watched the sky and life go by.

Every danger Rita's family was safe.

She was sure she was eternal along with her kittens.

The to couple, in Heaven and Earth, watched their kittens grow but never leave.

Until oneday when something strange happened to Richy.

For those who liked Richy, no flames please! He's coming back in the sequal.

:3 Yay?

Rita: In a moment, anything can change.