TITLE: In His Arms
AUTHOR'S NOTES: This is a companion piece to 'What Hodgins Saw', from Brennan's POV. Thanks to all for reviews on the Hodgins story, and I hope you like this one as well.

I was about to die. Truly about to die. I could feel the gun pointed at the back of my head though I couldn't turn to see it. And then that's when I saw him. My very own knight in FBI-standard-issue body armor, as Angela described him. I saw a tattered and torn Seeley Booth.

He shoots once with his good arm and apparently hits the guy, because the next thing I know, his eyes are on me. And in them are feelings that I probably shouldn't be privy to seeing, but they're there. What's worse is that I know they're reflected in mine.

Booth rushes over to me and takes the bandana out of my mouth, then tries to get my bound wrists unhooked. Even though it's his good arm, his strength is obviously very depleted... not to mention the fact that he's got broken ribs. What does he do instead, then? He leans down with a pained grunt and sticks his head between my forearms, and before I know what's happening, his arms are around me, lifting me up.

My hands are unhooked and they come down around his shoulders. Then, I can't help it -- I collapse against him, my knight, my partner... and though he's in copius amounts of pain, he holds me tight and we sit down together.

I want to cry, but I can't. I can do nothing but hang on to Booth as if he's my last living hope in this world. And maybe he is. That's when it hits me -- oh, no.

I've been in love with him all this time.

That explains why I wasn't exactly dying to go on that date with David, that's why I was all too eager to end things with Michael. It's a very obvious explanation for why I don't make him call me Temperance or Dr. Brennan anymore.

I pull away slowly; I have to see his face. I have to see if that look -- that look that's probably in my eyes -- is still in his. "How did you get out of the hospital?" I ask, breathless from the adrenaline... and probably at being so close to him for the very first time. I've never had his arms wrapped around me before.

Booth grins, a very pained grin, and grunts slightly. Oh no, his ribs. I almost forgot. His genuine smile makes me forget again as he replies, "Hodgins gave me a ride. But uh, maybe you could give me a ride back there?"

I laugh. That's my man.

Oh, wow. My man. Is he my man? He defends my honor to those that mock me, he's shielded me from gang gunfire... and just lastnight, he almost died in an explosion that was meant for me, in my own home. Now he's here, probably having forced his way out of the hospital early, to save my life yet again.

He is my man. And in his arms is where I want to be, so I wrap myself around him again as he leans his head on my collarbone... and I hold on tight.