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Dru's Precious

Ch 1



White hot, blows raining in from all directions…

"Please …"

The insults are spit at her as rapidly as the physical abuse…

"Filth … mudblood whore"

Then… Darkness … Relief


Location: Small abandoned cemetery, London

Drusilla, hidden behind the only grave marker still fully standing, anxiously watched as a figure crouched over the badly beaten form a young woman.

"Naughty boy, trying to steal Princess' treasure!" She hissed.

Moving silently and swiftly toward the fledgling as he attempted to finish what the Death Eaters failed to do, she spat out a feral hiss. As the fledge lunged for Hermione's neck, Dru reached him and ripped his head free in her rage.

She raged at the motes of dust as they exploded from his disintegrating form.

"Princess needs the music to find her wicked dark knight, the stars have promised."

His dust settled into a loose pile near Hermione's broken wand. Dru knelt down, gently brushing hair from the girl's face as she sang quietly.

Weary you must be with play,

Running, running, all the day;

Come, dreams,

Come for baby, come;

Come, dreams,

Come for baby, come.

Now it's time for you to sleep,

Hush now, baby, not a peep;

Come, dreams,

Come for baby, come;

Come, dreams,

Come for baby, come.

Big and strong you're sure to grow,

If to sleep you'll quickly go;

Come, dreams,

Come for baby, come;

Come, dreams,

Come for baby, come.

Dru stopped singing, her head tilting as she strained to hear. In the distance, a loud 'crack' sounded, followed closely by another.

"Oh, no, it's not time for you to play yet. Much to learn. Must go to your lonely puppy and heal his heart." More gently than should have been possible, Dru picked Hermione's battered body up from the ground and spirited her away on silent feet.


Moments later…

Two shrouded figures searched the cemetery as a distant roll of thunder sounded. A sense of urgency clung to them as they moved quietly among the forgotten headstones. A shock of bright pink hair peeked out from beneath the hood of the smaller figure as it bent down to snatch something from the ground. "Oi! It's 'Mione's wand! The bloody bastards have broken it!"

Kingsley Shacklebolt and Tonks lowered the hoods from their outer robes to better search for signs of the young woman. A whispered i "Lumos" /i illuminated the immediate area as the twilight quickly deepened to full night. Shacklebolt toed the strange pile of ash located next to area that Tonks found the missing Witch's wand. He shared a look of disbelief with his fellow Auror as a sick realization washed over him.

Her hand shaking, Tonks took a moment to compose herself and then aimed her wand at the ash pile and in a surprisingly strong voice said, "Comprobo Primigenus". A grey light shot from her wand and formed a mist around the ashes. The mist took on the shape of a human form. A sob escaped as Tonks covered her eyes in sorrow. "How did they manage to burn her so completely?" She asked in a shaky voice.

"This whole area reeks of Dark Magic Tonks." Shacklebolt moved to comfort Tonks but she shrugged his arm away. She looked at him with teary eyes and said, "Hermione is dead Kingsley."

"How will we tell Harry?"



Lullaby is Come Dreams

By L.A.E. Poulsson

Old French Lullaby

I know… it's a short one. And I really can't stand them either, but this is where I had to stop it. More soon.