Author's Note: So here is my first fiction, I hope you like it, it was inspired by an Illusive Challenge. Please review. I have an open mind so any comments you have I really welcome them. I will try and update really often at the very least once a week. I hope you like it!

Summary: Rory Gilmore is a Yale sophomore whom joined the LDB as a freshman She was told stories Logan Huntzberger. She will so learn whether the stories were true or just "Greatly Exaggerated"

Things to know before hand

Rory is on good terms with Christopher

Richard and Emily pay for Yale and the LDB

Rory is best friends with Stephanie

Rory is NOT a virgin how she lost it will get explained and no it wasn't Dean

Here it is


Rory Gilmore was sitting in her dorm, unpacking her things to start her second year at Yale. She was thinking about what had happened last year, which was a very interesting year. She was roommate/good friend with Paris Gellar, whom was her fierce rival/sometimes friend from Chilton. She had joined the Life and Death Brigade(LDB), a secret society that does daring and slightly illegal stunts. Yes, Rory 'safe and straight- lace' Gilmore was in a secret society that was about drinking and doin daring/illegal stunts, but she loved the LDB and how it made her come out of her shell. She made a lot of friends in the LDB. They really welcomed her in, which was unusual because first year the others usually shunned members. They shared a lot of stories with her; most of those stories included the antics of the three 'leaders' Logan Huntzberger, Colin McRae, and Finn Morgan. Rory had learned that they were two years older that she was. She had asked why they weren't around since they were they quote unquote 'leaders'. She was told about the rumors about them taking a year off, sailing around the world, and then sinking their yacht in Fiji. She was also informed that they would be back this year and fulfill their duties in the LDB

The first meeting of the year was about to take place, Rory was soon going to find out if the stories about Logan Huntzberger were true or simply "Greatly Exaggerated?"