I'm not a fan of weddings. They're expensive formalities that force you to spend hours with people you don't know and probably don't like but your parents told you to invite them anyways to 'give face'. You end up gnashing your teeth over trivial details like bonbonniers and centrepieces, when really, you should be focussing on the man/woman you're gonig to spend your life with.

That said, this is going to be a series of comedic drabbles and randomness about Zuko and Katara's wedding, written on Storybender's request. It may not be in any particular order, so you might read about the ceremony before you read about ordering the cake. It's that random.

The characters will probably be a bit OOC, but I've found weddings can change people dramatically at times.

I own nothing, including Avatar: The Last Airbender.


Sokka rarely felt any sympathy for his future brother-in-law. The 18-year-old Fire Lord was still an arrogant, obnoxious, spoiled brat, as far as he was concerned.

But on occasion, and in more recent months, the young warrior looked upon Zuko with heart-felt pity.

"So what do you think, Zuko?" The young bride-to-be entered the room carrying an armful of coloured linen swatches. "Should the tablecloths and napkins be red and blue, blue and gold, red and white, blue and white, or purple and pink?"

The young Fire Lord sat stiffly at the dining room table, pretending to pore over a legal document. He had no idea what he was reading, but as long as it kept him out of the wedding planning, it was important enough to focus on. He made a guttural noise and kept staring down.

"I know your traditions are all about the red and gold, but Gran-Gran and daddy are going to be there, and Chief Arnook and Master Pakku and lots of others from the Northern Water Kingdom. And they're, well, you know… still a little bit sensitive."

Zuko pressed his tongue against the roof of his mouth, trying desperately to ignore his beloved – he reminded himself gently – fiancée.

"So blue and gold go nice together, but I think it might be too dark, and it won't match my third evening dress. I really like how the lavender and pink go together, but it's too… I dunno. Froo-froo."

The Fire Lord made an affirmative noise.

"White goes with everything, but from what Iroh's told me, it's the colour of death in the Fire Nation, and I don't want to offend anyone. And red and blue would be best, except they clash horribly. Royal purple is kinda' nice as a mix of the two. I wonder if the dye makers can tie-die the napkins so the colours blend into each other? Do you think that would be too tacky?"

"Mm." Zuko managed.

"You're not even paying attention!" Katara threw the bundle of napkins down, her eyes blazing with fury. "You NEVER listen to me!"

Zuko glanced up, glassy eyed. He suppressed a sigh. "Whatever you pick is wonderful, my love... Just. Like. You." He graced her with a rare – albeit forced – smile. Sokka could practically hear the Firebender's jaw creak with the effort.

Fortunately for all involved, the Waterbender blithely took the handsome Fire Lord's words as genuine. She beamed at him, blushing, and quickly collected the napkins up, exiting the room once more in a swirl of rainbow-coloured serviettes. "I love you too…" she cooed as she exited.

Zuko watched her go, still grinning maniacally. As soon as she was gone, he slumped down with his head on the table.

Sokka hid a smile. "I gotta say, you're getting pretty good at that husbandly manner," he said. Zuko groaned and ran a palm over his face.

"This whole wedding thing is making me crazy! I mean, I'm the Fire Lord! I have a whole nation to run and a war to end! Can't she go and bug one of her girlfriends about this stuff?"

"She only asks you because she cares," Sokka grimaced. "It's, like, supposed to be the happiest day of her life. Both your lives."

"I'll be happy, alright. Happy once it's all over." Zuko fumed. "No offense."

Sokka had to agree with the prick. The last two months had been nothing but an exhausting string of interviews with seamstresses, florists, bakers, musicians, temple ministers, and a host of other party professionals Sokka had no idea even existed. After all, the Fire Lord's wedding was not just going to be a casual affair. It would be the social event of the century. That he was marrying a Waterbender only made the event that much more important. Everything – EVERYTHING – had to be perfect. It would literally be one for the history books.

"Well, be glad Aang has your bachelor party planned out. It's going to be great!" Sokka rubbed his hands gleefully together. "Considering this is Aang we're talking about, he must have planned something totally amazing, but he's been pretty tight-lipped about it. I didn't think he was even capable of keeping a secret."

Zuko gave him a knowing smirk, the flicker of his own secrets shining in his gold eyes. "I'm not so sure the party could possibly be THAT wild, Sokka. He's a monk, after all."

"Oh, we'll see about that," the water warrior crossed his arms over his chest.

"Zuko!" Katara hollered from the other room. "The florist is here! Come help me pick some centerpieces. And decorations. And corsages. And my bouquet!"

The young Fire Lord winced as he wearily heaved himself up and slumped out of the room. He called back half-heartedly to his beloved. "Coming..."

Sokka sniggered at the Firebender's back.

"Sokka! You come too!" Katara cried. "I'd love your opinion!"

"What? This is your wedding! You pick—"


Katara's big brother whimpered and followed suit.

My solution: use paper serviettes.