This is the Sequel to So Close Yet So Far Apart

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Troy and Gabriella had been dating now for 3 months. They both lived together in his home town San Francisco. Gabriella has given birth to a baby girl on January6, 2008. The girl's name was Bridget Butler. Gabriella is still married to her husband Eric, but they are in the process of a divorce.

Gabriella and Eric still keep in touch except they live in different states. They share custody of their kids. Eric keeps Jacob for 2 months and Gabriella gets Bridget, then they switch kids and Gabriella gets Jacob and Eric get Bridget.

Eric is still hanging around Sharpay. They hang out about 1-2 times a week. Eric thinks of Sharpay as a friend and Sharpay is starting to recover her feelings for him. Sharpay is still married to Zeke even though she does not have feelings for him like she does Eric.

Kelsi and Jason broke up. They felt it wasn't working out. Kelsi is now dating Ryan . They are engaged and are going to be married in 2 months. Jason is now dating a girl from his collage. He still misses Kelsi and hopes to get her back.

Mr. and Mrs. Bolton have gotten a divorce. They fight constantly and feel it was best to separate. Mr. Bolton is now dating Mrs. Darbus. Troy and Gabriella disapprove of this matching. Mrs. Bolton is extremely jealous and wants Mr. Bolton back.

Chad and Taylor are now married and Taylor is pregnant with a baby girl. They live together in San Francisco and are neighbors to Troy and Gabriella. They share a big pool and back yard. Chad still plays professional basket ball.

Troy and Gabriella hope to have a child in their near future. That will be Gabriella's 3rd child and Troy's 1st. They are debating about the gender and the name. Gabriella wants another girl named Jessica and Troy wants a boy named Troy jr. Troy also still plays professional basket ball.

A/N so how does it sound? Defiantly some changes. Such as Mr. Bolton and Mrs. Darbus. I wasn't sure if Mrs. Darbus had a husband so if she does, they are also Divorced  lol. Review please!