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Chapter 1 Feelings

Chihiro sat there looking out the window. She heard her parents going over bill. They kept saying we need to stop Chihiro from doing this and that. She stopped and Wonder what granny and No-face, and everyone else, where doing. She sat there wondering if Haku ever thought of her…

… Haku sat there in his office. Now he was master of the bathhouse, and he wasn't as rude as Yababa.He was thinking about Chihiro.He often did this and was never disturbed.

He wondered if she would ever return to the spirit world…

… Chihiro tiptoed down the steps. I can't take it anymore! They hate me...Haku! My spirit friends would never hate me! Her backpack was filled with food & clothes. It had only been 3 years since she saw him yet every day she thought of him, or dreamt of him, or drew him as she remembered him. She ran toward the spirit world….

Haku lifted his head off his desk. He felt some one coming toward the main portal of the spirit world. He paced the room. What if it was a new person…no he didn't want a new person…what if it was Chihiro? What would he tell her? That he loved her? No to sudden. Should he tell her that he thought about her every day? No to clingy. What to do?…

Chihiro stood in front off the statue. It looked as though it only been yesterday she had been here. She looked up to the sky of her world. She could see the sun rising over the trees. She looked down the tunnel, she wanted him. She ran like the wind down the tunnel, she was carefree, and it

Felt soo good. There it was the place she had been 3 years ago. She ran through the little torn down eating stalls Yababa must have really changed

…He felt her presence. Oh my god…what the heck should I do? Once again he paced the floor. What to do? What to do? Should I say I'm not here…no, no gosh darn it why am I feeling like this? His disturbing pacing came to a stop. She has arrived….

…Chihiro looked toward the bathhouse. Wow it never changed. She felt some things never changed. Once again she felt tempted to see him….

…Haku panicked. What should I do? He thought. First he thought of hiding. Then of just pretending not to know. No she knows about my powers! God what should I do? He was so confused! He paced around, again. He looked out from the top level. He heard lots of "Sen your back!" and "Chihiro so good to see you, how's the family?" he paced faster. He heard Lin talking to Chihiro close to his office. He froze in is tracks…

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