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Chapter 3

What is going on?

…Chihiro had finished talking to Kamjii when a stranger came in.

" Are you our guest?" the stranger asked.

"Yes, no, maybe. Who are you? Who sent you?"Chihiro said very suspiciously.

" First off, Haku sent me. I'm Shitiro, his apprentice. And are you or are you not our guest?"Shitiro said.

"Whoa back off. Well technically I'm a guest. But I was here 3 years ago and helped your boss free himself from Yubaba, how that cover you?"Chihiro said.

"Yeah, so you're the one that gets the best bedroom here."Shitiro said.

"Wait we have bedrooms here? Ok what ever just take me away. Bye Kamjii!"Chihiro said. When'd we get bedrooms?

"Bye Sen!"Kamjii said. The girls walked up to the rooms. Man I guess things do change! Thanking her, Chihiro went into her room and laid on her bed drifting to a nice sleep…

…. Haku freaked. He has a date with the girl of his dreams, and a woman who wants him to be hers in another world. What to do? What do to? God I've been doing this all day! Haku heard a knock at the door.

"Who is it?"Haku asked.

"It's Shitiro."Shitiro said.

"Oh, come in Shitiro"Haku said "did our guest get to her room?"

"Yes sir, she is very odd for a spirit, sir"Shitiro said.

"She is not a spirit, but a human."

"Oh really, I thought humans were different looking that us."

"You have much to learn, Shitiro, and this is part of it."Haku said. Haku looked toward the sky and looked at the sun. It was going to be setting in a few hours. He had just enough hours to make a BIG decision …

…Chihiro awoke a few hours just before the date. She had told Lin about the date and she said she would help her get ready. When she awoke Lin just got there.

"Morin' sleepy head!" Lin said all cheerfully.

"To cheerful, must kill cheerfulness!"Chihiro said while throwing a pillow at her. Lin laughed and ducked .she picked it up and throw it back at Chihiro.

"Okay grumpy, we have a date to prepare for!" in said dropping a load of girly stuff on Chihiro's bed. Lin dragged Chihiro out of bed and took her to the bathroom. It was very big, sorta like the bedroom, but smaller. It had the same wallpaper, and carpeting (who puts carpeting in a bathroom?) Lin dunked Chihiro into the already filled tub.

Chihiro came up sputtering saying, "are you trying to kill me!" she splashed Lin.

"Maybe…" Lin giggled

About an hour later they had to pick out something to wear.

"Did ya bring any clothes to wear?" Lin said looking for a suitcase.

"Just a bit. Like a skirt and a top, and some jeans."

" Oh useless" Lin rummaged through the wardrobe and found it. "Aha! Just the thing I was looking for!" she held up a silky kimono with a flowery design on a light blue silk. The design had a red, pink and yellow. She sat it on the bed, and put Chihiro on the vanity table.

"Now on with the makeup!" she said

a half an hour later Lin was doing Chihiro's hair.

"Um…Lin? Can I ask you a question?" Chihiro asked softly,

"Yeah sure? What up?" Lin replied.

"What if Haku was cheating on me..he acted a bit weird and it made me nervous.."

" Chichi! There is nothing to worry about…he loves you! All the workers know it! They have heard him telling fantasies about you…in his sleep." Lin reassured her.

"Thank you lin!"

"Your welcome"Lin said while backing away from her work.

"Chihiro go get dressed"

"Yes mommy!"And Chihiro went and got dressed.

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