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Summery: In this story we see the whacky adventures our heroes go through over a period of two weeks. From being made into giants, turned into babies, and meeting revolutionary war ghosts, it is all just another average day in the life of Danny Phantom.

Rob: So here is the story, enjoy!

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14 Days in the Life of Danny Phantom

Chapter One: Cat Scratch Fever

March 11, 2008, Monday

It was another nice sunny day in the town of Amity Park, which knowing this town will end in 3, 2, 1…

Suddenly we see Danny Phantom, also know as Danny Fenton, being hurled through the air. He slammed into a wall leaving an imprint on it, he pulled himself out of the wall and went back to fight the ghost that had caused this.

Wow, I'm psychic, back to the story.

Danny returned to help his friends fight the latest ghost that had decided to invade their little town. Danny and his friends, Sam Manson, Tucker Foley, Valerie Grey, Alicia Szivos, and Alex Gladstone, were the defenders of this town. They had to protect it from the ghosts that kept coming through the Fenton Portal, built be Danny's parents. It had also given Danny his amazing ghost powers.

This day they were fighting something that looked like it had come from ancient Greek myth. This ghost had the head of a bull and the head of a loin on the same body. It was completely green and had fiery purple hair and glowing red eyes, you would defiantly not want to meet this thing in a dark alley.

The bull/lion gave a mighty roar and charged our heroes. They barely had time to move when the bull smashed right into a tree, splintering it

"Hey! That's the last Dutch Elm in the whole tri-county area!" shouted the always environmentally minded Sam.

"We'll worry about the tree later, now we have to stop this thing before it causes any more damage." said Danny.

"Yeah, we probably have a spell that will fix that right up." said Alicia.

"Don't look now, but ugly over there is getting back up." said Valerie.

The ghost was standing back up and did not very happy. He once again charged at our heroes. Danny fired one of his ghost rays at the bull, which slowed it down some, while Valerie fired her ghost bazooka at it, which tripped it up. The bull used its laser eyes to blast them away from it as it got back up.

"Well, didn't see that coming." said Alex.

"By now it doesn't surprise me anymore." said Tucker as he pulled out a ghost blaster and fired at the ghost. Alicia, Alex and Sam joined in with their powers to knock the stuffing out of the ghost, but it just kept coming. With a swish of it tail it knocked them down, they barely had time to move as it stomped down with its massive hoofs.

"We have to figure a way to contain it long enough so Danny can catch it in the Fenton Thermos." said Sam.

Then Alex noticed that there was a metal jungle gym in the playground next to where they were fighting.

"Hey guys, I have a idea." said Alex, as he pointed to the jungle gym.

Sam and Alicia quickly got what he was talking about and they flew over to the jungle gym. Using their powers they removed it from the ground, and Sam made it so it was ghost proof. They flew it back to where Danny and the others were still fighting. They carefully positioned the jungle gym over the ghost and then let it fall. The bull/lion was instantly trapped in the jungle gym turned cage.

This made it stop for a moment, this gave Danny the chance to pull out the Fenton thermos, blue beam of energy shot out and hit the ghost. With one last pathetic moo/meow the ghost was sucked up into the thermos. Danny capped the thermos and landed to talk to his friends.

"Good job guys, that jungle gym you threw on him worked like a charm." said Danny.

"Thanks, but it as Alex's idea." said Sam.

"Yeah, but you guys helped me do it, you deserve as much credit as me." said Alex.

"Still, it was a nice plan, way to go my brilliant guy." said Alicia as she kissed Alex.

"Guys, we better hurry, schools about to start soon." said Valerie.

They could hear the first bell ringing in the distance at Casper High. Our heroes ran off to the school to try to make it before the final bell. Meanwhile in Wisconsin there was evil afoot.

Madison, Wisconsin, Castle of Vlad Masters

We find ourselves in front of the home of Vlad Masters, Billionaire, also known as Vlad Plasmius, world's most evil halfa. We enter this place, past the gold and green themed interior with its Packers memorabilia to the study. There we find Vlad talking to another ghost.

"I have hired you for a specific job, I want you to use your powers to do this to Daniel and his friends." said Vlad as he handed over the plan.

This ghost girl was named Abra Calamity, she was a ghost with the power to do magic. She had died tragically in a stage accident just as she was starting her career. She had answered Vlad's call for someone to beat the ghost child and his friends because she needed the money to start a new career, although how she was going to do this as a ghost was hard to say.

She had purple hair and green skin, and her eyes were bright neon green. She wore a bright blue magicians coat with dark green pants and wore a top hat on her head. In her right hand she always carried a magic wand and on her belt was a bag of magic powder.

"So, do you think you can do it?" said Vlad.

"Yeah, I can do it, but what do you have against these kids anyway?" said Abra.

"That is none of your business, now just go do it and you will get your money." said Vlad.

"All right! Jeez, what a grouch." said Abra as she left.

"Soon Daniel I will have my revenge on you and your meddlesome friends. I can't remember how many times you said I should get a cat, well lets see how funny you think it is after this Mwhahaha." said Vlad as he cackled evilly. (AN: Time to ruin Vlad's brief moment of happiness. Author pulls the hurt Vlad lever.)

Suddenly a large amount of garbage, old fruit, and ectoplasmic goo falls on Vlad, ruining his Armani suit.

"I must remember to get revenge on Rob Phantom after this." said Vlad as he went to clean up. (AN: As Coach Cretin would say from the old All That, Ah! My happiness is a memory!)

Meanwhile back in Amity Park our heroes were just getting out of another day of boring lectures from Mr. Lancer.

"Hey guys, have you ever wondered why Mr. Lancer always seems to be teaching us no matter what grade we're in?" said Tucker.

"Me and Sam have a theory he is following us so he can torture us with boring lectures." said Danny.

"Works for me." said Tucker.

"I also got a call from both Jazz and Rob this mourning." said Danny.

"What did they say?" said Sam.

"Well Jazz is having a great time at Harvard and Rob called to say that Ember is behaving and they just landed a record deal." said Danny.

"That's nice to hear." said Valerie.

"So what is on the agenda for today my fellow school survivors?" said Alicia.

"Well there is homework, then a few hours of video games, and then if no ghosts attack we can watch Blood and Mayhem V." said Alex.

"Sounds like a plan." said Valerie.

"I'm afraid that plan is out for today." said a voice as Danny's ghost sense went off.

They looked up to see Abra Calamity floating right above them.

"Who are you?" said Danny.

"I am Abra Calamity and I have been hired to beat the stuffing out of you and your friends." said Abra.

"I'd like to see you try." said Danny as he transformed into his ghost mode.

Quickly everyone was ready to fight, Abra sent a magic blast at our heroes and they scattered to get out of the way. In the place they were standing a mailbox was turned into a pile of flowers.

"Look out guys, she has magic powers!" said Alicia as she dodged a blast which turned a lamppost into a giant stuffed rabbit.

"Ok, try to hit her in the hand, maybe she'll drop her wand." Said Danny

So our heroes began their attack, Danny shot a ectoplasmic blast but the ghostly magician just vanished and the shot missed. She instantly appeared behind Danny and lifted a giant top hat over him.

"Danny! Look out!" shouted Valerie.

But it was too late, the hat covered Danny and he disappeared.

"Hey, give him back!" shouted Sam.

"If you insist." said Abra.

The hat turned into a giant cannon and Abra lit the fuse. The cannon went off with a deafening roar and out of the mouth of it came a screaming Danny. He flew through the air and barreled into the rest of our heroes knocking them down.

"Well I'm afraid that this show is over, you've been a wonderful audience. But before I go I have one last trick." said Abra.

She took out a handful of magic powder from her pouch and blew it at our heroes. The cloud of dust enveloped them and they started to cough, this drew the powered into their lungs.

Once the cloud cleared they saw that the ghost had left.

"Well that was a bust." said Valerie.

"Yeah, she's probably going back to the Ghost Zone to tell everyone how she made fools of the ghost fighters." said Alex.

"Or she could be hiding somewhere in town, waiting to strike again." said Danny.

"Well we'll worry about that later, right now we have to study for Lancer's test." said Sam.

"Yeah, it's not like she is really that dangerous, that powder she hit us with did nothing." said Tucker.

But Tucker was wrong, oh so wrong, the powder was having an effect on them. It worked its way into their bloodstream and began to change their genetic code. So our heroes walked over to Danny's house unaware of the changes that were occurring inside them.

It was a few hours later and Danny and friends were in his room studying for Lancer's test on Charles Dickens.

"He may have been the quickest writer in history, but studying him takes a loooong time." said Danny.

"Hey it could be worse, we could be back on Shakespeare." said Tucker.

"Don't remind me. guys I'm going to take a break and get something from the kitchen. Do you want anything? Soda, water, milk?" said Danny.

"Milk is fine with me." said Sam.

"Same here." said Alicia.

"Ditto for me." said Valerie.

"Bring on the moo juice." said Tucker.

"Can you bring some tuna too?" said Alex.

"Yeah, suddenly I'm craving fish." said Sam, to which everybody agreed.

"Ok guy, I'll be right back." said Danny.

The teens went back to studying, then Alicia looked up with a puzzled look on her face.

"Hey guys, something is bothering me." said Alicia.

"What's wrong magic girl?" said Alex.

"Well Danny asked us if we wanted milk and we all said yes, even Sam, and we all wanted tuna, again also including Sam." said Alicia.

"So?" said Tucker.

"So isn't Sam an ultra recyclo-vegetarian, which means she doesn't eat tuna or drink milk?" said Alicia.

"Your right, what is wrong with me." said Sam.

"Yeah, and Alicia hates tuna, remember when she freaked out on tuna casserole Tuesday." said Tucker.

"I did not freak out." said Alicia angrily.

"You cast a spell that sent it flying into the town dump." said Alex.

"Yeah, a lot of good tuna went to waste that day." said Sam, purring at the thought of all that tuna.

"Did you just purr, at the thought of tuna?" said Valerie.

"I did, there is something very wrong here." Sam said in dread.

Then they heard a crash coming from down stairs.

"Oh no, Danny!" said Sam as they raced out of the room.

They ran down the stairs and gasped as they saw what was going on. Danny had stopped in the living room and was playing with some yarn he had gotten from his mom's sewing kit. He was batting it back and fourth between his hands and looked like he was having the time of his life.

"Danny, what are you doing?" said Sam.

"You guys got to try this, its more fun then video games." said Danny as he rolled the ball around.

"Danny, there is something wrong and we…need…to…do…something…" was all Sam said as she dived to get the yarn away from Danny.

"Hey, get your own!" yelled Danny, clutching the ball to his chest.

He pointed over to the sewing kit where there were many balls of yarn in a rainbow of colors. Sam squealed with delight as she grabbed one and began to play with it. The others quickly joined in the fun.

"Guys, this is serious, we have a problem here and…aw forget it!" said Valerie as she grabbed some yarn and joined in.

A little while later our heroes were getting tired, they were covered in yarn from head to toe.

"That was fun." said Alicia, her feline eyes twinkling.

"Yeah." said Sam, she looked over to Danny and noticed something.

"Hey Danny, since when did you have whiskers?" said Sam.

"You remember that class we had to go to, it's all part of becoming an adult." said Danny.

"No Danny, I mean this kind of whiskers." said Sam as she pulled on the long hairs growing out of the side of Danny's upper lip.

'Well that's new, and since when did you get those strange eye contacts?" said Danny.

Sam went over to look in the mirror and was shocked to see the pupils in her eyes were now long slits, and her eyes had turned yellow.

"Those aren't contacts." said Sam fearfully.

"Well then we have something to worry about, because I just grew some new ears." said Alex as he reached up to feel the pointy ears now on the top of his head.

"There is something very, super duper wrong here. Quick to my house, and bring the yarn!" said Alicia as they ran outside.

Once inside Alicia's house she began to run tests on them to see what was wrong. After awhile she came back with a sad look upon her face.

"What is it Alicia, what's wrong?" said Sam.

"Guys, I have some bad news, we're changing into cats." said Alicia.

"What! How is this possible?" said Danny, scratching the fur that had grown on his body.

"It seems that powder the ghost magician hit us with earlier actually worked, only very slowly. God I should have seen this coming" said Alicia, wrinkling her small pink nose in disgust.

"Don't beat yourself up, we all thought that nothing was wrong." said Alex.

"Is there anyway to fix it?" said Valerie.

"No, there is no telling what mixing my magic with hers might do, it could even make the process happen faster." said Alicia.

"So there is no hope?" said Danny.

"Not necessarily, if we can get some of that powder from her we can make an antidote." said Alicia.

"So all we have to do is find a ghost hiding somewhere in town in the few hours we have left as humans, that should be easy." said Tucker sarcastically.

"I still wonder why she did this to us." said Alex, suddenly a note poofed out of the air and landed in Danny's had.

"Ask and ye shall receive." said Sam as Danny opened the note.

Dear Daniel and Friends,

You may be wondering by now who hired the ghost that did this to you, well let me break the suspense. It is I, Vlad Masters who hired her, you may be asking why? Well it is very simple; remember how many times you have told me I should get a cat? Well I decided to turn the tables on you. Either surrender to me and get the antidote, or learn to deal with hairballs. Even if you don't surrender I will still come to get you, after all you did say I should get a cat Mwhahaha!


Vlad Masters

P.S. Don't be so smug just because I said the words "I will get a cat".

"Why did he put in the evil laugh?" said Sam.

"I don't know, but we have to find Abra before we turn into cats completely. Now if I was a magician ghost where would I hide out?" said Danny.

They sat around thinking for a moment and then Tucker got it.

"I know where she may be hiding, the old abandoned theater." said Tucker.

"Yeah, they used to do magic shows there when we were kids, it's the perfect place for her to hide." said Sam.

"That's my smart guy." said Valerie as she licked Tucker's cheek.

"Ok, I really can't wait to be back to normal." said Tucker.

"Come on guys, lets go." said Danny as they raced off.

Meanwhile on the other side of town in the abandoned theater Abra was sitting waiting for the ghost kid and his friends to surrender or change into cats, which ever came first.

As she sat there thinking she was having second thoughts, could she really let this happen just so she could get some money? She quickly tried to get that thought out of her head, it was for the best, the money would help her career.

Suddenly out of nowhere net flew through the air and captured her. She tried to get out of the net but found that it was ghost proof. Then out of the shadows came half human half cat creatures she quickly recognized as the kids she had attacked earlier that day.

"I told you the sneak attack would work." said Sam.

"Fine, I owe you five bucks." said Alicia.

"What do you want with me?" said Abra.

"We want the antidote to this stupid transformation spell you cast on us." said Danny.

"And if I refuse to give it to you?" said Abra.

"Then we use theses to convince you." said Valerie as she and the others revealed their new claws, which were very sharp looking.

Now there were many reactions they were expecting, but crying was not one of them. I don't mean just regular crying, but full blown, I just lost my ice cream crying.

"Please don't hurt me! I just took the job for the money to help my magic career!" said Abra, crying her eyes out.

Our heroes lowered their claws and looked with a puzzled face at the scared ghost.

"We can't do this." said Valerie.

"Yeah, we are the heroes, and the heroes don't harm helpless beings, even if they are ghosts." said Danny.

"So what do we do?" said Alex.

"I think I have an idea." said Alicia as she went over to talk to Abra.

"Hey, can I talk to you for a second?" said Alicia.

"I guess so." said Abra, trying to get herself back together.

"As one magic user to another, why did you take Vlad's offer?" said Alicia.

"Because he offered $100,000 for the job, and I needed the money to start my magic career." Said Abra.

"So there is no other reason you did this, no hatred you feel towards us." said Alicia.

"No, except being caught in this net, that is sort of pissing me off." said Abra.

"Ok, I'll make you a deal, if we give you double what Vlad was going to give you, will you give us the antidote?" said Alicia.

"Are you serious?" said Abra.

"Yes, I am." said Alicia.

"Of course I would give you the antidote." said Abra.

"I have one question, where would we get the money?" said Valerie.

"Well one of us is the heiress to a deli tooth pick fortune, another is the daughter of a lawyer, and another has parents who just got a ton of money for consulting the government on ghost defense, I think we can manage it." said Alicia.

"But how do we explain taking the money?" said Danny.

"Well our parents we can just tell them the truth, Sam will have to come up with a story to tell her parents." said Alicia.

"I'll just tell them I donated it to one of the environmental organizations that I donate to, they're so used to it by now they won't punish me very much." said Sam.

"Good, so it is all settled, so will you give us the antidote?" said Alicia.

"Sure, but could you let me out of this net first?" said Abra.

They left her out of the net and she turned to face them.

"Thank you, here is the antidote." said Abra as she gave Alicia the antidote.

Alicia took the antidote and threw it over her head, the powder settled on our heroes and they changed back into there normal selves.

"It's great to be back to normal." said Danny.

"Yeah, but I will miss those cat reflexes." said Valerie.

"Uh, when can I get the money you promised?" said Abra.

"Here is the information you will need to access the account I put it in." said Tucker as he handed it over.

"Thank you, I will never forget this kindness." said Abra as she flew off.

"I still say we should have beat her up for what she did." said Valerie.

"Well it is better to make friends with ghosts if and when we can, we could use a few ghosts who don't hate our guts." said Alicia

"Yeah, It's not really her fault, she was just doing it to get the money Vlad promised." said Danny.

"I wish there was some way we could get revenge on Vlad for this." said Alex.

"Maybe there is, Alicia I need you to come help me with a little present for our dear friend Vlad." said Sam.

"What evil thing are you thinking of doing to him?" said Danny.

"Let's just say I'm going to give him a taste of his own medicine." said Sam as they raced back to her house.

A little later in Wisconsin we come upon the home of Vlad Masters. We can hear Vlad's girly screams echoing through the halls. We find in his bathroom looking at his new look in a mirror.

"Curse you Daniel, curse you for doing this to me! How can this get any worse!" said Vlad as he lifted his paws into the air in anger. (AN: As Sam said before, ask and ye shall receive. Author pulls the hurt Vlad lever.)

A huge glob of frog mucus fell from the sky and messes up Vlad's new fur. And we all know how cats clean their fur right?

"Ew, this is nasty, lick, ugh, this is the worst taste ever, lick, hey that last one wasn't so bad, maybe it just takes some getting used to, lick, No! Gross as ever! Gross as ever!" said Vlad as he licked the frog mucus out of his fur.

Meanwhile back in Amity Park our heroes were laughing at Vlad's discomfort as they watched him through Alicia's crystal ball.

"Well that made my day." said Sam.

"Yeah, seeing Vlad suffer makes anyone's day." said Alicia.

"How long will he be a human/cat?" said Danny.

"Oh, he should be like that for two weeks or so." said Sam.

"That sounds like a good punishment." said Danny.

"Well now that we saw Vlad's nightmare come true, we have to go back to our own nightmare of Lancer's homework." said Alex.

So our heroes went back to fight the evil pile of homework that was in Danny's room.


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