Chapter Fourteen: The Spirit of '76

March 24, 2008, Sunday

It was a beautiful sunny day in the town of Amity Park, the perfect day for a football game. The town was preparing for the big game to decide whether the Ravens would go to the state finals. The red and white colors of the team could be seen everywhere in the town, on buildings, lampposts and people as well. There was nowhere in the town that you could go to escape the festivities, except the room of Danny Fenton.

"Man, this town really goes over board with the football fever." said Alicia, looking outside at the red and white covered landscape.

"I know, it almost makes you want to hurl." said Alex.

It seems that our heroes were not in the team spirit mood, mostly because most of the people on the team had beaten on them at one time or another.

"You know? If people really knew what those jerks were like they wouldn't be cheering them on so much." said Sam.

"Yeah, especially Dash and Paullina, those two are the worst." said Danny, as he threw a ball and Cujo brought it back to him.

"Their bossy." said Valerie.

"Mean." said Tucker.

"And generally bad people." said Sam.

"Yep, that just about sums them up." said Danny.

It was then that Danni came running into the room looking, ironically, like she had seen a ghost.

"Danni, what's the matter?" said Danny.

"Have you seen dad recently?" said Danni.

"Uh no, why?" said Danny.

"Because he's acting really weird." said Danni.

It was just then that Jack burst into the room.

"Hey kids! Look at all the cool Ravens stuff I got!" said Jack.

It looked like Jack had raided the first vendor with Ravens merchandise he had saw. He was covered head to toe in red and white, from the jersey to the soda drinking hat on his head. He was also holding a bunch of pennants that said Go Ravens, and he had painted his face, one half red the other white. It seems that if Danny and the others did not like the team, Jack more then made up for it.

"And I got this cool air horn too!" said Jack as he pressed the button on it.

The noise that it made was very loud and everyone covered their ears. Cujo yelped in fear and ran under the bed to hide.

"That's great dad, but we're uh…doing homework, but I think mom might want to see it?" said Danny.

"Your right! She would love to see this!" said Jack as he ran to find his wife.

As Jack was looking for his wife Danny and the others were trying to think of a place to hide.

"How about Alicia's house?" said Valerie.

"Nah, my dad's almost as much of a fanatic as Danny's is." said Alicia.

Meanwhile the door bell rang and Jack answered the door. It was Alicia's dad, and he was just as covered in football stuff as Jack. (AN: The opinions of this Robert do not reflect those of Rob Phantom.)

"Hey Jack! Ready for the big game?" said Robert.

"You know it Robby!" said Jack as they high fived.

"Hey Jack we better get going, the game starts in a hour." said Rob.

"I'll be right there, I just have to get Maddie." said Jack.

Meanwhile Maddie was in the lab looking like she was worrying about something.

"Ok Maddie, you can do this, all you have to do is tell him." said Maddie, then Jack ran into the Lab.

"Jack, there's something I have to tell yoooooou!" said Maddie, but Jack grabbed her and ran up the stairs.

"No time Maddie, we have to get to the game!" said the overly excited Jack.

Jack ran out of the house and piled into the Fenton RV, Robert and Sarah were already there.

"Let me guess, you couldn't get away either?" said Sarah.

"Punch it Jack!" said Robert.

As Jack, Robert and their wives sped off towards the game our heroes were trying find something to relieve their boredom.

"We could play video games?" said Tucker.

"We did that." said Alicia.

"We could go to the Nasty Burger," said Alex.

"And go out into the mad house Amity Park has become, no thanks." said Sam.

"Well what do we do then?" said Tucker.

"Don't worry, something will come up." said Danny.

Little did they know that it was true, something would come up, but not something fun. Down in the Fenton's lab the ghost portal opened suddenly, and out stepped a ghost. This ghost looked like he had stepped right out of the American Revolution, which was true. He had died at the Battle of Saratoga and he really hated the British, especially their red coats.

"Where am I, what is this strange place?" said the Colonial Ghost.

He flew out of the house and into the open street. Then he saw all the red, it began to enrage him as he remembered the red coat of the British soldier who had killed him. Finally he could not take it anymore.

"Fowl British Tyrants! Prepare to fell the wrath of liberty!" said the Colonial Ghost.

The Colonial Ghost began to start blasting everything that had red on it, which considering everything had the Ravens red and white on it, meant he blasted a lot. He began to blast the red tied to the light posts, the red and white banner on the local convenience store, he even blasted a red car. Back at the Fenton home the Colonial ghosts exit had set off Danny and Danni's ghost sense.

"Uh guys, I think we have ghost problems." said Danny.

Then they heard the sound of blasting and explosions from outside.

"What was your first clue?" said Danni.

Everyone got ready to fight and went to see what ghostly horror had visited their town today. When they got outside they saw the Colonial Ghost, still blasting and ranting about the British.

"Take that you British villains, you shall not take this land from its people!" shouted the Colonial Ghost as he blasted a red SUV.

"Hey Paul Revere! I know those things waste gas, but that's no reason to turn it into scarp." said Danny.

"Actually it's a good reason." said Sam.

"Not now Sam." said Danny.

"Who dares to stop me and my quest to rid this land of the hated British!" said the Colonial Ghost.

Since the Colonial Ghost was in a rage he was not thinking properly, everywhere he saw Britishness, and this included our heroes, except for two exceptions.

"Colonel Fenton sir, what are you doing here?" said the Colonial Ghost.

"What?" said Danny.

"Sir look out a red coat is behind you!" said the Colonial Ghost as he blasted Alex, who was standing next to Danny.

"Hey, what was that for?" said Alex, as the others began to attack the Colonial Ghost.

"Sir! We have to get you and your sister out of here, there are too many red coats!" said the Colonial Ghost.

The Colonial Ghost grabbed Danny and Danni and started to fly off with them.

"Hey! Put us down!" said Danny, not able to escape the powerful grip of the revolutionary specter.

"I know you want to fight the enemy, but there are too many, we have to regroup." said the Colonial Ghost.

"Help!" said Danni.

"Don't worry little one, those dastardly red coats won't hurt you." said the Colonial Ghost.

"Hey, you put them down!" said Alicia as the she and the other chased after the Colonial Ghost.

They sent blasts at the Colonial Ghost, trying to make him let go of Danny and Danni. But seeing as he was a soldier he managed to avoid their fire.

"Darn those British, I have to get away from them." said the Colonial ghost.

Danny realized that he had to get the ghost to let go of him if he and Danni wanted to get away. It was then that he remembered that the Colonial Ghost had called him colonel, and maybe he would obey an order given by him.

"uh, sergeant?" said Danny.

"Yes sir?" said the Colonial Ghost.

"I think that if we split up we will be able to surround the enemy and ambush them. So I need you to but me down." said Danny with a sense of command in his voice.

"But what about you and your sister?" said the Colonial Ghost.

"I will be fine, we must do all we can to free our country, even put ourselves in mortal danger." said Danny.

"Yes sir!" said Colonial Ghost as he put Danny and Danni down

But before Danny could say anything else the Colonial Ghost flew off shouting he would find the British and make them pay. The others caught up with Danny after the Colonial Ghost left.

"What happened? Where's the ghost?" said Valerie.

"I don't know, I managed to get him to put us down, but before I could say anything else he flew off." said Danny.

"What is with that guy?" said Tucker.

"Isn't it obvious, he's the ghost of a man who fought in the American Revolution, and he apparently really hates the British." said Alicia.

"Yeah, but why was he blasting all that stuff back there? It's not British." said Alex.

"There must be something all that stuff has in common that would make him want to destroy it." said Alicia.

So our heroes thought about what it could be, what could upset him about the things he blasted, then Danni got it.

"I got it! All the stuff he blasted was red." said Danni.

"She's right, the SUV, the banner, the fire hydrant, they all had red in them, but why red?" said Danny.

"It's because of what they called British soldiers back during his time, they were called red coats because they wore red, the color red must enrage him." said Alicia.

"So what you're saying is that he will destroy anything with the color red on it." said Sam.

"Yes." said Alicia.

"Oh crud, the whole towns covered in red, we have to find him! Which way did he go Danny?" said Valerie.

"He was flying that way towards…the …school." Said Danny as he realized what that meant.

"Oh no! He's headed right to the big football game, and almost everyone there has something red!" said Danny.

"We have to stop him!" said Danni as they flew after the Colonial Ghost.

Meanwhile the Colonial Ghost was flying through the sky looking for British soldiers. Then as he was flying over the game he saw something that horrified him. Hundreds upon hundreds of red coats were down there.

"By George Washington's powdered wig! There's a whole regiments worth of British down there, they must be planning to attack our forces, I have to stop them!" said the Colonial Ghost.

As he was flying down to reek havoc on the unsuspecting football fans, the people were cheering on their team as they scored another touchdown. The up in the stands we can see Jack, Robert, and their wives, and Jack and Robert were enjoying the game.

"Yahoo! You show those losers who's the boss!" said Robert.

"Yeah! Send them back home cry'en to their mommies!" said Jack, blasting the air horn.

Sitting next to them, Sarah and Maddie were embarrassed by their husbands, who did a little victory dance when the Ravens scored a touchdown.

"Dear please, your embarrassing yourself." said Sarah.

"Nonsense!" said Robert, who went right back to cheering.

"Jack, there's something very important I have to tell you." said Maddie.

"Sure sweet heart what is…look at that! Go team go!" said Jack as he was distracted by the game.

Maddie, seeing that Jack was too engrossed with the game to listen, pouted and sat down. It was then that the ghost tracker on her belt began to beep. She looked up and saw the Colonial Ghost diving right for the stands, his eyes glowing with rage.

"Oh no! Jack a ghost is heading right for the game." said Maddie.

But Jack was still to distracted by the game to listen to her, this left only one other option.

"Sarah, a ghost is heading straight for the crowd, we have to stop it!" said Maddie.

"Ok." said Sarah as they left to confront the ghost.

Meanwhile the Colonial Ghost was racing towards the crowd ready to blast them. but just as he was about to fire a orb of energy hit him and sent him flying away from the football field. He looked up to see our heroes standing there ready to fight.

"So it is you again, have you come to stop my mission of freedom?" said the Colonial Ghost.

"No, we've come to stop you from blasting innocent people." said Sam.

The Colonial Ghost looked at our heroes with a look of pure anger. Then he noticed Danny was with them.

"Sir? What are you doing with these scoundrels?" said the Colonial Ghost.

"Listen you have to stop this right now, for your own good." said Danny.

"What? Why would I surrender to these cretins? Did they threaten you to say that?" said the Colonial Ghost.

"You have to stop now, listen to reason." said Danny.

"They have threatened you, don't worry sir, I'll take care of these vile brutes." said the Colonial Ghost, then he encased Danny and Danni in a bubble of ghost energy.

"Hey! Let us out of here!" said Danny as he and Danni pounded on the side of the bubble.

"Don't worry sir, you and your sister are safe, now sit tight will I take care of these red coats." said the Colonial Ghost.

Without Danny and Danni to help them our heroes had a tough time battling the Colonial Ghost. Alicia and Sam tried to hit him with magic energy bolts, but he dodged out of the way and hit them with an ectoblast.

"Sorry dear ladies, but if you and with the red coats, you are my enemy." said the Colonial.

"Well, at least he's polite." said Alicia.

Then the Colonial Ghost blasted them into a wall and they were knocked out.

"Alicia!" said Alex as started to hurl blasts at the Colonial Ghost, but the ghost managed to avoid his attacks.

"You'll have to do better then that!" said the Colonial Ghost as he hit Alex with a ectoblast. He flew back but was caught by Valerie and Tucker.

"God this guy is getting on my nerves." said Alex.

"Well let's take him down." said Valerie as they attacked again.

As they were trying to fight the ghost Maddie and Sarah showed up on the scene.

"My goodness!" said Maddie.

"Mom! Get us out of here!" said Danny.

Maddie and Sarah ran over to the bubble of ghostly energy. Then Maddie pulled out a small device.

"Don't worry kids, you'll be out of there in a minute. Good thing Jack pulled me out of the house when I had the Fenton Ghost Shield Disrupter prototype on me." said Maddie as she powered up the device.

The device shot out a continuous beam of energy that hit the bubble. After a few seconds the bubble popped.

"Wow! It didn't blow up, this one is definitely a keeper." said Maddie.

"Thanks mom!" said the two halfas as they gave Maddie a hug.

"Thank you kids." said Maddie.

"Hey, we have to help them stop that ghost." said Sarah as she pointed towards Valerie and the others.

"Right." said Maddie.

Just as Maddie and Sarah were about to attack, Danny stepped in.

"Wait! I think I have a way to fix this without anymore fighting." said Danny.

"How?" said Maddie.

"Well that guy kept calling me colonial, and dad said once that a Fenton fought in the American Revolution, so I must look just like him." said Danny.

"So what does that have to do with getting rid of him?" said Sarah.

"Well since he thinks I am his commander maybe I can order him to go back to the Ghost Zone." said Danny.

"That just might work." said Maddie.

"We just have to get a portal to the Ghost Zone." said Danny.

"I'll handle that." said Sarah as she opened a portal.

"Ok, here goes." said Danny.

Danny flew over to the Colonial Ghost, who was still holding off our heroes. Danny landed and brought as much command to his voice as he could as he spoke.

"Sergeant!" said Danny.

"Yes sir?" said the Colonial Ghost as he turned to look at Danny.

"I've just got orders for you to go fight in another battle, it appears that they need your skills as a soldier to beat the red coats." said Danny.

"Where do I have to go sir?" said the Colonial Ghost.

"Right through there." said Danny as he pointed to the portal.

"Yes sir, I will not let you down sir." said the Colonial Ghost.

The Colonial Ghost flew into the portal and disappeared; as he did Sarah closed the portal.

"Wow, it actually worked." said Danni.

"What happened, why did he just leave like that?" said Alex.

"Because he thought I was his commander, that's why he left." said Danny.

"Hey guys, did we win?" said Sam as she and Alicia came back from being unconscious.

"Yeah we did, thanks to Danny." said Tucker.

"Well thank goodness that's over." said Maddie, it was then that Jack and Robert showed up.

"Hey gang, what are you doing here? You missed the game" said Jack.

"We'll explain on the way home." said Danny.

"We have to be getting home too, see you later." said Robert as he, Sarah, and Alicia went home.

"We better get going too." said Valerie as she, Tucker, and Alex left.

"Well lets go home." said Jack.

On the way home they told Jack about what happened and he was upset that he had missed a chance to fight a ghost. As soon as they got home Maddie pulled them all aside to tell them something important.

"I have something very important to tell you all." said Maddie.

"What is it dear?" said Jack.

"I'm…pregnant." said Maddie.

"What!" said Danny and Danni at the same time.

"Are you sure?" said Jack.

"Yes." said Maddie.

"This is wonderful! Another child who we can raise to fight ghosts! Oh my goodness, make him a little jumpsuit, and then he'll need a little Fenton ghost blaster, and then…" said Jack as he rambled on about all the miniature ghost fighting stuff the baby would need.

"Wow, your really having another kid." said Danny.

"Yes, soon there will be a new member of our family." said Maddie.

"Well this day had been just full of surprises." said Danny.

"Uh mom, Danny, we better get dad to calm down before he builds a mini Fenton RV for the new baby.

So Danny and the rest of his family went to calm Jack down. As we look back it certainly has been a crazy 14 days in the life of our favorite halfa, now he has a new sister and a new sibling on the way. Danny and the rest of our heroes have certainly handled all the strange things that have happened recently. From being turned into cats to fighting revolutionary war ghosts it has been almost too much, but they still win. So we leave our heroes for the time being, but we will come back to them soon.


Rob: Wow, I can't believe it's over. I feel happy that I was able to finish this great story, yet sad that it has to end.

Ember: Don't worry, you can now write a new story.

Rob: Yeah, but before we get to that, lets hurt Vlad on last time. Author pulls the hurt Vlad lever. We can see Vlad sitting in his bath tub (Gross! I think I'm going to be sick!). Suddenly the tub begins to drain and oddly enough it sucks Vlad down.

Vlad: What the hell? Said Vlad as he was sucked down the drain. He travels through a series of pipes where he is banged up and he ends up at the water treatment plant. He goes through all the machines and they beat him up. Finally he shoots out of a pipe (Thankfully wearing a swimming suit) and lands in a stinking mud puddle.

Vlad: God, that was horrible. Then he notices the Fluffy Army of Doom has surrounded him.

Vlad: Why me? The army then attacks and lands a series of devastating yet cute attacks on him. Vlad breaks away and runs screaming into the sunset with the army of adorable anarchy behind him.

Ember: That's what I call a great ending to a story.

Rob: I'll say, here are some ideas for stories I will write in the future.

President Vlad: After having all his other plans to rule the world fail, Vlad decides to use on that even Danny can not stop, running for President. With Vlad using legal means to rule the free world, the only way Danny may be able to stop him is to expose him, and maybe himself.

Other Routes in the Parade: All Hail King Danny Phantom: Clockwork once said that there are many different twists and turns in the parade of history, and this is one of them. One day Danny is told according to ancient prophesy that he is to be the new King of All Ghosts. What will happen now that he rules the Ghost Zone, and can he handle the power? This is not the sequel to the Return of Dan, it will be different, same goes for the rest of the Other Route stories.

Other Routes in the Parade: Ghost Earth: One day while fighting ghosts for a potion they stole from Alicia, a terrible accident occurs. The potion explodes in the Fenton Portal and causes the Earth and the Ghost Zone to merge. What will Danny and friends do now that they can't send the ghosts away anymore, and now everyone on Earth is a halfa?

Other Routes in the Parade: Daniel Plasmius: What would happen if Danny had gotten his ghost powers at four years old instead of fourteen? To make it worse Vlad finds out and convinces Danny he is the only one who can help him. This is the story of Daniel Masters and the life he leads, and all the people he ends up hurting.

Rob: So there you have it, I will start on President Vlad in a few days.

Ember: If Vlad is able to work that is.

Vlad: Help me! Says Vlad as he is still being chased by the Fluffy Army of Doom.

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