Author's Note:

Hello to those who are reading this fiction. This is my formal note of a apology. This story is on a temporary hiatus as I have a lot going on in my life right now. I'm currently moving apartments and amongst other things struggling to balance out my life. Sadly fanfiction is something that has to give a little as real life must always take priority. Furthermore I have the overwhelming desire to re-write this whole thing before I continue any further (re-reading my atrocious writing from four years ago makes me cringe), but the time is severely lacking.

Therefore, I must ask those of you still reading this story for a favor: I am looking for a beta-reader to review my stories, both this one and my other two projects I am working on: Fourth Life and How To Be Dead (both of which will be updated soonish). If you are interested or know of someone willing to take time and work with me through a few new chapters as well as re-writing some old chapter, please PM me.

I am still extremely engaged in my writing, but time constrains me. I hope I have your understanding and patience. Eventually when things are a little less crazy, I hope to finish this story as well as my other two.

Again, I apologize.