I didn't go back to Mineral Town after that.

Suraia and I talked about almost everything. What was going to happen, when to expect a following, how I was going to physically change. After one week, my skin turned goldish-bronze, like she said my eyes had. And my hair was dark brown. I didn't feel very much changed, though.

Watching Mary and Jack be married in Suraia's Church, I knew that I had.

I just wanted to protect her. Nothing more.

Together, Suraia and I kept her children safe, and her children's children. Little things, like turning a sweet little girl with glasses away from the ocean where she wouldn't be able to swim.

Years passed. I noticed a divergence between my self and the source of my power. Suraia told me it was normal. I started to think of them as 'Gray' and the 'God of Spring Mine'.

After a century, enough miners and farmers and passers-by had caught a glimpse of me to have there be a rumor. I felt the first prayer like sunlight in winter. I was needed, suddenly. I knew my place.

After a very, very long time, I knew what 'Gray' had to do. I wrote my Gospel.

Side by side, in the attic of the Library, if the right person is looking, there will be two tomes telling of magical things. Together, Suraia and I are waiting for that right person.

Until then, I am content. I listen to the metal and it says that this is where I belong, with the woman I love.