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If only in my Dreams...by Neisha

Inuyasha slept quietly, his legs crossed, arms thrust into the sleeves of his haori, the hilt of Tetsusaiga leaning against his shoulder. The night of the new moon had found he and Kagome hiding within an abandoned hut at the edge of the forest. And while most of these nights kept him awake, tonight had been an exception to the rule. They had fought a demon earlier that day that had been stealing into the dreams of some of the local villagers, though none of those affected would say just what the demon had done, only the elderly had professed the dangers of it.. and while it had taken them some time to destroy it, and had also separated them from Shippo, Sango and Miroku, it had also drained him of the energy he would have normally saved for the long night ahead.

The night hung erily around them, a dense mist rolling through the trees to surround the hut they slept in, small tendrils of mist seeping through the cracks of the wall to curl around their sleeping bodies..each breath they took bringing more of the fog deep into their lungs. Inuyasha never sensed the presence that surrounded them, his human body missing what his hanyou form would have detected...The mist lingared only a moment longer, before dispersing all together and disappearing into the night.

The next morning found Inuyasha and Kagome up and headed to Keade's village. An elderly woman made her way through the trees, her silver hair hanging over her shoulders as she hobbled further still. Kagome moved toward her, Inuyasha irritated that she would want to help yet another person, but he said nothing. He wasn't in the mood for a sitting this early in the day, and if it took keeping his thoughts to himself this once than so be it.

"Can I help you?" Kagome asked as she reached to steady the woman who stumbled forward before catching her balance with Kagome's help..."AHH, dear child..I am merely returning to my sons hut, tis not far from here but I shall manage on my ow.." Dear child, what have you done?" she hissed as she jerked her arm out of Kagome's grasp. Kagome stood stunned, her ears still ringing from the harshness of the old womans tone..."I don't know what you mean.." Kagome muttered as she moved her eyes from the old woman to her hand and back again. Inuyasha moved to stand beside her, his hand raised to take Kagome's arm. "You killed her didn't you? I can feel her soul in your touch...it fairly radiates...from both of you...Do you not know what you have done? She meant those villager's no harm, only granted their deepest wishes...allowed them to have their deepest desires, if only in their dreams...but it seems she has found you both, merged her soul with yours...it seems she has chosen you two as well..."

"Mother...mother?" a young man's voice drifted to them through the trees, before his body appeared in front of them. He was out of breath, but he seemed relieved at finding the person he had sought, and taking the old woman's arm in his hand he turned his attention to Kagome and Inuyasha..."I hope she hasn't been to much trouble, she tends to ramble incoherently most of the time these days...Thank you for helping her..Come mother, we must get back, Koaru has breakfast ready." And with that both the young man and the old woman turned and made their way through the trees.

Kagome stared after them, her mind trying to grasp whatever the old woman was trying to tell them. But as usual Inuyasha was in no mood to wait as he ushered her onto his back and launched them in the direction of the village.

Later that night...

Keade was no where to be found. The villagers said that she'd left to make rounds to the nearby villages but no one knew when to expect her return. Shippo, Sango and Miroku also had yet to appear. Night drew near, and feeling uncomfortable in Keade's hut without her permission, Kagome and Inuyasha made camp near the well.

Kagome lay in her sleeping bag. Inuyasha next to her in his usual cross legged position. Both rested quietly, neither willing to disturb the calm that existed between them. The night was warm, and both were feeling the need for a bath, though neither wanted to leave the comfort of their camp.

Kagome closed her eyes, her breathing evening out as sleep welcomed her..called her...soothed her within it's warm embrace...she found herself surrounded in mist, the dull roar of a waterfall calling her closer, beckoning her with the promise of a cool bath. She felt the grass beneath her feet, it's velvet coolness enveloping the skin of her feet with each step she took. Her mind told her that this wasn't real, that she had fallen to sleep by the well, but her heart begged for more...it urged her to keep going...and soon she found herself standing in front of a secluded spring. Trees draped their leaves along the outer banks, tall grass danced beneath the breeze. Flowers in reds and purples, whites and yellows dotted here and there. A slight mist blanketed the water's surface,and a small waterfall fell from a rounded boulder at the far right of the spring. She felt her hands move to pull her blouse from her body, the rustle of fabric sliding past her ears as she dropped the cloth next to her feet before returning to undo the clip of her bra and let it slide softly down her shoulders and glide down the front of her bare arms. She moved her thumbs into the waist band of her skirt, the backs of her thumbs caressing the skin of her hips as she drew the material down over her thighs and let it fall to pool at her feet before stepping out of her clothing and making her way into the warmth of the water. She stood waist deep in the spring, her small hands cupping the water to bring it up to let it run down the length of her arms, then reaching in again and watching the water collect into the palms of her hands. She raised her arms again, her head tipping back as she let the water roll down her neck, thin streams of water weaving their way around her firm breasts to collect beneath them to weave a shimmering train further down her stomach to split and travel around her belly button before merging again to fall the rest of the way into the warm body of water it had been born from. . "If this is a dream, I never want to wake up." she murmured to herself..A voice whispered through her mind, reminding her that this was a dream and that in her dreams she could have whatever her heart desired, and before she could stop herself she whispered his name, her heart begging for just the barest glimpse of the man who resided deep within it's depths..."Inuyasha"

Inuyasha relaxed against the tree he sat against, the rythmic pattern in Kagome's breathing lulling him to sleep..his eyes opened to a suttle mist, the sound of a waterfall roaring in his ears as his eyes darted back and forth in search of Kagome...his mind whispered the impossibilities of this happening, while his heart demanded acceptance...and it was his heart that won out...he could smell her, her scent warm and inviting, alluring...teasing...seducing...and he found his feet following his nose...

This was a dream...he'd had it so many times before...it was the only place he could be with her...his Kagome...and there she was...but something felt different..it felt...real...her scent was more...intoxicating...and he couldn't...wouldn't stop his body from undressing itself. He watched her for a moment, the water running down the length of her arms before she reached for more. He saw her close her eyes as he moved to the front of her, his eyes caressing her nakedness. He watched her head fall back, the water she held in her hands running down her neck to form slippery trails around her pert breasts and he couldn't help himself..He leaned forward, his tongue darting out to meet the stream of water the curved it's way around her breasts. He heard his name whisper past her lush lips as his tongue grazed her skin,it's coarse texture sending ripples of pleasure shooting clean through her soul. She knew that this was impossible, but it was her dream...right? She opened her eyes, her head tipping to the side, silver hair glistening in her vision, twin amber orbs staring back at her even as his tongue traced a path around the bottom of her breast before making it's way around the outer curve, his mouth slightly curved in a knowing grin as he watched her passion filled eyes watching him. She reached for him, shy at first but more insistant once the pads of her fingers caressed the silky skin of his chest. She traced her fingers along the ridge of his shoulder, her head falling back again as his mouth encircled her nipple, his fangs grazing her skin causing her to gasp in pleasure as her fingers pushed their way into the softness of his hair holding him to her. He moved his hands to rest upon her hips, his claws tracing light patterns across her skin earning him another breathless moan that wrapped itself around his name..He pulled her slowly, urging her to follow him as he made his way to the waterfall, and in a movement that neither truly noticed he had her pressed against the boulder, her back arching forward as she lay back upon the water smoothed stone, her breasts thrust upwards as the water fell over her shoulders coating her skin in a shimmering sheen of perfection..

He placed small open mouthed kisses over the upper swell of her breast, along her collar bone, to the side of her neck then along the length of her jaw bone... She opened her eyes, his golden orbs gazing into her own before his lips lightly touched hers, his tongue tracing her lower lip followed by a fang to earn him yet another gasp of pleasure. She moved forward, her lips catching his, matching his passion as he opened to allow her entrance. She traced his lip, then his fangs, their sharp edge nicking the tip of her tongue igniting her blood as his tongue caressed hers, the metallic taste of her blood surging through him as he felt his body harden even more...his hands busying themselves with her flesh, kneading her breasts before his claws tickled their way down her stomach...her inner thigh...they seemed to caress her everywhere, and yet no where, never in one place long enough for her to be certain that they had been there at all..and then he stopped, his head jerking up as his ears twitched then turned to listen to something in the distance..She opened her eyes, her body screaming that he continue his loving torment, and yet her vision of him faded, the last thing she saw was the love in his eyes...and then there only mist in his place...before she too was pulled from her dream, reality slowly seeping into her mind. Vaguely she could hear Inuyasha swear, but then her vision disappeared and her eyes opened.

Inuyasha jerked awake, a twig breaking in the distance ripping him from the most intense dream he'd ever experienced. But it was her scent that hit him then, she was...aroused..."Oh dear god..."he breathed as he reached to adjust his hakama...he had never been so turned on, never woke to such an intense need for her...and had it not been for another twig breaking he was sure that he would have made his way into the warmth of her sleeping bag...He reached for his sword, his eyes landing upon her now open ones, desire swimming in their depths before an orange blur slammed into her chest..."KAGGGOMMMEEE! We finally found you!" Shippo squealed as Sango and Miroku made their way into camp..."We thought you guys headed back here..."Sango muttered before yawning and laying down upon the soft grass...Miroku also made his way over to lay not far from Sango.

"Damn it!" Inuyasha swore as he made his way out of camp in search of a very COLD spring...

Kagome lay back, completely stumped as to what was bothering the hanyou now...she was the one yanked out of the best dream she'd ever had...her blood still raged, her need for him still burning through her veins...".If only in my dreams...she thought...If only in my dreams."


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