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Four years later...

Kagome woke to the soft pitter-patter of her son's feet. It still amazed her that she could hear him so easily. It didn't matter if he merely turned over in his sleep; she heard it. She had long since gotten used to the soft little growls and shrill barks he'd make while he was dreaming. She still remembered the first night he had whimpered , and though she and Inuyasha were up in an instant; they had soon found Sesshomaru standing within the doorway to their room claiming he was merely on his way to bed .

He convinced Inuyasha to stay within the castle walls -to protect his breeding mate of course, and though Inuyasha was hesitant; he had finally agreed as the safety of his family had over- ridden his pride. Sango , Miroku and Kohaku lived in the guest houses. Kohaku survived the removal of the jewel shard from his shoulder- with the help of Sesshomaru's sword of course and in that Rin had found a kindred spirit. Someone who was like her in the sense that they were both given a second chance by Sesshomaru's fang.

Kagome woke to gaze lovingly into a miniature pair of golden eyes, hope dancing in their tiny depths. Inuyasha lay behind her, and even before their son had made it to their bedside she could feel his smile at her back.

" Momma?"

" Yes baby.."

" Uncle Fluffy is up...can I go play with him?"

She smiled at her son's nick name for the Great Sesshomaru. Her little one had developed quite the attachment to his Uncle. Sesshomaru had channeled to her pup many times after his and Inuyasha's battle; mostly when Inuyasha had gone out to rid the surrounding villages of rogue demons, and on his human nights as well. Her little boy was living proof of the bond created between them. It was far from one-sided though as Sesshomaru was fiercely protective of her pup.

Their son Makkuro just turned four and was growing quickly. Silver hair framed a small round face, and small fangs peeked from beneath an always present smile. Tiny ears rotated atop his head and small claws tipped little fingers that held tight to the quilt she lay under.

" Is Rin awake as well?" she murmured before leaning down to pick up her giggling little hanyou.

" She went fighting with Uncle Kohaku. I don't think Uncle Fluffy likes it. "

Inuyasha burst out laughing at that.

" What makes you say that?" he asked propping his head on his mate's shoulder to study the upturned face of his son.

" He grumbled when Aunt Sango couldn't fight again. I think he said something about human wen...wench...ches..." Stopping mid sentence he glanced back to his mother. Momma, what is a weeennnch?

" Never mind. Run along. But do not bother your Uncle if he doesn't wish for company."

" Can I play with Seneca too?"

Seneca was Makkuro's best friend, and Sango and Miroku's three year old daughter. She was a beautiful child with shoulder-length, dark brown hair and deep blue eyes.

" If it's alright with her parents."

Uncle Roku says it's okay even though Aunt Sango is sick. Uncle Roku says there is another pup growing inside her belly. Momma, can I get a pup too?

Smiling, Inuyasha reached to pat his son on the head. " Tell you what. You go find Uncle Sesshomaru and make sure he stays out of trouble, and your Mother and I will work on getting you a pup."

"Promise Papa?"

" Oh, most definitely..now run along."

Leaning forward he kissed his Momma...his small tongue darting put to lick the side of her cheek before he scampered away leaving his parents to their promise. He was gonna get a pup!

Rolling over, Kagome smiled lovingly at the half demon who still held her heart. " You want another pup?"

" I want to make LOTS of pups with you . After all, I do enjoy the process." Inuyasha growled before claiming her lips in a passionate kiss.


Sesshomaru stood on the hillside, his gaze watching Rin and Kohaku as they sparred. He had agreed to allow her to train; with Sango. But with Sango newly pupped he couldn't exactly expect her to continue. It was too dangerous thus why Rin was currently practicing with Kohaku.

It had been four years. Four long years of battling his growing affection for the girl. Perhaps it was time to mate. The fact that she was human seemed to have less and less to do with matters.

Something stirring within the underbrush caught his attention, but he showed no outward sign of noticing. After all, this had become his favorite past time, though he told no one about it. He waited patiently; there was only one being who thought himself capable of stalking this Sesshomaru..

Makkuro moved quietly through the trees. Uncle Fluffy was close - very close. Peering through a small bush he watched the Demon Lord. He was so strong - like his Papa. If he could sneak up on him then he would be able to brag to his Momma that he had brought down the Great Lord of the West.

He sat on all fours, his behind wagging side to side as he prepared to pounce. Just a few...more..NOW!

Launching himself with as much force as he could muster he scurried forward, his arms and legs wrapping themselves tightly around the leg of the Great Dog.

Bending slightly Sesshomaru looked down upon the newly acquired growth. Raising an eyebrow he smiled when the pup brought his eyes up to meet his own.

" I gotcha Uncle Fl...Sesshomaru-sama! the pup barked. " Wait till I tell Momma! She'll be soooo proud. Giggling happily he removed himself from his Uncle's leg.

" You are improving Makkuro. " Bending slightly he allowed the pup to jump into his arms. There was no one about. No one to see the affection he held for his brother's child.

" Uncle Sesshomaru?"

" Yes."

" Can I show you something? But you can't tell anybody - it's a secret." the boy whispered, his tiny face scrunching up slightly.

" You can trust this Sesshomaru."

Holding out his hand Makkuro closed his eyes for a moment. Within moments the tips of his claws took on a steady green glow before fading away.

Stunned, Sesshomaru watched silently. So the pup HAD inherited something from the channeling he had offered to the Miko those few years ago.

" How long has this been happening?" he asked.

" I dunno. I thought I was sick - kinda like when your nose gets runny. But it won't go away. I wanted to tell Momma, but I don't want her to get scared."

" You aren't sick Makkuro. See, watch. "

Extending his hand he allowed his poison whip to form. " You see. I can do the same thing. But you must be careful not to touch anyone with it. It is a poison. But it can protect you if you learn to use it properly. Close your eyes Makkuro. Can you feel the tingle at your fingertips?

He nodded..." Yeah."

" Now relax your hand. Let the tingle spread up your arm and back down again. Imagine that you are holding a rope. "

Smiling at the concentration furrowing the pup's brow, he watched as a long, thin whip of energy began to form; its length falling away from the little boy's fingertips.

" Open your eyes..."

" I did it! I'm like you Uncle Sessy. Can I show my Papa?"

" Indeed. Just remember what I told you. You must not use it near humans- it can make them very sick. But your Papa; he's a strong demon. This is what you do."

Sensing Rin's approach, Sesshomaru put the boy down. " Now run along. Don't forget what I told you."

" I won't. Can we play again later?" came the excited reply.

" We'll see, now off you go."

Rin watched the exchange. What she wouldn't give to have a pup of her own; Sesshomaru's pup.

" You will make a wonderful Father one day." she murmured once Makkuro disappeared .

" One needs a mate before such things should happen. " Sesshomaru replied, watching as she made her way to stand before him.

" Yes, I suppose so."

" Do you want pups Rin?"

Smiling thoughtfully she nodded. " Yes."

" Why have you not found a human male to mate with? You are well past marrying age."

" My heart is enslaved by another. I could not become anyones mate but his."came her shy response.

Moving forward he cupped her chin bringing her eyes back to his.

" Does he know of your feelings?"

" I have never told him."

" Why not?"

" Because I am unsuitable. He deserves someone equal to him, and I am only human."

He knew she referred to him. He could hear it in the way her heart raced; could smell the nervousness consuming her.

And he knew that she meant what she said. She wouldn't take a human husband. In four years she had had many suiters - all of which she had politely turned away.

It had taken him these four years to finally admit to himself that she was all he needed.

Lowering his head he brushed his lips across hers. He watched as her eyes closed; listened to the rapid beat of her heart. He could smell the delicious scent of her arousal as his kiss deepened. He pulled her to him, her body molding perfectly against his own.

Pulling away he waited until her eyes opened. Lust and desire, passion and love sparkled within their chocolate depths.

" You are most suitable. " he whispered.

" I am?" she smiled.

" Indeed..."

A shrill yipe echoed across the landscape.

" I believe we will have to continue this a bit later. It seems Makkuro has learned well. "

" You told him to do that on purpose, didn't you." She laughed. " What did you encourage him to do?."

" Only a quick snap of his energy whip across the half breeds back side. I felt the need of a workout. My brother is most sporting to oblige me. "

SESSHOMARU! Get your sorry ass over here so that I can kick it up around those pointed ears of yours!

" I see..." she murmured before standing on her toes to brush her lips cross his. " Later then?"

" Indeed.." he growled before turning on his heel and making his way toward his brother.


" Momma? Did I make Papa and Uncle Fluffy mad at each other?" Makkuro asked, his small hands twisting together.

Kagome smiled. " No honey. Uncle Sesshomaru and Papa like to play fight - they just don't want to tell each other. "

" Momma, did you and Papa get me a pup yet?"

" Yes, Papa says our new pup is growing."

" Is it in your belly? Like Aunt Sango's"

" Yes.." she giggled.

" Momma? How did the pup get in your belly? And how long will it take to get the pup? And how does the pup get out?"

Kagome laughed. Looking around she watched as Sango and Miroku played with their daughter. She could see Shippo and Kohaku flirting shamelessly with the village girls. In the distance she could make out Inuyasha and Sesshomaru as they fought with their usual vigor.

And she could see Rin making her way to their home; a happy smile upon her face.

Yes. Things were as they should be. They were one happy family...


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