Engagement On Hold

Summary: (AU) Uchiha Sasuke is Konoha High's reigning prince. Haruno Sakura is…? Who is she again? What happens when the guy everybody knows finds himself engaged to the girl nobody knows?


Pairings: Sasuke/Sakura, Naruto/Hinata (for now)


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Chapter 2—You're Engaged!

A sigh escaped her lips. Her exhausting day hadn't been any different from any other ordinary day. She would arrive in school as an invisible person. No one would talk to her or acknowledge her presence except her own siblings and her timid best friend. Heck, even her own teachers didn't know her name—and she had been in their class for at least 5 months for God sakes! They're teachers! It was their job to know their own students names—damn it!

Gazing impassively at the enormous and gorgeous mansion before her, she sighed and entered through the huge gates as it slowly opened, welcoming her in.

Welcoming her… yeah right.

Here he was, sitting on one of his mother's friend's expensive couches. His eyes darted around the room, inspecting the place. So far, the only thing he found out was that the family who owned this place was rich—extremely. They might even be wealthier than his family.

He scoffed. It wasn't like he gave a damn! That only meant that he had to associate with someone who was… snobby… or spoiled—same difference. The only thing he wanted was to get out of this damn place. He'd been in many wealthy families' luxurious mansions, and his opinion was still the same.

They were all the same.

His mother's cheerful voice snapped him out of his peaceful reverie.

"Sasuke dear, why the long face. You should cheer up a little now that I have a special surprise for you." Uchiha Mikoto stated cheerfully.

Sasuke maintained his impassive expression. "Can't you just show it to me at home?"

"No dear, it has to be in here because my surprise for you is located here." Mikoto chirped happily. She was too happy for Sasuke's opinion. It only meant one thing… she was planning something.

Something drastic again…

Whatever… it doesn't matter to me whatever mother's planning. It'll just be something stupid and useless anyway. Sasuke thought.

But what the heck! What kind of surprise is something that involved his whole family to attend? Damn, now he had to spend time with his older brother. And Itachi would try to find a way just to annoy him. He wasn't pleased with the situation at all. Not one bit.

"Mikoto, why don't you just tell him already?" Uchiha Fugaku snapped impatiently. "You don't need to wait for those people."

"Ah, but it would be better, Fugaku-kun! That way, we'd see a more amusing reaction, ne?" Mikoto replied slyly.

This caused the older Uchiha to smirk. Now, he was really curious what his parents had in store for his younger brother. If they were this excited about their so-called 'surprise', then he couldn't help but become interested.

How long do we have to wait here? Sasuke thought impatiently.

As if on cue, a flaming crimson haired boy emerged from the door beside them. He immediately noticed their presence as he gave the Uchiha family a catatonic gaze. He didn't like these people being in their mansion.

For one… their mother was as weird as his. Their father had a temper management problem— based on his observations. The two siblings were both arrogant good-looking jerks. He was someone who tended to be picky when it came to people. Basically, he never really trusted other people except for his family.

What was his mother thinking—bringing these strangers into their house? And heck—even inviting these strangers en masse familia no less! He didn't like the idea. Mother was planning something… and he'd bet their last cent that it involved his younger sister.

Not good.

A sigh escaped Uchiha Fugaku's lips, as the small thread measuring his patience was growing rather thin. He gazed at his empty teacup bitterly. If they wanted him to wait patiently, the least they could do was stash a maid somewhere near them. His gaze averted towards the catatonic crimson haired boy, leaning on a wall beside a door. As his gaze returned to the empty teacup, his mind was muttering between the lines of, I definitely need more tea. Doesn't this family have well trained maids that would come to a visitor's service every now and then?

Suddenly, footsteps were heard coming closer to the living room where they were. The footsteps grew louder and louder until a pink haired girl emerged from the door opposite them. She was dressed in a pleated lavender skirt, a white-buttoned blouse, black tights, and close-toed house slippers, with her eyes obscured with huge thick lenses and her hair twined in a haphazard Chinese double bun held together with long Chinese hair needles.

Because of her appearance, Uchiha Fugaku immediately made an assumption of thinking that ran along the lines of…

"Hey, you." Fugaku called sternly. "Get me another cup of tea will you. Remember that I want peppermint tea." He ordered, shoving the teacup into the pink haired girl's petite hands.

The pink haired girl merely blinked at him in confusion. "E… excuse me?"

Her baffled statement stole the two Uchiha siblings' attention. Uchiha Sasuke cocked an eyebrow at her direction, while Uchiha Itachi continued to stare at her with mild amusement.

"I told you to get me peppermint tea," Fugaku repeated, slightly irritated. "Weren't you maids trained to serve your visitors when they need it?"

Her temple involuntarily twitched in irritation. "What… did you call me?" She growled in a low voice as she gritted her teeth in anger.

"A maid shouldn't ask any questions. You're supposed to do what you're told." Sasuke stated frigidly.

"Now, stop asking questions before I get you fired." Fugaku said as his irritation reverted into anger.

This was the last straw! First, she was ignored and shunned away at school. Now, strangers come barging into her house, making farfetched assumptions of her being a maid. They are so going to get it!

She tightened her grip onto the teacup as her other hand balled into a furious twitching fist. With the empty teacup still occupying her other hand, she stomped towards the coffee table and slammed the teacup at the table with as much force as she could muster.

After giving a cold glare at Uchiha Fugaku, she angrily stomped towards the opposite door, spouting curses along the way. She momentarily halted when a golden blonde haired girl emerged from the other side of the door with a baffled expression evident on her face.

The golden blonde haired girl averted her gaze towards the awestruck Uchiha Fugaku and turned back to look at her fuming little step sister. "Don't tell me…"

The pink haired girl kept the piercing glare on her face as she looked at her blonde stepsister. "I hate wealthy people." She murmured with pure hatred. She couldn't control her anger as she shouted and screamed in anger as she disappeared towards the other side of the door.

"Oh, great," the blonde haired girl sighed. She cocked her head to the side and yelled. "Mom, Sakura's been thought as a maid again!"

A minute passed until a gorgeous looking woman with pale lavender tresses appeared. "Oh my… again?" She asked with a sweet sigh and shook her head. "Gaara dear, would you please get your sister? I imagine she would be somewhere… destroying something again." She finished the last of her requested order in an audible undertone as Gaara nodded slowly and disappeared out the door.

The pale lavender haired woman strolled towards the puzzled Fugaku and extended her soft, smooth and pale hand. "Haruno Sumire Sohma Sabaku, at your service; you must be Uchiha Fugaku. Mikoto-chan has talked a lot about you." She smiled sweetly.

Fugaku reluctantly took her hand and gave an uneasy smile, "Likewise."

Mikoto stood up and approached the two, "That wasn't…"

Sumire faked a laugh as she waved her hands. "Oh don't worry about it. People always think she's a maid here anyway. It's nothing new."

From behind, the golden blonde girl sighed. I can't believe she says something like that about her own daughter to other people. She has no shame. Utterly shameless.

"Ah, these two must be your sons." Sumire chirped happily as she trailed her eyes from one Uchiha sibling to another with her eyes gleaming with interest.

Sasuke furrowed an eyebrow, not at all affected by Sumire's outburst. It's great to know that there's someone in the world who came from the same planet as Mother.

"Uchiha Itachi, at your service; it's very nice to meet you Sumire-san." Itachi gave a gentle smile as he extended his hand towards Sumire's.

"Uchiha Sasuke," Sasuke said casually.

Sumire nodded in recognition. She turned back towards her golden blonde daughter and said, "Temari dear, will you get Kankuro?"

Her mother was too happy-go-lucky for her liking… but—oh well. The best thing to do was just do what she says, and get worried about things later. That is… if she was still sane after this day was over.

When Temari disappeared out the door to get her brother, Sumire turned all her attention back towards the Uchiha family, trying to entertain them until her children's arrival.

"Sorry to keep you waiting." A new voice said after Temari had left a couple of minutes before.

Sasuke directed his attention towards the source of the voice and saw the same flaming crimson haired boy from before and on his shoulder—was the fuming pink haired girl from before.

"Let me go! Gaara-niichan!" The pink haired girl screamed as she pounded on her brother's back wildly.

At the same time, Temari emerged from the door followed by the blanked faced Kankuro. The two merely raised an eyebrow at their little sister's latest rampage. They both entered the room, their eyes focused on the Uchihas.

After the two came in the room, Gaara immediately released his hold on his sister, dropping her to fall on her bottom on the carpeted marble floor.

"Ouch, you could have put me down gentler." The pink haired girl said, while rubbing her aching rear. She slowly stood up, glaring at her emotionless brother.

Gaara merely shrugged in response.

"Sakura dear? Could you come here?" Sumire asked, stopping the escalation of her two children's future argument.

Sakura turned to look at her mother warily before retorting. "No way! There's no way in hell you can make me come anywhere near those rich jerks. Calling me a maid, ha! Next thing you know, Temari-neechan's a prostitute."

"Watch it," Temari growled with a throbbing fist.

Sakura turned towards her sister and mouthed silently, "Gomen," before averting her gaze back towards her peculiar mother. "What are these people doing here, anyway? They're not welcome here!"

Sumire only gave a sly giggle, indicating that she had something in store up her sleeve. Suspicious indeed. Sumire smirked before she stated her bizarre announcement, "Sakura dear, I'm afraid they'll be coming to this house more often from now on." She gave an innocent smile as an after effect.

"What are you planning Mother?" Temari inquired warily, her eyebrow raised.

Sumire turned towards Temari with her innocent smile still in place. "Whatever makes you think that, Temari dear?"

Temari sighed inwardly,Just from facial expression, its very conspicuous that you're definitely planning something.

Sasuke turned to gaze at his mother, Mikoto, seeing that she also held a sly smirk on her face.

They're planning something… Sakura and Sasuke thought in unison.

Sasuke noticed his mother stroll towards him. He eyed her warily when she forced him to stand up with the same smirk plastered on her face. He wanted to protest, but when his mother pushed him towards the geeky and unattractive looking girl named Sakura, his mind was screaming, What the hell!

At the same time, Sumire also got the chance to push her daughter closer to Mikoto's baffled son.

When the two parents stopped pushing their children, they both squealed in delight. In their minds, they were thinking between the lines of, They look so cute together!

"What is this? Another social lesson, Mother? I don't need anyone to associate with. I'm fine with my life, thanks." Sakura snapped coldly.

"On the contrary dear, I would like you to meet your fiancée, Uchiha Sasuke." Sumire smiled, making her daughter feel an uncontrollable urge to wipe that smile of her face.

Then again, Sakura didn't have time worrying about her mother as her mind was occupied with something else.

"WHAT!" Sakura and Sasuke exclaimed simultaneously.

Sakura stood there, utterly awestruck from her mother's announcement. No way. There was no way this was happening. Her life in school wasn't the best one and now her mother just had to ruin her personal life.

Sasuke remained silent. So, that what this was all about. Bringing the whole family in a stranger's mansion… it didn't feel right. Now he knew what his mother was so excited about. Damn it! Looking towards his awestruck fiancée and examining her geeky image, Sasuke was definitely sure that he didn't want to spend his whole life with this girl.

"My, my, isn't that just dandy, little brother? Now, you won't have to worry about going home and seeing your house in a mess. And you won't even have to hire a housekeeper." Itachi chuckled teasingly.

Sakura and Sasuke turned to the older Uchiha, glaring daggers towards his location. "Watch it," they said in unison.

"And look Sumire-chan, they said the same thing. They must understand each other—already!" Mikoto chirped happily.

Sasuke could only frown at his mother's delight. This was definitely not something to be delighted about.

Sakura balled her hands into fists and growled with pure anger. "What kind of stupid joke is this? There's no way will I comply to this!" There's no way in hell!

"Well, that's not something you decided, Sakura dear." Sumire replied cunningly.

Sakura glared at her lavender haired mother. "What about, Temari-neechan? Why didn't you plan an engagement for her? Why only me, then?" This was unfair—very unfair for her.

"Oh, but Temari's already 19. She's legally past the age of consent already, which means she can decide things for herself." Sumire said with a bright smile on her face.

"Uh, mom, I'm 18." Temari corrected.

"Didn't you just have your birthday a month ago?" Sumire asked, trying her best not to embarrass herself.

"Uh… that was Kankuro's birthday." Temari said, sweat dropping. "You're a year out of date, Mother." She couldn't believe that this person was really her mother. You don't even know our respectable ages and you can't even distinguish which of us has a birthday of when. Oh mother, you are so hopeless.

Sumire gave a nervous laugh, "I knew that." She continued to laugh nervously, trying to dismiss the subject.

"Why to him—of all people?" Sakura yelled, her anger still not subsiding. This made Sumire forget her foolish mistake and get back to the general topic at hand. "Oh, are you asking why to Uchiha Sasuke and not to Uchiha Itachi?"

Sakura opened her mouth to protest, but Sumire waved her hand on Sakura's face, silencing her. "For one, Sasuke is much fitting for your age—"

"—and two, I'm already married." Itachi added offhandedly, thus cutting Sumire off.

Everyone in the room eyed him wide-eyed astonishment and confusion. Heck, even his family stared at him, utterly shocked.

"I… Itachi-kun… what are you saying?" Mikoto asked her son, stammering along her sentence. She still couldn't believe what her son was saying. She never knew about this…marriage.

"Married? Since when? Shouldn't you have consulted your parents first before making such rational actions?" Fugaku said solemnly. "How reckless of you!" He reprimanded.

Itachi, however, remained as calm as before. It didn't look like he was even affected by his parents rambling or reprimands. He has no shame.

Still trying to recover from the shocking news, Sumire asked, "Itachi-kun, who exactly is this person you were married to that you didn't even tell your parents?" She too, couldn't believe this kind of news coming out of him, and telling them on a day like this!

"I'm married… to myself." Itachi concluded, making everyone's shocked faces drop. Wow, he really does have a dry sense of humor. Or maybe… he doesn't have any sense of humor at all—just a very twisted mind.

Mikoto faked a cough, earning everyone's partial attention. Most of them were still contemplating about Uchiha Itachi's shocking announcement. "How about we leave the new couple alone for a bit?" Mikoto suggested.

After hearing her suggestion, everyone left the room one by one. Even Itachi complied, stood up from his seat and left the room after Mikoto. The only one that was left now was Sakura's older brother, Gaara.

"Gaara-niichan, don't leave me." Sakura whined in desperation.

Gaara merely shrugged, "I'm not the one engaged, so I can't stay, sorry."

Sakura gaped as her brother left without another word. How cold! He left her just like that. Doesn't he care about her?

She was snapped out of her reverie when she heard someone plop on the couch. When she turned around, she saw Uchiha Sasuke sitting down on the couch, sighing.

She decided to deal with this matter once and for all. She didn't want to be engaged with a person like him. She had to admit that she did have a teeny little crush on him when she first met him, but that soon faded when she realized that he was just a senseless jerk.

She walked towards the Uchiha sitting on the couch, his arms leaning on the head of the couch. Even at this time, he still tries to act cool. Sakura thought, frowning at Sasuke's direction.

Even when she was right in front of him, Sasuke still kept his head down and his eyes closed. It seemed like he was thinking of something.

"Hey, hey you!"

"I don't suppose you want me to call you big mouth, now do you? I have a name, use it." Sasuke said coolly.

A growl escaped Sakura's lips. How dare he give her this attitude—in her own house no less! "Don't you even care that your parents are deciding who you're marrying? Because I definitely—don't want to marry you. Not in this lifetime." Sakura protested.

Sasuke opened his eyes and gazed at Sakura, keeping his cool façade. "Feeling's mutual. I certainly don't want to be married with a geek. Besides, I've never seen you before. Why would I want to get married with someone I've never even met before?"

The nerve of this guy! How utterly blind he was! How dare he! Was he really that blind? She was sitting right in front of him for 5 months now, and he didn't even realize or at least recognize her. Jerk!

"I won't break the engagement because you're going to do that for me." Sasuke said composedly.

"What! Look here you! I will definitely not be the one who will break this engagement. Maybe you're ordering me to because of your huge ego, or maybe, it's against your pride to ask your parents about a serious matter such as this." Sakura stated slyly.

The smirk on her face was soon wiped off, when a sudden motion dragged her down and caused her to lean forward. Next thing she knew, she was staring face to face at Uchiha Sasuke—with her face mere inches away from his. She noticed that the cause of their awkward position was his hand gripping her collar that forced her down moments before. Now, it was Sasuke's turn to smirk.

"I guess you're not really much of a geek afterall."

This caused Sakura to smirk, "Took you long enough to figure it out."

Sasuke continued to smirk. He wasn't offended at all. In fact, he was becoming more amused with this girl. "Fine then, I'll make you a bet. Whoever gives in and decides to break this engagement loses—and it certainly won't be me."

Sakura pried his hands off her collar, and straightened herself when she stood up. She brought her hand on her waist and snorted, "How can your bet work if you can't even find me at school?"

Sasuke cocked an eyebrow at her direction. "You're in my school?"

Sakura wasn't surprised at his question. Not at all. She knew he would say that. "You really are blind." She sighed in disbelief. "Maybe, you're not that smart after all." She gave him a cocky smirk before she turned around, and walked away. It was useless lingering here with a guy like him. All they'd do is argue and argue.

She stopped when she was at the door. She turned around to face him and gave him a confident smile. "You've given me your part of the bet, now it's my turn. I bet you wouldn't even find me at school within a day—until I literally tell you who I am."

Sasuke smirked back, accepting her bet. "Don't be too confident because I assure you that I'll find you before school ends… tomorrow."

Sakura merely returned a smirk back towards his direction and muttered before she excited the room, "Really now? Being cocky doesn't help if you don't even know the right place to look. I know very well that looking for a single person is close to impossible in campus that's almost as big as five football fields."

Not only was it close to impossible and time consuming as well.

The only thing that she could expect in this situation was to see Uchiha Sasuke struggle in trying to find her when she was much closer to him that he would assume.

Sasuke eyed the door where she exited from minutes after she left. He was sure that he'll win that bet—definitely.

He'll definitely win—no matter what.


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Here's a sneak peak of the next chapter.

Chapter 3—First Bet

She was facing him when he tilted his head to stare at her, making Sakura flinch at her very spot. He was looking at her intently and it was making her nervous. Does he know that it's me? His eyes are so blank; I can't tell what he's thinking. Has he found me out? If that's the case then I should have gotten Temari-neechan's advice and given up. Sakura gulped when Sasuke's cold piercing onyx orbs continued to gaze at her as intently as before.

She inwardly shook her head. No, no, I'm definitely not giving up. I won't give up—not until he says the words, 'I know it's you.' But still, it's already hard… with him looking at me like that. Sakura tried to keep herself as calm and collected as possible… that was… until Sasuke's mouth opened to speak.

This is it—goodbye victory! Sakura whined in her thoughts.

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