"It's here!" Valentine cheered as he stuck his head out the window of his house and spotted Pete flapping down with a loaded mailbag. "It's finally here! Hey, Pete!" he cheered and raced outside, eager for his package. Pete landed and sifted through the contents of his mailbag as Valentine ran up to him.

"Oh, hey, great. Listen, this package arrived for you from Crazy Redd. Man, what is it? It's kinda small compared to the other stuff he usually sells." Pete remarked as he brought out a letter with a present symbol stamped on it. He handed it to Valentine, who immediately stuffed it into his letter pocket on his backpack.

"I know. But Redd got his hands on something really rare this time. As soon as I saw it, I had to get it!" Valentine replied and grinned, "I'm gonna take it over to Periwinkle's house and try it out." Pete waved and flew off, leaving the human to rush over across the way to his girlfriend's house.

Periwinkle looked up from her redecorating as Valentine hurried in. She gave the Lovely Stereo one last shove and stood back, examining the placement of the furniture with a critical eye. Valentine came to a halt and blinked. Sighing, he shook his head. She was at it again.

"Val, what do you think? Does the stereo look good next to the Lovely Armchair or the Lovely Table with the Birthday Cake on it?" she asked over her shoulder. Valentine, commonly called Val, scratched his head and shrugged.

"Does it matter? You've already earned a ton of points from the Happy Room Academy." he replied. Periwinkle frowned and pulled on her backpack.

"Fine, be that way. Listen, I'm glad you came by. I need to hop the train to the next town. The shop over there has the last piece of furniture for my upstairs Citrus Theme." she told him, "Stay here and watch my house for me. I don't want the neighbors coming in and poking around at stuff. Not when the HRA County Wide Contest is just around the corner and I'm bent on winning it!"

"All right, fine. Can I use your TV though? I just got a cool piece of furniture from Redd and I wanna try it out." Val sighed and then grinned. Periwinkle nodded and glanced at the Red Clock she had placed in the proper corner for 'Ultimate Feng Shui-ness'.

"Yeah, go ahead. I gotta run and meet with Rover for the trip. I'm paranoid about traveling from Animal Crossing to Animal Acres. Only one human over there in a town of, like, thirty animals." she added and blew a kiss towards him, "Bye bye!"

"See if you can get Darwin Grabag to move outta here while you're at it!" Val yelled out and sat down in the Lovely Chair before the Apple TV. Darwin was the only other human who lived in Animal Crossing along with himself and Periwinkle. That wouldn't have been so bad, except Darwin had the bad habit of trying to put moves on Periwinkle. Shaking the thought of him out of his head, Val pulled out the letter from Redd and opened it.

"'Here's that little item you had your eye on. Pleasure doin' business with ya and feel free to shop at Crazy Redd's any time!'" he read and peeled off the present stamp that was attached to the letter. He held it out in his open hand. "Open!" he declared and the stamp popped open to reveal a leaf. "All right! Too cool!" Val laughed and tossed the leaf ahead of him so it landed in front of the TV. The leaf landed on the floor and burst in a puff of dust to reveal a Nintendo GameCube. "Now to plug it in and play my new game!"

Following the letter's additional instructions, Val had the system set up and a game plugged in, ready to go. He looked at the last line of Redd's letter and frowned.

"'Whatever you do, DON'T turn this thing on! Trust me, you don't wanna be around if this thing goes on.'" Redd warned in the letter. Val shrugged and laughed. What could possibly be bad about turning on this never before seen piece of furniture? He reached down and pressed the 'Power' button on the system.

For a few brief moments, the screen was normal, showing the game being loaded. Then suddenly, it flickered and energy began to flow from the set. A strange hole suddenly appeared over Val, who had stumbled back and held up a hand protectively. Winds howled around him and pieces of furniture began to get pulled towards the hole.

"Hey! What's going on!" Val cried and covered his head as the furniture and other things began to fly into the strange white portal. "Stop! That's Periwinkle's entire Lovely Series collection! She's gonna kill me if it's all taken now!" The entire room was stripped bare of its decorations and it all swirled and vanished into the vortex. The last thing to disappear was the GameCube. The portal remained open, however, and Val looked around in dismay. Everything was gone!

"I am so dead." he sighed and looked himself over for injury from the crazy happening. There was a small tear on his shirt, the Lavender Robe he had earned from Gracie during her last trip to Animal Crossing, and his matching hat with its funky horns was still all right. "Okay, I'm alive for now, but if I don't get Periwinkle's stuff back, I'm not gonna be around for that stupid contest." he muttered and sat up. "Okay, now, let's see what I have in my pack." The backpack was empty and he still had a slew of open letters that he never got around to throwing away. "Open space. That's good." Val sighed and stood up, taking a deep breath. "Well, I'd better get to it. If I don't go to wherever this thing goes to and get that series back, there won't be much of a point to me staying here." he muttered and, shutting his black eyes tight, jumped into the portal to another world.