Daphne - PG

Act I
By MizLou

The violet haired beauty hid crouched in the shadows under the security of the leafy canopy. She took her familiar spot near the edge of her forest, right where the brush was still thick enough to conceal her presence, but not enough to hinder her view of the handsome form in the distance.

She felt a sense of energy when looking upon him. But that energy was quickly dulled when she reminded herself of reality.

Betrayal was all too familiar to her.

Somehow the stinging reminder seemed to fade with just watching Apollo as the rays played off his golden locks. She smiled as he comforted the restless steeds. All were of the same pure white color, tossing their manes and whinnying at their master's touch. Even from a distance, she could see his brilliant smile as he cooed to the noble creatures; his bright demeanor never diminished as he mounted his chariot in preparation. His outline stood tall and ready to harness the sun into dusk. Daphne leaned against the bushes and took a deep breath. In her girlish fantasy she futily dared to hope that maybe he would smile for her one day. Maybe.

"Apollo." The stern voice approached quickly, and wings nearly seared Apollo's cheeks. Eros spun quickly and continued in a huffed tone. "You conceited-"

Agitated from his broken concentration Apollo retorted. "The source of conceit is often found in the one who can identify it." The tone of Eros' greeting was not something Apollo was ready to endure. He intended his words to be short and made it so there was no mistake of the lack of respect in his tone.

Apollo never requested visitors and certainly would not put up with such unpleasant company as the armed god of love.

"Move to the side, I have work to do." It was not a request as he attempted to continue his now broken routine.

Eros scoffed. "What work do you know of?" He bobbed in front of the four horses nearly breathing fire. "Your sister-"

Apollo broke at the accusing tone. "So that's what all this is all about." His tone was casual. "I told you she is not interested. In anyone."
Yet Eros had insisted. Yes, conceit was something the bringer of love knew well.

He tightened the reigns and gave a forceful tug causing one of the horses to pull back on his hind legs in a show of graceful power. Eros only saw the silhouetted build against the sunlight, barely dodging the powerful hooves as he dove quickly to the right. Tired of his vain and fleeting respect Apollo mocked him. "What did you think made you so different?"

Eros glared at him. "You promised me a night with her."

"Yes, a night with her." Apollo shifted his chariot to face westward. "Nothing more."

"You tricked me."

Apollo was as disinterested as he acted. The displeasure was evident on the winged god's features and Apollo smiled satisfied. "I gave you exactly what you asked for." The gold in his hair tinted his eyes.

Wings hovered and eyes challenged as his fists clenched. Eros' fury would not allow him to find his voice as the sweat covered his brow. Just who did he think he was to outsmart him?

Apollo had predicted such a response.

"I warned you of her disinterest. You should be happy with just her consent to entertain the likes of you as company." He knew full well that Eros wanted more than just his sister's company, but had kept mindful of that.

He'd teach the pompous arrogance a lesson. Eros' infedelic reputation was well known among the gods. And to request such an adventure with his own sister! The thought did nothing to calm him and his words encompassed his loath.

"Much to your discontent," the sarcasm was clearly evident. "I can not speak or act for any individual." To influence his sister to have relations with indecency like him... he glared over his shoulder delivering the final blow to his ego. "I may be a god, but I do not have that kind of power." Apollo's taunting tone was followed by the harsh crack of his whip against the leather of the bridle.

Eros lay in the wake of the powerful steeds blinking as the clouds resettled. His anger was boiling and reshaded his face a dark red as Apollo's minute form harnessed the sun and pulled it to disappear over the crest of the Earth. Eros remained in place as the darkness slowly fell over the sphere and his heated features.

Fuming as he spat out the words into the darkness, his tone promised revenge.

"You may not have that power, but I do."