She looked across at him, asleep in a ball, cutest thing she had ever seen. She kissed his lips, and he suddenly woke up, smiling.

"Hey babe." He said to her.

"Troy..." She smiled.

"Gabby..." He smiled.

They wrestled for a little bit in bed, before Gabriella got up to make some coffee. Troy grabbed on to her.

"Don't leave..."

"I'm only going to make some coffee, for pete's sake." She loosed his grip, and got out of bed. She went to the corner of the room, where her clothes were, and began to get dressed. She had blue jeans on, a TIGHT black shirt with the words "You love my lady lumps" in pink letters, and her hair and make up were all messed up because of the night before.

"Don't get dressed. I want to see you walk around my house naked. It would be the best thing to ever happen in this house." he stared at Gabriella as she slowly got dressed. She laughed, and left the room. Troy eagerly followed, with no clothes on.

Gabby saw him in the corner of her eye as she turned on the coffee maker. She started to laugh as he came running up to her, kissing her neck, and rubbing himself against her. She pushed him off. "Troy, go get some clothes on. We're not 16 anymore. We have jobs. We have responsiblities." She puppy dog faced him, and he kissed her quickly, and ran to his room to change.

He picked out some baggy jeans, and a red shirt with blue stripes on it. He messed up his hair, brushed his teeth, and went to the kitchen. He sat at the table, looking at Gabby across from him. "Let's play hooky today." he said, hoping for a yes. "Are you crazy?" "What? Why not?" "We're 23. I think we're old enough now to stop doing immature stuff like that. Don't you agree?" "No..." He looked down at his coffee, and took a tiny sip from it. She laughed, and kissed him on the cheek.

After she was done with her cup of coffee, she left the table, and went to Troy's room to get her shoes. She walked back to the the Living Room, Troy following her, and put on her white high heels.

"See you later sexy." They shared a long passionate kiss, and she walked out the door.

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