In Which Howl Celebrates St. Patrick's Day


Daylight crept in through the window of Howl and Sophie's room. Lying curled up in each other's arms, Howl and Spohie were sleeping.

Well, Sophie was sleeping. Howl, on the other hand, was wide awake and waiting anxiously for Sophe to wake up as well. Today was one of Howl's cherished holidays. He got closer to Sophie's face and lightly nuzzled her with his cheek and nose. Sophie smiled in her sleep.

Seeing as how this did not wake her up as he was hoping, he thought -- with no small amount of glee -- that he could enact Plan B. And, that unintentional ryhme was very cheesy.


Sophie was sleeping and she was very happy to be sleeping for she was very comfortable. Howl had proved to be the ultimate teddy bear... with perks. She smiled, which could be accrued to her amusement at her own sassy innuendo and her teddy bear snuggling up against her. Then her eyes bolted open as her teddy bear began to french kiss her, made possible by the fact, that she conveniently forgot to close her mouth while waking up. She felt herself melt even further into How and responded to his fervent demands of kissing. She always loved the gentle but rough way he kissed her, the satin kisses laving her tongue and a more basic urge mixed with needy love. Caresses down her sides, her hands tangled in Howl's hair and then he drew away, immediately followed by an indignant, reproachful sound.

He had the most self-satisfied smirk that not even a very egotistical cat who had gotten into the cream on top of the counter could have rivaled.

She allowed herself to gaze into Howl's eyes glinting like a little kid's and humming with energy, "Now, what are you doing waking me up in such a scandalous manner Heartless Howl?" Her own eyes playful and her tone spectacularly failing to be reproachful. She couldn't help but let the smile rise to her lips, "And I don't believe I've ever seen you wearing green as grass boxers before." She raised an eyebrow at this.

His smile widened, "Why Ms. Nose, it's Saint Patrick's Day!" So saying, he pulled her out of bed and thoughtfully helped her out in the bathroom.


M4M: Hope you all enjoyed and that the characters weren't OOC. n.nU

For any people who didn't realise-- some of this material was meant to be read off as sarcastic. Such as "thoughtfully" in the last sentence. Most of you will notice, but just in case... n.n


Gone for Spring Break! n.n Happy Saint Patrick's Day!