Well peoples, I'm back with another pathetic story

Well peoples, I'm back with another pathetic story.

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Ages ~

Ash ~ 14

Misty ~ 14

Brock ~ 18

Team Rocket – Ash

~ CH. 1 'Ash is dead' ~

They didn't know what had happened to Jessie and James, but Ash and Misty sure missed them! This time, Jessie and James were replaced by Butch and Cassidy, the two roughest rockets.

Ash and Misty were running from Cassidy's Raticate that seemed much larger than usual. They could almost see the poison dripping through its fangs. Naturally, they would use their pokemon, but Butch and Cassidy had caught them right when their pokemon were being healed. While they were waiting, Ash wanted to look for some pokemon, and Misty wanted to come and look for a lake or something to fish in. Brock, of course, was bothering Nurse Joy at the center.

And so, Ash and Misty were running like crazy trying to get back to the city safe and sound. Apparently, luck wasn't with them today.

"ASH!" Misty yelled pointing to the area straight ahead of them. Ash nodded. He could almost see the city coming into view. They pushed themselves harder, but it was no use, Raticate was getting closer. Suddenly, Misty tripped. "Agh!" Ash immediately stopped. "MISTY!" Raticate saw it chance and bit down on Misty. "AGHHHhh"

"MISTY!" Misty was out cold form what was in Ratchet's teeth. Ash turned in rage toward Raticate. Raticate just stared at Ash, seemingly ready to challenge him. Ash was caught of guard when he saw Butch pick up Misty. "LET HER GO!" Raticate took its chance and bit Ash. "Leave Mis-" Ash fell down and Cassidy picked him up. "Kinda pathetic don't you think?" Cassidy said to Butch.


When Ash woke up, he was surprised to find himself in a large room. Slowly, the day's events crawled back into his head. "MISTY!"

"She's not here boy."

"Where is she?"

"Somewhere safe, so far." Ash got up and tried to see who he was talking to, but shadows covered the man's body. "What do you want?"

"I want you and your remarkable talents Mr. Ketchum."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean I want you do join in Team Rocket."

Ash just stared at the man like he was crazy. "You know, if this wasn't so freaky, I'd laugh." To Ash's surprise, the man stepped out of the shadows and smirked. "I thought you would say that." He motioned to someone. A few moments later, Butch and Cassidy came out pulled a struggling Misty.


"MISTY! LET HER GO!" Givonni mearly smirked. "Not until you join us."

Ash looked helplessly and Misty who was yelling at Ash. "NO DON"T ASH! DON'T!!"

The next thing Ash knew, he heard a loud, Slap. Ahs looked at misty is surprise. Cassidy had just slapped Misty! Misty had a large red mark on her cheek. Ash, enraged, ran toward Cassidy, but an agile Persian stopped him form going any farther. "DON"T TOUCH HER!" Ash yelled to Cassidy. She only smirked. The man from the shadows looked at Ash and smirked. "Well Mr. Ketchum. What will it be?" Ash looked at misty once again. Still, Misty shook her head vigorously. "ASH DON'T!"

Ash thought a while. What would the man do if he said 'no' again?

The man was growing impatient with Ash. "I'll show you boy, what will happen if you say no again, and if you defy me." He nodded toward Cassidy and she pulled out a knife. Ash and Misty gasped.

Cassidy waved the knife in front of Misty and watched her shake from pure fear. "No!" Ash cried. Cassidy paid no attention to the crying boy and stuck the knife into Misty's arm. Misty gasped from the pain. Cassidy only grinned even more. Ever so slowly, she pulled the knife down Misty's arm going deeper and deeper into the skin. Misty tried her best not to scream, but once she felt the knife graze her bone, she couldn't help it.

"STOP!" Ash cried. He couldn't take it anymore. His heart ached for them to stop. He so much wanted to run to Misty and kiss her, tell her everything was going to be ok.

But everything was not going to be ok.

He would probably never see Misty again after his decision. "Just stop, I'll, I'll join." He said quietly. The man smiled. And said. "Good choice Mr. Ketchum." He then turned to Butch and Cassidy and said, "I want you to knock the girl out and drop her somewhere outside. "WAIT!" Ash yelled. The man motioned for them to stop. "Can't I say good-bye?" The man growled, but nodded. Cassidy dropped Misty and she fell to the ground in exhaust. The man and his Persian left and locked the door behind them.

Ash ran up to Misty and kneeled down next to her, crying. "Oh Misty, I'm so sorry!" Misty looked at him and wiped away his tears with her good arm. "Ash, don't be sad, your going to go through much more than me!"


"No buts Ash."



"I want you to watch my pokemon. Take car eof them for me."


"I-I want you to have this too." Ash took his prized hat off and put it on Misty. "Ash, this is your favorite hat."

"I know, but I doubt I can wear it here." He stopped and looked at Misty sadly. "Misty, I, I doubt I can survive being here without you, let alone my pokemon, so, I, I'll probably, well, I wont survive Misty."

"Oh Ash!" Misty cried into Ash's shoulder. Ash cradled Misty for a while before he heard the door open. "Time's up." Ash watched sadly as they dragged Misty out. He would never see her again.

The next time misty woke up; she could vaguely hear someone talking in a low voice to someone else.

"How is she?"

"She's doing okay, her lose of blood made her weak, and there will always be a scar."

Misty knew that voice! Nurse Joy! Brock! She forced her eyes open and she was met with the worried eyes of Pikachu and Togepi. She noticed Brock, who was apparently talking to Nurse Joy, walk towards her.


"Pika! ((Misty!))

"Toge Toge! ((Mommy's awake!))

The all took turns hugging her. Then Pikachu asked something that misty hopped she would have to answer.

"Pika Pika-pi? ((Where's pika-pi?))" Misty moved her eyes to the hat that was lying beside her bed and said coldly.

"Ash is dead."

Well, did you like it? I sorry if I copied off of anyone, it won't turn out like all the others, I hope…