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I shifted in the night…where was he? He had never been this late before. My heart was jumping in my chest, what if Filch caught him? If it was Snape or Dumbledore, he could get off without a problem, benefits of having his father being so…overbearing. I peeked out from the statue I was hiding behind. Something wasn't right.

Many told me I wasn't fit for Slytherin, too soft-hearted, not enough cunning. Just because I helped the first years with homework and was unfortunate enough to be pranked by the Weasley twins meant I wasn't fit to be Slytherin?

Someone walked by and I jumped back behind the statue, it was Potter I could recognize those horrible glasses anywhere. He stopped in the middle of the hall and looked around leisurely, as if waiting for someone. I surveyed him from my hiding place; he was in his pajamas, which seemed to consist of horribly ugly scarlet and gold pants with the Gryffindor logo and a black t-shirt. His hair looked as if he had attempted to tame it…with no success and his emerald eyes glittered in excitement and hunger…you know of which I'm speaking. I highly doubt Potter was waiting for a plate of veal in the middle of a dungeon hall. Someone spoke softly, it was indistinct to me, but Potter seemed to hear it clear as a bell. He swung around excitedly, the lust in his eyes multiplying…and then…he uttered a word…and that single word brought my fragile existence crashing down.


A tall youth stepped out of the shadows…I knew it was Draco…his platinum hair glinted in the torch light. He smirked in a husky way.

"Harry…" He greeted, before stepping forward and capturing Potter's lips with his own. I watched in a horrified trance as they kissed and touched. Potter's hands roaming all over Draco…my Draco. I gathered my courage and stepped out from my hiding place. Harry spotted me first, broke their kiss and stared with shock

"Zabini?" He asked, Draco spun around, rapidly paling, his eyes wide.

"Blaise…it's…it's not what it looks like…" He stuttered, falling back on an excuse I heard my mother plead with many times. I grimaced

"Don't. Just Don't." I said holding up a hand to stop him, Draco blinked

"Don't what Blaise?" He asked in confusion. I glared at him

"Don't insult my intelligence…Malfoy." I snarled, Draco paled further and I turned to Harry, who was looking at us with wide eyes.

"D…Draco?" He asked in a wavering voice, Draco looked at him and back at me with a pathetic helplessness.

"Looks as if you were just another one of his whores Harry…" I said quietly, taking on an air of kindness…after-all, I highly doubt he knew Draco and I were… 'together'. Harry blinked; I looked down and frowned "I was too…"

"No Blaise! Never!" Draco cried desperately, I turned and glared at him

"It's Zabini to you Malfoy." I growled, I turned back to Harry, who nodded. Together we walked through the dark halls of Hogwarts…they were almost as dark as a Slytherin heart.

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