Blood Lines and Fox Demons

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New A/N: I've changed some things in here. This is slightly more of a humor as most people keep commenting on the humor in it and all. Also I realized his blood limit was too much like the other two optical limits in Konoha so I redid part of it, but in general it's the same. Hope you like the more limited version of Naruto's blood limit.

Original A/N: This is my first Naruto fic and well I haven't read all of the manga. I have yet to find the real thing and have been stuck with Shonen Jump. Anyways I came into the wonderful world of Naruto about the time Kakashi told his teem they were going to be in the exams, so everything before that is mostly from what I have seen in other fanfics in that time period. If something is off it is because of that or it is part of this AU. Anyways on with the story. R&R please.

Summary: AU At the age of ten Naruto meets Kyuubi and it changes his life forever. NaruHina. Others still in planning.

"Talking out loud." Thinking/Talking to inner demon. "Demon talking/Demon talking to carrier in real world." Demon thinking.

Chapter 1

Naruto walked along the streets of Konoha looking at the things that were left from the festival that had ended three hour ago. It was about two in the morning and the ten year old just wondered were he felt. H suddenly bumped into something and fell down. When he looked up he saw ten or more men that all looked drunk. And mad. And hateful.

"What do we have here?" One of them said as he picked Naruto up by the collar of his orange jacket.

"Looks like a trouble maker. We should teach him a lesson." Another said evilly.

"Wait I haven't done anything!" Naruto yelled. The drunk punched him in the stomach.

"Shut it mongrel!" He said as he threw the boy to the ground. "Now take your punishment!"

They began to beat and kick him relentlessly. One went so far as to take a stick to him. He was nearing unconsciousness and soon after death would follow if they continued to beat him. Suddenly everything went black.

He felt like he was sitting in inch deep water. He sat up. It was dark and there was a faint blue light as a white dust like substance in the water slowly swirled around in every direction, producing blue patterns in the air on the waist high mist that hung there.

"What the?" He said as he stood. He saw what looked like white lights spaced ten or twelve feet leading away from him. He shrugged, figuring it had to do with him dieing from this new beating. "I guess I'm dead now." He said sadly.

"There is no way in Hell that my container is going to die!" A voice boomed suddenly. More lights came on in the floor to show a massively huge cage.

"Who said that?" Naruto said as he looked around.

"I did brat!" Came the booming voice. Naruto looked to the cage. There behind the bars was a gigantic golden red nine tailed fox with crimson eyes.

"Who are you?" He said in awe.

"I am Kyuubi the Great Nine Tailed Fox Demon Lord! How can you not know me?"

"Shut up you stupid fox. Where are we and why did you bring me here?" If he's going to yell at me like all the rest, then I will treat him like the rest.

"Insolent fool! How dare you call me stupid!-"

"Well maybe if you didn't yell you head off like the idiots that are beating me right now I would think higher of you, fox bastard. Now tell me where the fuck I am before I kick your ass, damn it!"

Kyuubi was silent for a minute. He was a little shocked at a few things. This twerp of a human is cursing at me and threatening me like I am common. No human has ever done that. That takes guts.

"What is your name?"

"Naruto, and I'm going to be stronger then the Hokage so don't mess with me cuz I'll whoop your ass to shit."

"Ok kid, seeing as you have the guts to threaten me of all things, I will help you. But for now we need to take care of those drunks." His voice still held its boomingness but it held the smallest hint of respect, though Naruto didn't know that, as he had never heard some one speak to him in respect. Only disgust.

With that Naruto faded back into his real body, which was still being beaten.

"Get off me you drunks!" He shouted as crimson chakra flooded from his body, throwing them all back and into walls. He stood slowly, his bruises already healing. He blinked a little as his right eye healed enough that it could open, instead of being a swollen mass. He looked at the drunks and saw that they were all unconscious. "Stupid drunk bastards." He said with scowl.

"That showed them."

Naruto whirled around, expecting to see the great fox.

"Where are you?"

"In you kid. Now don't talk out loud, the idiot villagers will think you insane or something."

Ok. Can you hear me now? How about now? And now? (A/N: Sorry I couldn't help but make fun with that commercial.)

"Shut it kid!"

Wait how can you be in me? You're huge!

"I know that. And the reason I'm in you is because the Fourth Hokage sealed me in here after I attacked the village."

Why? And you might as well answer cuz if you're in me then you can't get away.

This kid really seems to notice some things. From what I saw before this talk, he was going done the path of a dumb prankster. Impressive. Kyuubi thought. Then he spoke. "I was taking revenge. As for what, I'll tell you later when you're older. Now then we need to get to work. There is no way in hell that I am going to be stuck in a weak body like yours. Even if you do heal ten times faster thanks to me."

Ok so what should I do first? And if you say jump off a cliff I'll come in there and rip your tails off. He felt Kyuubi flinch a little at that.

This kid still is threatening me every chance he gets. Even when he knows what my power did to those men, even if they are drunk. I'm starting to like him, even if he is human. "Ok kid, here's what I want you to do. First I want you to go home and sit on your bed. Do you know how to meditate?" Naruto starting walking home, continuing to listen and talk while watching where he was going.

I've seen some bald men sitting with their legs crossed and their eyes closed. The guy who chased me off with a rake said not to disturb those meditating so I guess so.

"Ok you got it half right. Meditating is when you clear your mind. Most humans use that pose but you don't have to. When you meditate, I want you to focus on that room that you met me in earlier ok kid?"

Sure fox.

With that Kyuubi and Naruto staid silent until Naruto entered his home. There Naruto sat on his bed and assumed the position that he had seen the bold men in. He then focused on the room he had been in before. He felt himself fall for a second before he opened his eyes again and found himself in front of the huge cage.

"Ok I'm here."

"Good. Now do you see those seals on the gate?"

"Yeah the ones that say seal, bind, cage, and life. What about them?"

"Rip off the seal that says bind."


"When the Fourth sealed me he used a four set seal. His sealing sealed my soul, bound my powers, caged my mind, and set it so that I will die when you die."

"Well then if you die when I die then I hope you got magazines cuz I ain't dieing for a long time. But one question. Why cage your mind?"

Kyuubi had been chuckling at Naruto's declaration of a long life, but stopped when he said the next line. "So I don't possess my container, namely you." Naruto let out an 'oh' before he reached up and ripped off the sealing paper that had the symbol for bind.

"Now what will happen?"

"With that seal gone my power is all back and not just my normal chakra stores."

"Then what did I use before?"

"My normal chakra. I am a Demon Lord after all. But now I have the powers my eight extra tails grant me. Which in turn means that you get them. Also when he bound my powers, he accidentally bound your blood limits."

"WHAT? I have a blood line?"

"Yes. Your father was the Fourth. When we fought he told me that he wished he could use his blood limit but that he couldn't. So when I was sealed in here I looked around. Just because he caged my mind from yours doesn't mean I can't look at your powers." Kyuubi said when he saw Naruto about to says something. "Now when I found it, it turned out that you got your mother's blood limit as well. Because I was more having fun with fighting your father, as he had nothing to do with my reason of revenge, we struck up a conversation as we fought. So I know where the scrolls and your family home are. We will go there after we are done here."

"Now then, because you have enough spunk and guts to impress me I am going to train you. Now then first thing first. We need to improve some of this place. The water is a nice touch but not when you have to lay in it. Just focus on your surroundings and think of how you want them to look."

Naruto did that and after a minute things changed. The blackness became filled with stars and a moon. The area with in the cage grew in size so it stretched out a great ways. The water receded to some pools here and there as lush grass grew. Huge trees that were bigger then Kyuubi grew from the ground, showing Kyuubi's size but giving him a better environment then the tops of trees, and left a clearing of three hundred yards in front of the gate. The cage itself changed. Instead of being the bars it changed to paper chains, like you would fine at a shrine, and a little wicket gate with the sealing papers on it. Out side the cage the path rose from the water and widened. The floor under the water sank, making it four inches instead of one inch deep. Trees rose in random spots but still spaced out.

"That's really good kid, but why increase my cage size?"

"Well if you're my teacher then I can't have you teaching me in a confined zone. Besides I can walk into your cage and even if you attack me it won't affect me physically, and if you kill me I'll just wake up."

"How do you know that?"

"Well I made it like that when I altered your cage."

Kyuubi was impressed. Apparently the boy had had a really big change happen to him mentally when he first met him. Sure he was still a little loud but Kyuubi planned on making it a little quieter but still just as.

"Ok Kit, you have really got my respect now. Can you rip off half of the cage seal and a fourth of the sealing seal?"


"Because it will let me transfer memories to you and vise versa and it will allow me to give you some of my blood as well as physically train you in fighting and the like while you're in here."

"Why would you give me some of your blood?"

"Sigh If I gave you some of my blood you could get the summoning contract from my clan. I'm their boss so thus I can give permission to summon my kind to you."

"Sweet! I get to become a summoner! Thanks!" Naruto yelled out as he leapt over the gate and, with inhuman energy and strength, jumped up and hugged Kyuubi. Well more like cling to the top of his muzzle.

"Down Kit! Down! Yeesh. Ok hyperactive monkey Kit, you won't be able to do that for a while. Most likely I will have taught you quite a lot before I go getting around to you summoning my kind. But first you need to change the seals like I told you."

"Ok." A second later Naruto was back in front of the great fox with two pieces of paper, one twice as big as the other. "Done."

Kyuubi shook his head as he sent a stream of memories that would be useful to the boy before him.

"I suggest you sleep Kit. It will be easier on you mind."

"Ok." And with that the blond yawned and laid down falling asleep instantly, do to the fact that he willed himself to sleep inside his mind. Kyuubi looked down at the boy that he was already seeing as his own. He shrank himself, something that he couldn't do up until now because of the sealing of his body, gave a sigh of relief being in his real size again and not his demon battle form, and curled up around his adopted kit.