Missing Duo

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"The Fight" part 1

Four out of the five Gundams were rendered useless. The pilots of the immobile The Gundams were: Quatre, Trowa, Wufei, and Heero (Heero? how did that happen). They could do nothing but watch and hope to see if Duo could win this losing battle and save their very lives.

It was supposed to be an easy mission; all they had to do was grab some parts of gundanium that was left after a battle. Once they began to collect the pieces is when Oz mobile dolls began to attack.

With the Gundams being greatly outnumbered they slowly began to lose. First to go was Quatre who was jumped at first an heavily damaged but didn't go down tell later. Next was Trowa being attacked from all sides and not being very good at close combat. Third was Wufei after being shot at through the explosion of one mobile doll he just destroyed. And finally Heero was brought down from being attacked by mutable mobile doll that seemed to be programmed to just go for him. (so that's how it happened ).

The part that confused them the most was that the mobile doll would only make the Gundams useless to fight and not destroy them completely. The only reason they could think of is that they wanted the Gundams and probably try to get answers from the pilots by the usual methods. You know torture, bribery, possibly rape, but never the less the same tactics.

'This is so FUCKING stupid,' Duo thought, 'an easy mission they say, yea easy my ass.' Duo cursed at the mission while trying to think of a way out. His eyes would dart to one button in the Gundam, but kept shaking his head. 'No, I won't use it, I can't. Not after last time.' But Duo couldn't think of any other way as he fought the on coming mobile dolls.

Meanwhile Heero was trying desperately to move his Gundam. 'Damn it why won't you move,' thought Heero, 'I need to help Duo! I don't want that baka getting hurt.' Heero, for the past months now, had been feeling rather strange around the long haired youth. He couldn't help but blush when he saw Duo come out of the bathroom at nights into their shared room, with his shirt off and hair hanging free from the braid he usually kept it in. He had some rather disturbing thoughts of brushing Duo's hair and burying his face in it, smelling the Americans hair. This was strange because Heero was always able to stay blank and never had these thoughts before. Heero wanted to desperately know why he now felt these feelings and what they meant. All his life he was taught that feelings were useless and held no power. Yet he was having so many stirred up feelings.

'Can I actually be in love with him'

Heero shook his head of these thoughts as he gave up on trying to make his Gundam move and see if his teammates were alright. "Thank the gods the radio and video feed is still working" Heero said out loud.

/Quatre are you ok/ Heero radioed.

/Yea I'm fine and so are the others/ Quatre replied/don't think that they are here to destroy us but to capture us. /

/Yea I thought the same thing. I noticed once we remained mobiless they don't serve the final blow. We must be lucky for that at least. I'm going to try an radio Duo to see how he's doing./

/I don't think you should you mi-/

Heero cut Quatre off in the middle of his sentence. 'I know I might distract him, but I need to see how he is doing. He switched the frequency on his radio so he could talk to Duo.

/Duo? Duo can you hear me/ Heero asked hoping the radio could reach the American.

Duo was finishing off three mobile suits when he heard Heero on the radio. He was relived when he heard the Japanese youth's voice, sounding fine. Duo has developed a rather large crush on Heero that has been going on for about a year. 'He would probably kill me if I ever told him about that' Duo thought to himself.

/Duo say something, NOW/ Heero yelled so loud that it made Duo flinch a little.

/Now is definitely not the time to all of sudden want to start talking to me Hee-chan/

/And now is not the time to start cracking jokes either or have you noticed a doll is about hit you from behind/ Heero shot back just as he saw the mobile doll's movement behind Duo.

/I would have seen it if you were not bothering me right now. I mean, I love to chat and all but right now I'm fighting a million mobile dolls, you guys are unable to battle any more because you didn't bring any good weapons with you plus the fact they went after you first…now look you've got me babbling already an-… shit./

A mobile doll shot Duo as he was talking causing Death scythe to take on a bit of damage. /THAT'S IT no more talking for you Heero./ Duo yelled at the screen with Heero staring at him.

/Duo just run! They obviously just want to capture the Gundams seeing how we haven't been shot at since we were rendered useless. So just run and we will just have to escape the prison. / Heero knew that if they were taken captured they would probably never come back alive because Oz would keep them tightly locked up, and after being interrogated and tortured they would be killed. Heero was just hoping Duo would listen and leave to save himself, but he knew deep down that Duo would stay.

/Oh yea I'll run like a coward while you guys go off to be tortured, then you break free get your Gundams, blow up their base and come back as hero's, while I'm known as the coward who ran when things got tough. Sure why not leave. Heero I'm Shinigami and Shinigami does not run from battles. /

/Duo just run, you don't stand a chance and we all know you can't win this battle so just run./

/No way I'm staying to fight/

/God damn it Duo just run you don't have any other options. / Heero said getting frustrated with the American pilot.

/Heero is right you must run Duo. / Quatre said in a pleading voice.

'You're both wrong though I do have another option…but I don't like it.' Duo took another glance at the switch that could save them but could also destroy his friends.

/Yes you must leave to fight another time just go now/ Trowa said in a calm voice.

/Maxwell you better get your ass away from here and fast other wise you will be in the same boat as us and then we'll all be captured and useless./ Wufei said in a aggravated tone.

/You know I really hate it when everyone decides to gain up on me, its just not fair, 4 against 1. / Duo said in a joking tone. /but you know something your all wrong…/ Duo paused trying to think of what to say. /…I do have another choice… but its one I hate and prayed I'd never have to use again. /

(A/n: ok battle is still going on I just don't feel like talking about all the different type of hits Duo is getting. Why you may ask, it's because I am lazy)

The others were listening intently trying to figure out what Duo meant by having another choice and why he didn't want to use it if it could save them, unless it was going to take his life.

/Duo don't you dare think about killing yourself just to save us/ Quatre yelled at me clearly stating he was mad at me thinking I would kill myself.

/Don't worry about that Q that's Heero job and I don't feel like being blown up is how I want to go anyways. / Duo responded sounding lighthearted.

/Then what is this other option/ Heero asked masking his concern.

Duo sighed /Its something that only my Gundam has, and no, I don't know why I'm the only one that has it but its here even though I wish it wasn't. / Memories began to flash in Duo's mind. The faces of civilians screaming and fear he saw on their faces was because of him the last time he used this. /When I use this you guys must remain absolutely still and quiet, don't even try to communicate with me to try to know what is going on. This 'weapon' transforms Deathscythe and it also transforms …/ Duo went silent not able to finish right away.

/Transforms what/ Trowa asked cautiously.

/Me/ Duo said quietly into the radio/It warps my mine to only focus on the battle and lose all my senses leaving only with the lust to…kill. Kill everything and anything that moves or makes a sound that I can see or hear. / Duo said all this with hate in his voice. He hated this transformation and he hated himself for not being able to control it.

/So we have to sever all contact with you/ Quatre ask quietly

/Yes because I won't be able to control myself. I can't recognize friend from foe and will probably try and kill you which I don't want to happen./ The American pilot stated this sadly knowing how weak he was.

While Duo was preparing Death scythe for the transformation the mobile dolls shot at him and giving him damage. Once the preparation was done Duo was radioing the others.

/Ok now don't move or talk now because I will be pissed at myself for killing one of you so listen to me when I to keep quiet. /

With his last typing of commands in the Gundam duo took the switch into his hand and was ready to press. /Kay guys nothing more from all of you…Now. / 'And pray that I don't kill any of you.' And with this last thought Duo flipped the switch.