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Evil Thinking

Relena's POV

'He's hugging him! Why is "My" Heero hugging the useless filth? He has never hugged me, the love of his life, before. So why is he hugging something like that.' I thought all this furiously because I didn't want to be spotted by all the pilots.

At this time something must be seriously wrong with Heero, since he is threatening me just for this…this thing. It's obvious to me that he must have Heero on some kind of drug, or maybe eve hypnosis. I just know that Heero can only love me, because I am simply the most appealing, and can be as powerful as he can but with words instead of violence.

'I can teach him how to do that once we are together, then he will be my perfect match in everyway. I just can't wait for that to happen, but for now I have to get rid of that Duo.'

The last plan was so perfect, I just didn't expect them to find him that fast. I was hoping to wait until everyone was asleep to finally get rid of him. I'll just have to wait for another chance. Hopefully it will come soon so I can be with my Heero. I also have to think of a plan quickly or any chance that comes might be the only one I get before we arrive at our destination. I see Heero move away from the street rat and say something to him.

"…happy that you…to tell you since this year…" Damn I can't hear anything he says since he's so far away. Oh well it doesn't really matter, whatever he says to that boy doesn't really matter since he doesn't actually mean it.

'Where are they going?' I think, almost saying it out loud. Both Heero and Duo are walking away, with Heero's hand behind the small of that trashes back. That is how Heero should walk with me, escorting me were ever I walk when I am near him. Why is he doing for this piece of SHIT!?!

'Ok, calm down Relena. Don't loose your composure, you have to think of a plan to save Heero from making a mistake.' I thought trying to calm myself. A plan begins to form in my head, it's a bit risky, but I think I can perfect it with time.

"You better watch out Duo I'm going to get rid of you for good this time around, and this time no one will find you in time." I laugh quietly to myself as I sneak off, to gather what I'll need for my plan.


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