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I woke up on Monday morning thinking about what I would do for the day. Oddly, I felt like something would change my life. Not exactly how I feel like every morning.

"DANNY! YOU AWAKE YET!" I heard my sister, Jazz call me from downstairs in her usual, annoying, perky voice. How does she manage it?

I slowly, but surely, got out of my bed and headed for the bathroom. I brushed my teeth, combed my hair, and changed from my pajamas to my normal attire.

Downstairs, I ate breakfast as Jazz and Dad were talking to Mom and me about physics and ghosts all at once. Mom and I snuck out of the kitchen as they blabbed on and on and on.

I walked to school, once again not getting offered a ride from Jazz. (She thinks I need the exercise. What? Fighting ghosts isn't good enough for her?) As I walked to school, I met up with Sam, just like everyday, but she only passed by me.

She walked by me as if she didn't know me. I couldn't help but stare, in a 'WHAT iN THE WORLD ARE YOU WEARiNG!' kind of look.

When she turned around, she wore a light purple headband and she had hoop earrings. She wore a pink shirt, but her back was covered by her scarlet book bag. She had a light purple skirt and her normal dark purple legwarmers and combat boots became little purple stockings and regular pink shoes. She became a ray of pink and purple happiness!

"Uhh. Sam? Are you okay? I think you're sick. I'll take you home now." I said seriously grabbing her by the arm.

"What are you talking about? I'm not sick, silly. I'm perfectly happy!" she replied.

"That's the problem. C'mon now." I said, attempting to take her back home. Then, Tucker walked over, but stopped dead in his tracks as he saw Sam.

"OH, NO! iS SHE SiCK! i'LL CALL THE DOCTOR!" Tuck yelled taking out his PDA/cell phone/address book/phone book/ internet access…

"TUCK! CALM DOWN! I'm taking her home right now!" I said taking away his PDA from calling 911.

"What are you guys talking about?" she asked trying to release my grip. Normally, she did that easily, but this time she had to struggle.

"Okay, Sam." I tried to say, not letting go of her. "We have to take you home."

"i'M NOT SiCK! YOU'RE ACTiNG LiKE i KNOW YOU OR SOMETHiNG! LET GO OF ME!" she yelled, still struggling for me to let go of her. "i'LL CALL THE COPS ON YOU! MY FATHER'S RiCH! LET GO!"

For some reason, this was breaking my heart to see her like this. I don't love her. I mean... I do love her, just not like that. Not in that way... I just, uh. Anyway, how could she not know us? And if she thinks we don't know her, then why would she admit her family's rich? She doesn't do that. Something's up.

Tucker looked as if he was either going to laugh or yell or both. She was still screaming until I finally let go of her, gently.

"UHH! i THiNK i BROKE A NAiL CAUSE OF YOU, LOSERS!" she yelled at Tucker and me as she ran towards the school.

Tucker and I just stood there, not knowing what to do. We both ran to school, not talking, but both knowing we had to help Sam.

We entered school, immediately finding Sam. She was talking to Paulina. We didn't know what she was saying, but we could tell it was something bad once we saw Sam run crying into the girl's bathroom and Paulina giving off a big laugh.

"Sam?" I said trying to not go fully into the girl's bathroom, but close enough for her to hear me.

Tucker gave a fake cough. I wondered what he was 'fake coughing' about. Oh, DUH! I have ghost powers.

I turned into Danny Phantom and invisibly flew into the girl's room. There I saw Sam, sitting on the corner of the bathroom, knees up to her chest, crying her heart out. Looking at her like that tore me up. I tried to hold back my own tears.

"Sam? Are you okay?" I said becoming visible again.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! GHOST!" She gave the most ear piercing scream ever. I covered my ears instinctively.

"Shhh! Quiet down!" I said. Her scream quieted down.

"WHO ARE YOU!" She yelled. I needed to take her to a place where nobody could hear our conversation. I carried her bridal-style and we flew threw the walls of Casper High.

Somewhere along the way, I heard Paulina scream, "THE GHOST BOY AND THE GOTH FREAK! NOOOOOOOOOOO!"

"WHERE ARE YOU TAKiNG ME!" Sam yelled. "And if you're the ghost boy, who's the Goth freak?"

"What's wrong with you?" I looked at her carefully and she just looked back. "Do you remember ANYTHiNG?"

"What do you mean?" she said. "I'm a popular, preppy girl, who just got dissed by her best friend and is being taken to a place she doesn't know by a ghost." She smirked. "A really cute ghost, for that matter. Haven't I seen you somewhere before?"

I blushed at her statement. If she was herself, does she really think that? "Umm.. You don't remember me? Or my secret? Or the fact you're the exact opposite of whom you really want to be?" I finally found a spot behind the school where we could talk. I landed her down and turned back into Danny Fenton.


"SHHHH! You're so LOUD! But then again, that's one thing that didn't change."

"Okay, what are you talking about? I'm having a SUPER bad day right now."

I took a picture of Tucker, her, and me out of my back pocket.

"See?" I said pointing at the picture. "That's you. I'm you're best friend and so is Tucker."

"Best friend? I thought Paulina was my best friend." She glanced at the picture. "What am I wearing! I look like I just came out of the cemetery as a corpse!" She noted the blackness and heavy black eye liner.

"You used to be GOTH!" I yelled.

"But why don't I remember being Goth? WHAT KiND OF WORLD AM i iN!" She cried.

"I don't know, but we're gonna find out." Just then, I heard the bell ring. "Let's find out after school's over." I said flying her back inside.

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