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A few months later, Danny and Sam finally became a couple. Everyone, including myself, were really happy to hear about that. Danny, Sam, and I even laughed about one the funny moments:

Danny Phantom flew Sam to the park. When they got there, they started making out.

Paulina caught them, and got SUPER pissed. She called Danny Fenton to tell him Sam was cheating on him with Danny Phantom.

Danny answered his phone in the middle of making out, and when he found out it was Paulina, they hid, and he gave the phone to Sam, to assure Paulina it was Sam.

Then they came back out, and Danny Phantom started making out with Sam again.

Seriously, they better be sure no one's looking when Sam makes out with Danny Phantom.

Oh, and if you're wondering. Danny and Sam went to check out how Sam was taking Danny's rejection, and they discovered something shocking:

Danny and Sam are at Clockwork's place, and they ask how the 'other' Sam's doing.

After a few arguments Sam made, Clockwork finally let them.

Sam is no longer a preppy, popular girl. Due to her first love's, Danny's, rejection, she began Casper High's Goth freak.

Since Paulina dumped her because of her 'Goth-ness', she now thinks Paulina is shallow.

Because of her lack of influence of Paulina, she now has an independent mind and strives to be unique.

Now that Sam's off the 'A-List', she's forced to sit with the 'so-called-losers' Danny Fenton and Tucker Foley, to whom she's become friends with. She even convinced a certain Danny Fenton to walk into a ghost portal his parents built, but failed. It somehow changed him into a Danny Phantom.

Sam realized how her life fell into perfect place.

After watching everything that had happened in Sam's life, the couple were in shock, but eventually felt happy for her.

Eh, another life gone right, I suppose. I know two lives that aren't exactly going right:

Spectra and Ember worked together to get out of the Fenton Thermos, but ended up back in the Ghost Zone.

Since they snuck out with the help of every one of Danny's enemies and promised they sneak them out, too, they were in a bit of trouble with them when they got kicked back into Ghost Jail.

Okay, I guess, pretty much EVERYTHiNG in Danny's life is going great. What about MiNE?

"Hey Tucker!" Jazz waved at me when she passed the computer room.

Hmmm.. Maybe I'll just let the story end here. And I ran to ask Danny to bring me to Clockwork.

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