I do not own Sam or Dean or Jess. Just for fun!

Cute idea I got when writing thinking of how tall I was. Enjoy:)

"Ya know what Sammy," Dean asked.

The men were driving down one of the back-country roads heading to somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Basically, they were driving to go somewhere that they didn't know about… yet.

"It's Sam."

"Fine, Sam. Ya know what?"

"What," Sam asked as he turned down the volume to Metallica. One guy could only take so much of that screaming swearing all-American singer.

"You're odd."

Sam looked at Dean who was unfazed by his comment.

"Enlighten me, Dean. How?"

"There's many reasons."

"Name them."

Sam wanted to know why he was odd. The whole god-damn family was odd and he was the oddest? Surely not.

"Alright," Dean said as he glanced at his younger brother, "First, have you ever seen those legs of yours? Man, you could squish a kid."

Sam rolled his eyes. Sure he was tall, but he Jess liked him because he was tall. And that was a good thing.

"So," Sam asked.

"Well, you know what they say about tall people."

"No. Tell me."

Dean smirked. This would be fun.

"Long pants."

Sam sighed. This was Dean and Dean would be Dean.

"Dean," Sam said, he was going to get payback, "You're even odder."

"Really," Dean asked amused. He was so not the oddest, that's for sure.



"You're shorter then your younger brother."

Dean narrowed his eyes. He hated when someone compared his and Sam's height. Fucking brother.

"Shut up."

"What? It's true isn't it," Sam said, obviously enjoying his brother's discomfort.

"Bite me."

"Dean, how dare you say that to your height senior?"

"Fuck off."

Sam laughed. This was even more fun then he thought it would be.