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Haruno Kayume
By: Hatake Kayume

Chapter One

"Hi Sakura-chan! Who's that?" the loud and lovable boy called out.

Sakura was followed by an older looking version of herself, minus the big forehead. The girl was wearing something similar to Tsunade, except her clothes were entirely black and she wore a mesh shirt underneath her outside top and she wore shorts instead of pants. Also her breasts weren't as FAT as Tsunade's. There were the typical pouches on her leg and waist that all ninja wear.

"Hi Naruto... Hi Sasuke-kunnn!" Sakura replied and smiled at the raven-haired boy. "This is my older sister Kayume-san."

"Konichiwa Naruto-kun, Sasuke-kun," Kayume greeted the boys and smiled at them politely.

Sasuke acknowledged her with a simple nod.

"Kayume-san, you can just call him Sasuke-teme," Naruto cut in grinning.

"Shut up dobe."

Kayume ignored the little dispute and turned to Sakura, "Sakura-chan, where's your Sensei?"

The younger Haruno opened her mouth to say that he's always late and…


"Here I am... I just got lost... on the road of life," the too-sexy-for-his-own-good jounin announced with a drool worthy smile. (A/N: Yes, I am a HUGE Kakashi fan xD)

"You're late!" Both Naruto and Sakura shout and point an accusing finger at their sensei.

Kakashi only grinned beneath his mask. "Oh, and who is this young lady?"

"Oops! Sensei this is my sister Kayume-san. She's staying with me since her house is being built. I hope it's okay that I brought her," the pink haired kunoichi answered sheepishly for not introducing Kayume earlier.

"Nice to meet you Kakashi-sensei," Kayume said and bowed respectfully. "I hope I'm not intruding."

"Of course, no problem. The more the merrier," Kakashi responded and smiled… again.

"So Sensei, what are we doing today?" Naruto asked.

The silver haired sensei tapped his chin thoughtfully and spoke, "Chakra control. I want you to climb a few trees and then jog 15 kilometres on the lake without getting wet."

"Chakra control again?" the blond wannabe Hokage whined.

"Argh! Just listen to Sensei. You need the practice," his short-tempered comrade growled.

Naruto only grinned stupidly and turned to his dark haired rival, "Bet you I can beat you teme!" and then races off into the forest.

"Yeah right dobe!" replied the usually stoic boy until Naruto hits a few buttons.

Their female team-mate let out a grown and waved goodbye before running after the two boys. "See you later Kayume-san!"

The older Haruno chuckled, "Later Sakura-chan!" and turned to Kakashi, "Are they always like that?"

"Pretty much," he answered and began to walk into the forest and Kayume followed silently.


Wow... Sakura-chan's Sensei is so hot... This can't be THE Kakashi could it? THE Hatake Kakashi? Sayuri's sexy older brother? Kayume was so lost in thought that she didn't notice her slight nose bleed.

"Kayume-chan? Are you alright? Your nose is bleeding."

The day dreaming girl touched her nose and saw the blood, and blinked a few times. "Oh!" She exclaimed after a while, "It's nothing. My nose bleeds when it's too hot outside." Kayume grinned and blushed at the same time.

Kakashi sat under a tree and pulled out Come Come Paradise.

Kayume blinked in awe at Naruto and Sasuke who seemed to be destroying the trees with their kunai, and she sees Sakura just jogging on the water surface and rolling her eyes at the boys. After a few more moments of staring, she turned to Kakashi. OMG! He's reading THAT in public? ... HENTAI! After a few moments, she regained her composure and approached Kakashi.

Kakashi, who was seemingly oblivious to what was going on around him...

" Kakashi-sensei, that wouldn't happen to be one of Jiraiya-sama's books would it?" Kayume asked and stared at the ex-ANBU through narrowed eyes.

"Why yes it is," he replied calmly and even smiled as he answered.

Kayume's eye twitched at his nonchalant response.


Kayume, who is now calmer… "Sensei, I don't mean to bother you seeing as to how you're engrossed in that novel, but I feel I need to vent some repressed anger... Would you mind sparring with me?"

Kakashi merely chuckled at her insinuation. "Sure, no problem." He stood up, book still in hand.

Kayume noticed the novel still in his hand and her eye twitched even more violently than before. "Aren't you going to put it away?" she asked through gritted teeth.

"No need to," was his only response.

The nerve of this guy! I'll show him not to underestimate an Haruno!

This should be interesting…

Kayume disappeared in a poof of cherry blossoms. Kakashi only glanced at the petals. The kunoichi reappeared behind Kakashi with a kunai to his neck.


A log… Thought so... Replacement jutsu, one of his favourites. Again Kayume poofed away leaving pink petals everywhere.

"Hey guys! Look! Kaka-sensei is sparring with Kayume-san!" Naruto declared and pointed in their sensei's direction.

The trio gawked at two blurs moving back and forth at an incredibly fast pace.

Hm... Kayume-san is nothing like Sakura at all... She's fast considering she's able to keep up with Kakashi-sensei. The Uchiha heir thought as he looked at the match.

"Wow Sakura-chan, your sister is fast..." the blond boy breathed and then blinked rapidly. "Where'd she go!" Naruto then proceeded to look high and low.

"I don't think I can ever match her speed. She's the fastest in our entire clan," Sakura commented quietly.

Sasuke activated Sharingan and saw Kayume and Kakashi still in front of them, moving at a horrendous speed.

Kakashi was again visible to the genin. Sasuke could no longer follow Kayume's movements, and thus deactivated his Sharingan.

Hmm… She IS fast. What's her secret… the last Uchiha thought to himself.

Kakashi's eyes were closed and he tried to zone in to Kayume's chakra.

BAM! The porn-reading jounin is slammed in the gut and a flash of pink reappeared to the gaping genins. Kakashi is thrown backwards into the lake.

Hmmm... I wasn't expecting that... Kakashi thought as he emerged from the water.

"Not bad Kayume-chan. You're full of surprises aren't you?" the silver-haired jounin commented.

"You're not so bad yourself Sensei," Kayume smirked.

"What! Kayume-san just hit Kakashi-sensei!" Naruto exclaimed loudly.

"Wow… Nee-san… I didn't know you were that strong…"

Kayume disappeared again in a flutter of pink.

"Hey Sakura, what rank is Kayume-san?" Sasuke inquired while Naruto's mouth hung open.

"Genin… I think… She never went for the chuunin exam… but she never stopped training either… So maybe she's at jounin level?" the pink haired kunoichi replied thoughtfully.

"What! She's genin! No way! Why didn't she go for the exams?" the wannabe Hokage questioned Sakura boisterously.

"Lazy I guess…" Sakura responded quietly.

Suddenly a shuriken zoomed pass her head, nipping of the ends of her hair.

"I am not LAZY!" Kayume shouted from somewhere in the trees.

"Gomen Nee-san! I didn't mean lazy… Uh… what I meant was…" Sakura trailed off and looked at the ground.

"What did you mean Sakura-chan?" the older kunoichi appeared behind Sakura from out of no where.

"Eep! I, I, didn't mean anything! Never mind! I didn't say anything at all!" the younger girl grinned innocently up at her sister.

"Okay," Kayume smiled NOT evilly and patted Sakura on the head.

What! You're NOT lazy! Lies! All lies Nee-san! Inner Sakura yelled in frustration.

Mean while Naruto and Sasuke were quite a few metres away (like at least ten) fearful of the scary older Haruno.

Maybe Kayume-san isn't so different from Sakura after all… what tempers… Sasuke thought as he watched from the distance.

"Where's Kakashi-sensei?" Naruto asked looking around.


"Here I am!" Kakashi proclaimed as he rematerialized in another display of leaves and smoke.

"Took you a while there Kakashi-sensei," Kayume said with a slight arrogance lining her voice.

Kakashi smirked beneath his mask. "Did you three finish your training? Or did you get distracted?"

Naruto and Sakura laughed nervously and the Uchiha heir blushed slightly. "We'll go finish now…" the loud mouth genin says and grins.

"So Kayume, why are you still a genin? You could be a jounin or even a member of ANBU?" Kakashi asked the older Haruno.

Kayume sighed, "I was, but I left the village at 14 and was declared a missing nin, when I returned Tsunade-sama refused to allow me to advance further than genin. She didn't want me leaving the village again even on missions."

"If you don't mind me asking, why did you leave Konoha?"

She sighed again, "It's complicated, I was young, naïve, down right stupid at times."

Kakashi waited patiently for her to continue. Kayume hesitated but goes on noticing that Kakashi was waiting, "It involved a certain someone, or more broadly Akatsuki…" Kayume said this in a whisper.

At the mention of Akatsuki, Sasuke stopped halfway up a tree and listened in.

Both Kakashi and Kayume noticed this and they got up and walked away from the trees. Sasuke pretended to continue training while trying to expand his hearing radius.

"Kayume, are you saying you left Konoha to follow him? Even after you know what he did? The pain and terror he caused?" the older man asked.

"Yes, I am aware of all he did, all he caused. But that isn't who he is, I wanted to prove that. I wanted to know what had made him do it, I wanted for him to realize what he had done was wrong and that leaving Konoha would never cure him of his fears…"


Kayume nodded slowly. "He fears, just like the rest of us, if not more. The moment he obtained the Mangekyou Sharingan, it severed the natural human instinct in him. The Mangekyou became his natural instinct, a murderous one by nature. It is the cursed blood of the Uchiha clan. Absolute power is absolute destruction, I'm sure you're heard that phrase before."

Kakashi simply nodded. "But what about my Mangekyou?"

"Yes, you have it too, but you are not an Uchiha… How you can contain it is beyond me, it most likely because you don't have the Uchiha blood."

"What's wrong with their blood?"

"It is not my place to tell these things in all honesty, I've already told you too much."

Kakashi shook his head in agreement and didn't press further on the matter. The two returned to the training to grounds and saw Naruto and Sakura arguing and Sasuke staring at his quarrelling comrades.

"I'm guessing you three are done your training? If so, you are dismissed," Kakashi stated his mind reeling with thoughts about Kayume and Akatsuki.

"Eh Naruto, I think Iruka-sensei is waiting for you at Ichiraku, he said something about you owing him lunch for losing a bet…" the former ANBU said lazily.

"Sakura-chan, didn't Mom want you to do something for her after training?" the older kunoichi pointed out.

"Oh yeah!" the blond and roseate haired genin exclaimed before dashing off into the town.

"Well, I'm off then, later you two." And with that the perverted sensei poofed away.

"See you tomorrow Sasuke-kun."

As she turned to leave, the Uchiha heir stood.

"Wait, I want to talk to you Kayume-san."

"What about?" Kayume knew exactly what he was talking about. It's unavoidable I guess. Of all people he should at least know. Tsunade-sama knows but that couldn't be helped. I had to tell him sooner or later it was me.


"In exchange for your participation I will revive your beloved friend. Isn't that a fair deal? You will be in no harm whatsoever, and of course he will be there with you during the experiment. He would never let anything horrible happen to you so what do you say Kayume-chan?" the snake sennin hissed slyly.

She looked up to her love with wide uncertain eyes. He didn't reply.

"Take your time, there's no rush," the serpent user says in a skin crawling voice.

Kayume hesitated in her answer, but her mind was made up. I can do this, there's no harm right? And besides Itachi-kun will be there the whole time… He wouldn't let something bad happen to me… right?




"Excellent," he smiled devilishly, "this way please."

She raised her eyes to meet the eyes of the Mangekyou Sharingan, the murderous Uchiha only nodded.

End Flashback

End of Chapter One

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