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Haruno Kayume
By: Hatake Kayume

Chapter Five

The older kunoichi couldn't help but smile to herself. The locations of her current comrades were indeed thought out. But what are they going to do?

Although blindfolded her Sharingan eyes were like those of the Uchiha clan in appearance, but that's where the resemblances ended. Her crimson coloured eyes were more like the Byakugan of the Hyuuga clan. She saw right through her hitai-ate; she saw the other Sharingan users in the trees and her younger sister and Naruto on the ground.

This is going to be interesting… She thought and suppressed a grin. Kayume then pretended to nap; she turned her back to Kakashi.

Arrogant aren't we? The copy nin smirked and made eye contact with his students, they nodded.

It was Naruto's and Sakura's job to grab and hold Kayume's attention while Sasuke attacked from her blindspot. It the midst of all that, their sensei was to charge toward her with his chidori and grab the bells.

So it began.

Naruto and Sakura began throwing shuriken and kunai at their target. Kayume stood and dodged all of the flying weapons easily. The two ran toward her in attempts at close combat. While she was busy with the two, Sasuke approached from behind. He performed some hand seals and let loose the famous Uchiha fireball technique. Sakura and Naruto had retreated just in the nick of time; Kayume did the same.

Unknown to her, the second she escaped the scorching heat she was again bombarded with weapons of all sorts.

Something round hit her, it was hard too. Rocks? They're throwing rocks at me? She frowned and caught the round objects in her hand. Heh, they probably ran out of real weapons. Sasuke had also join his comrades in the rock attack. They formed a triangle around her. Alright… no where to go but up.

Kayume pushed chakra to her feet and launched herself into the air. This Kakashi's chance, her attention was too preoccupied with dodging the rocks while in mid-air. The chakra in his hand crackled and jumped up into the air and was going to attack her from behind. Well he wasn't going to seriously wound her or anything, just scare her and steal the bells. The pebble assault continued.

The kunoichi's head snapped around in surprise. Kakashi was approaching her too quickly; there was nothing to push her chakra against to increase her speed. She saw what he intended to do, he wasn't going to actually use the chidori on her; he wanted to distract her and then get the bells.

Not this time buddy… She smirked and just when his jutsu was about to contact with her side he withdrew his hand and his other reached out to grab the bells. The pink haired girl snatched them just out of his reach.

The chakra in Kakashi's hand dissipated and he grabbed the kunoichi in a bear hug; gravity began taking affect. The two hit the ground and created quite a crater, the genins had long ago stopped the onslaught of rocks and now jumped back and watched their instructors duke it out for the bells.

The kunoichi held the bells in a death grip, the copy nin tried to wrench them out of hand but she simply would not let go.

Desperate times call for desperate measures… Kayume inwardly grinned at her next plan of action. Quickly she darted into the woods. The genins and Kakashi followed suit.

She had stopped at a small clearing and the copy nin was only a few feet away from her, ready to pounce.

Kayume grinned.

"What are you smiling about eh Kayume-chan?" the masked man asked, mismatched eyes narrowing.


The kunoichi pulled the front of her shirt open slightly and dropped the bells in between her breasts.

The silver haired jounin stiffened. How the hell am I going to get them now? Not with those three around anyway.

The genin trio had arrived at the clearing just a moment after the bells found their new home.

"Change of plans you guys, Kayume-chan and I just agreed that this final fight will be between the two of us," Kakashi said.

"What Kakashi-sensei is really saying is that he just wants some one on one training from me," Kayume's grin only grew. She received a death glare from the copy nin.

"But Nee-san! What about lunch?" the blond boy whined.

She rolled her eyes hidden behind the hitai-ate and grinned yet again, "Don't worry about Naruto-kun, I was going to treat you guys anyway."

The kyuubi container must've jumped ten feet into the air. "Why don't you three go home and clean up and then meet us at Sakura-chan's house? Kakashi-sensei and I will be quick."

The three left and now it was time for the clash of pink and silver.

"I want training from you? I think it's the other way around Kayume-chan," he said in a serious voice. He was being pushed over the edge by her arrogance.

Men and their egos… So I see what makes you tick now, eh Kakashi-san? She smirked and decided to let her eyes rest; pushing her hitai-ate back into its regular position she could see the normally indifferent jounin more tense then usual.

"Aww… C'mon sensei, I'm just playing… Tell you what, I won't go all super-speedy on you like last time."

His eyelids lowered another fraction. Then he visibly relaxed and closed his eyes, tilting his head skyward. He sighed.

"What am I going to do with you Nee-chan?" his tone expressed his boredom.

In a blink of an eye she was in front of the silver haired man, mere millimetres separating her bosom from his vested torso.

"What are you going to do Kakashi-san?"

Her low, sultry voice vibrated in his ears as she placed her hands on his chest, pressing her own body to his. I won't lose this time Kakashi-san…

He could almost read her thoughts; he had no intention of losing either. Kakashi's mismatched eyes looked into Kayume's cloudy orbs. He wrapped his arms around her body and the air became very humid. Too humid even on the hottest summer day.

Genjutsu huh? Kayume thought, feigning to be unfazed by his illusion. Let's see what you're planning to do… The kunoichi could easily dispel it if it was necessary, but she wanted to see what he had planned. Give me all you've got…

The air was very steamy, it explained the humidity, but what was our favourite jounin trying to do?

She felt warm lips trailing down her neck, collarbone and shoulder. She could feel the hot hands on her back pushing her forward.

Hot, sticky, sweaty—skin. Firm muscles beneath her hands moved as she was held closer. Her belly touched another, skin on skin. While the kunoichi's mind was running in circles, the copy nin used this chance to pull the bells out from between her breasts.

What! Skin? He didn't… She stiffened and pushed away from the loving butterfly kisses.

Kayume blinked in disbelief at the grinning jounin who quickly pulled his mask back in place the moment she pulled away. Glancing down at herself she knew her suspicions had been correct. She was stark naked!

"Y-y-you…" the kunoichi stuttered and her face turned dark shade of pink.

"What? Don't like what you see?" he asked as if the situation was completely normal.

The pink haired girl had to admit he WAS gorgeous—manhood and all... Heh, I bet you that's what he really looks like too! She was blushing furiously by now. Her little sister's hot, naked, sexy and did I mention naked? Sensei was standing in front of her. Not to mention she was completely nude too.

"H-how d-d-did y-you…"

"How did I know what you looked like?"

When she didn't answer he continued, "I just know these things. And plus, thank Jiraiya-sama for his amazing drawings in Come Come Paradise."

Kayume's breath was now short ragged gasps. She was shocked to the core. So she had been with Itachi, but they never took their relationship to the next level. They were young and he was too busy with killing people to really have time to have an intimate relationship with her. So basically, the perverted jounin's was the first one she ever saw. She had an inkling that THAT was not an illusion.

"KAI!" the flustered girl yelled, hands forming a seal, when he began to approach her.

With the illusion gone the humidity had lifted as well, but it didn't stop the sweat that was cover every square inch of her skin.

The little crinkles in the copy nin's eyes indicated that was smiling. The fuming girl sucked in a much-needed breath.

"PERVERT!" Kayume screamed at the top of her lungs while pointing her index finger. All the little animals in the surrounding area took cover and all the little birds flew away.

At this dirty minded jounin held up the bells and jingled them. He then proceeded to laugh and laugh.

And laugh.

The already infuriated kunoichi was further fuelled by his amusement. Not to mention he did steal the little objects from between breasts. She said she wouldn't use her speed against him but…

To hell with that! Her mind yelled. She ran towards him at full speed and kicked him right where it hurts.

His shin! (A/N: And you thought she'd hit him there. She'll need tha— err… Bad thoughts! smacks own head xD)

He was too busy laughing to catch her foot and was now jumping around on one foot and holding his shin.

Swiftly she reached into his back holster and took his beloved little book. Kayume smacked him across the head one last time before jumping into a nearby tree.

"Serves you right ero-sensei!" Kayume yelled before darting off.

Kakashi let go of his shin and was about to run after her to get his novel back but the pain in her leg made him limp. He was surprised; kunai and shuriken embedded into his body didn't even faze him, but a little—okay, big kick in the shin made him walk funny? He paused and pulled his pant leg up. The bruise was currently purple and blue and soon it would become black. She had managed to destroy quite a few of the blood vessels in his shin.

He was going to be late meeting up with his team. Oh well, I'm never on time anyway… I think I might go home then… The copy nin silently contemplated. One deadly kick is enough for the day… Crap! She still has my book! He inwardly groaned. He knew that it would the only thing to take his mind off of the throbbing pain in his leg. Well maybe there'd be something else too but… (A/N: Heh, not going to tell!)

In front of Sakura's house…

Naruto groaned for the umpteenth time, "What's taking Kaka-sensei and Nee-san so long? She said they'd be quick."

The stoic boy just stood silently leaning against the Haruno residence. Sakura's gaze shifted between the two boys; lovingly looking at Sasuke and then glaring daggers at Naruto.

Suddenly in a flash of pink and black, a figure jumped into the second floor window of Sakura's house.

"Hey guys! I think Nee-san's home now! I'll go in and check. Be right back!" Sakura dashed back into her house leaving the loudmouth and the half-mute together.

As Sakura ran up the stairs she stopped halfway when she heard a feminine voice crack the silence with a string of obscenities followed by an evil cackle.

Err… Maybe we should wait outside with Sasuke-kun and Naruto… Nee-san is kind of scary… Inner Sakura suggested quietly and her physical self agreed and swiftly and silently left the house.

Behind the closed door…

Kayume stood in front of the bathroom mirror and laughed loudly and sinisterly.

"That PERVERT! How dare he create such a filthy genjutsu! He is so going to pay!" The older Haruno exclaimed and slammed her fist on the counter before continuing to laugh like a madman.

After a few more moments of cackling she ran out of breath and her face was slightly purple from the exertion. Quickly she stripped off her sweaty clothes and ran a hot shower. Her mind couldn't get rid of the absolutely nude Kakashi she saw earlier. Her cheeks tinged a shade of pink at just the memory of his muscular chest and as her mind roved lower down and passed the chiselled abdomen her face became completely red. Ack! I'm no better than him! I can't stop thinking about him completely naked—and those kisses! Her heart sped up as she remembered the lips that brushed her skin like feather. Damn that Kakashi! He's corrupting my mind with dirty thoughts! And Jiraiya-sama! YOU! I can't believe you actually dared to draw those pictures! You are all going to die a slow and painful death! Kayume couldn't help but grin widely at the variety of ways to kill the perverts. Now what should I do with that stupid book of his? Hmm… Burn it? … Rip it to pieces and then give it back to him? Hehehe… She continued to think of ways to destroy Kakashi precious book when she heard a knock on the door.

"Nee-san? Are you almost done? We're all waiting outside," the younger Haruno said through the door.

"Yeah! Be out in a few minutes!" the older girl yelled over the running water.

As she turned off the water and stepped out, she had a brilliant idea as to what she should do with the little orange book.

Hehehe… Kakashi won't see it coming! But I have to hide it for now…

Kayume inwardly grinned at the prospect of her "revenge" on Kakashi. Her move will top even his genjutsu. Quickly she pulled on a white tank top with a pink bunny on the front and a pair of short pink shorts. Pulling her up in a messy, wet bun she grabbed her wallet and dashed down the stairs.

As she opened the door and peered outside the two boys were staring each other down and Sakura looked distressed.

"Er… okay? What happened now?"

"Sasuke-teme was being a jerk!" the blond boy yelled pointing an accusing finger at the Uchiha.

"Dobe, I was just stating the obvious—you ARE stupid."

Kayume sweat dropped. This was getting really old. Even Sakura merely sighed.

"Ah… Come on you two! This isn't how a team should behave," their teenaged sensei said and draped her arms around both boys' shoulders; Sasuke on her left and Naruto her right.

Sasuke's cheeks tinged a light pink at this chummy gesture; had it been anyone else he would've shrugged it off. But behind his usually indifferent self and deep within the depths of his heart, he was happy his Nee-san was back. No one seemed to notice that Sasuke didn't remove Kayume's arm. He just snorted and looked away from Naruto. The wannabe Hokage did the same. The Haruno sisters chuckled.

As soon as he was angry, Naruto was his happy, bouncy self again.

"So Nee-san Ichiraku then!"

"Ugh… Naruto-kun…" Kayume mumbled as she covered her right ear, "You don't have to yell, I'm right next to you."

The adorable jinchuuriki blushed and laughed.

"And don't you think you should eat something other than ramen all the time? It can't be good for you. Let's go to this restaurant I know. You'll probably like it Naruto."

Naruto's eyes widened, "Ooh… Does it have a ramen buffet?"

Everyone sweat dropped at that question.

"No… but it does have a buffet. You do know there are other foods besides ramen right?"

"There are?"

No one could figure out if he was kidding or not. None of them have ever seen him eat anything BUT ramen.

Soon they arrived at the restaurant and were quickly given a table. Everyone got up and moved towards the buffet to get their food.

Kayume, Sakura and Sasuke were back at the table first and began eating. Naruto was no where in sight.

"Umm… What happened to Naru…" the older Haruno stopped in mid-sentence and stared; the other two looked in the direction she was staring in.

There stood Naruto, with three mountains of food. It was a miracle that he hadn't dropped one of the plates. Everyone stared in awe at him.

"Well, Nee-san, you said there were other foods besides ramen, so I wanted to see if any of it was as delicious," the orange clad boy said before grinning widely.

"Naruto, can you even eat ALL of that?" the younger kunoichi questioned through narrowed eyes.

"Of course! No problem!" Naruto attempted to display Lee's nice guy pose complete with the sparkling teeth and thumbs up. The plates he was holding and the one that was balanced on his arm began to wobble and tip. The one in his left hand tipped over.

But thanks to the Uchiha's quick reflexes he caught the food with an empty plate from the table and the original plate before hit the ground with splat and crash.

"Eheheh… Thanks teme."

"Dobe…" the Uchiha heir muttered before placing it on the table.

"What! Don't call me dobe teme!" Naruto started yelling and shaking his free hand in the air.

The two plates on his right started wobbling. Quickly, Sakura's hands shot out and grabbed them before they fell over. As she set them on the table she shot a death glare at Naruto.

"Now I know why Kakashi-sensei never takes you guys out to eat…" Kayume muttered as she rubbed her temples. "Well at least I know you guys can react quicker now."

The rest of the evening was filled with hearty laughter. Most of it caused by Naruto. Even Sasuke managed a smirk here and there. Despite Naruto's embarrassing display of actually gorging on the food that wasn't ramen, the evening turned out to be less disastrous then what his teammates had expected.

As they were leaving the restaurant Kayume wanted to talk to Sasuke, she had to think of an excuse.

"Hey Sakura-chan, I've got to go to the store and pick up something, why don't you head home first?"

"Yeah okay," the younger girl replied.

Sakura and Naruto began walking away, "Bye Nee-san!" both of them exclaimed and waved.

She was left with Sasuke, who was surprisingly still standing next to her. As soon as his teammates were out of earshot, he spoke up.

"Kayume-san, will you tell me now?" the avenger asked in a serious voice.

The roseatte haired girl sighed. What should I do? I wasn't planning on talking to him about that tonight. Should I just spit it out and deal with the consequences? What if he hates me forever for taking his purpose away? On the other hand, he won't have to focus on vengeance anymore. But then he might feel that he has no purpose left in life. But he'll find out eventually… should I wait for the eventuality? As she debated silently in her head the boy next to her prompted her for an answer.

"Kayume-san, tell me. What happened to that bastard Itachi?" Sasuke's voice hardened at his brother's name.

She sighed again. He'll find out eventually.

"He's…" she trailed off.

"He's what! Damn it! What!" the normally calm boy was flushed with anger.



Sasuke was taken aback by her statement. He can't be dead yet! I was supposed to kill him!

The Uchiha stood in front of Kayume and stared right into her eyes. "You're lying, how do you know he's dead?" His voice was low, controlled, but he was shocked and angry.

Kayume looked at the ground and didn't answer.

The raven haired shinobi grabbed her shoulders and shook her roughly. "How do you know he's actually dead! How can you prove it!"

The older Haruno was silent again.

"Answer me damn it!"

When she didn't answer, he let go of her shoulders and turned his back to her in frustration.

Barely above a whisper she opened her mouth, "I… killed him."

End of Chapter Five

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