The Jewel of Nadia


The Jewel of Nadia is one of the Hikari's most famous and powerful artworks. The power of the jewel is that on a night with a full moon, whoever touches it and has two sides like light and dark, or has two souls. They will be split apart into two different bodies.

The jewel was made about five hundred years ago. Long before the great Phantom Thief Dark Mousey was even born. The creator of the jewel was the beautiful Nadia Hikari. Nadia was the most beautiful, she had blonde hair and blue eyes which was rare five hundred years. Also she was the most powerful and the first in the Hikari bloodline to have magic.

Nadia was so beautiful, that she had a hard time getting rid of the men that wanted to marry her. There was only one man that stole her heart and that was a handsome red haired thief name Zackeria Niwa.

Nadia wanted to tell him how she felt, but she had a problem. She had two sides, a light and a dark side. The light side was the side that fell in love with Zackeria and the dark side fell in love with the thought of killing him. So the light side decided to make the jewel.

She spent many months of work and concentration until she finally made the jewel. So on a night with a full moon, Nadia touched the jewel. It was a lot of pain but her light side and her dark side were separated.

The two sides looked exactly alike, they could be twins. The light side wanted to kill her dark side but she ran away. Later Nadia would regret letting her dark side get away.

After the ordeal with the jewel and separating into two bodies. Nadia finally told Zackeria how she felt and they both were in love. Between the time Nadia confessed her love to a Zackeria and the next full moon, Nadia started to fell weak and tired, almost like she was dying. Once the full moon came, Nadia started to feel a horrible pain in her chest and when she figured out what was happening, she died.

When the light Nadia died, the dark half felt her death and decided to go and kill her light side's beloved Zackeria. This is how the terrible relationship between the Niwa's and Hikari's started.