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Chapter 3 Winston

Satoshi decided not to go to school today. He had this strange feeling that the whole class would like to have an idea of what happened and they all know that Satoshi was there. Satoshi just didn't want to put up with the headache of explaining what happened. Another reason he didn't want to go was, he was going to do some research about the jewel and who donated it.

"Hm, lets see who donated the Jewel of Nadia," said Satoshi, out loud to himself, as he was walking to his computer. He typed in 'Donation of Jewel of Nadia,' into the Google search engine and got thousands of results on this anime called Nadia, but that isn't what he wanted. After searching for a while, he found what he was looking for and wasn't pleased with what he found.

"Oh, no. I have to go and tell Dark this right now!" Satoshi said out loud, while he was running to the door and heading to the Niwa's house.


"WHAT, DID YOU SAY!" yelled Dark at the top of his lungs.

"I said that Daisuke is going to die," said Satoshi calmly, even though he wasn't, but he had to, to make sure Dark didn't explode, but it wasn't helping.

"DAISUKE IS GOING TO DIE!" Dark started yelling again.

Dark was yelling so loud, that Emiko all the downstairs heard and came rushing up the stairs to find out about her little boy.

"Did I hear you say that, my Daisuke, is going to die?" Emiko asked, with a horror stricken look and tears running down her face. She like a worried mother, which she was.

"Well, the jewel," started Satoshi, "separates the dark from the light in a person who has two personalities or two souls. Well, the dark gets a body of its own from the blood and flesh of the light. After that the light will start to slowly die, while the dark will keep living."

"By the next full moon, Dai will be dead," said Dark with his face to the ground.

"Is there anything we can do?" asked Emiko, with hope in her eyes, the hope of saving her one and only son.

"Yes, it is possible," started Dark. "Daisuke and I need to touch the jewel same time, then we will become one, again."

Emiko's face should signs of relief but there was still the worrying of her son dieing and her not being able to do a thing. She would just have to rely on Dark and Satoshi, to save her precious Daisuke.

There was a ding coming from the kitchen, signaling that the cookies were done.

"I'll go get those," said Emiko, happily as she went downstairs to take care of the chocolate cookies.

"It amazes me that she can go from a worried mother to a happy mother in no time flat. How does she do it?" Dark said, amazed by Emiko's ability to change moods in a matter of seconds.

"That is something, we men will never understand," replied Satoshi, to Dark's weird and off the topic comment. "Before, I forget, I have found out where Daisuke is."

"You do!" said Dark excitedly.

"Yes, but you have to ask me nicely," said Satoshi, who is taking enjoyment in torturing Dark as much as possible.

"Fine," said Dark, not want to succumb to Satoshi's commands, but he really had no choice. "Will you PLEASE tell me where you think Dai is."

"I think he is on the island that is northeast of here and isn't very far."

"Yes! Daisuke, I'm coming for you," said Dark, who was so excited and ready to get Daisuke back, that he forgot that he doesn't know directions very well.

"Settle down!" Satoshi yelled.

"Why should I?" Dark said, giving Satoshi and evil glare and having a little bit of a pout going on. He was acting very childish.

"Two reasons, you don't have a sense of direction and I think it might be a trap."


"Dark, you are a hopeless case and I admire Daisuke for putting up with you stupidity."

"What did you say ," growled Dark, having his anger get the better of him.

"Nothing, and can we get back on topic." said Satoshi, annoyed as hell with the idiot in the room.


"The person, who graciously donated the jewel to the museum, might be the same person who kidnapped Daisuke."

"So, it was a trap from the start."

"That's what I have concluded to be true."

"When I get my hands on him, I'm going to KILL him," Dark said with a malice smile. "What's his name?"



When Daisuke woke up, he was hanging by his arm, in a bright lighted room. It took Daisuke a while to focus, because the light was really bright, but as he was trying to focus, he noticed that his arms were getting tired. They felt like he had been hanging there for hours.

"Oh, you're awake," said a voice, the voice sounded deep and like it was enjoying itself. The voice came from the black shadow in front of Daisuke, since the light was right behind this shadow, Daisuke couldn't make out any physical features.

"Who…Who are you?" Daisuke stammered out.

"I am your worst nightmare," said the shadow and Daisuke could tell that he was smiling an evil smiling.

"Who are you?" Daisuke asked again, in hopes of getting a better answer than the last.

"You can call me, Winston.


"It's Winston Rodregus," Satoshi said.

"Is he bad?" Dark asked, making Satoshi very annoyed.

"That's a stupid question!" yelled Satoshi, who by now was very annoyed but he had to calm himself down, so he can explain to this imbecile. "Alright, I will explain it to you. Winston kidnapped Daisuke, right."


"Daisuke is your friend, right?"


He will most likely try to hurt you friend," Satoshi said, still annoyed with Dark.

"Oh my gosh, he's bad!" Dark yelled, finally getting the picture.

"No, duh," Satoshi said sarcastically.

"We've got to go and save Dai," Dark said, while running to the door, again.

"How do you expect to save Daisuke, if you don't know what your getting into!" yelled Satoshi, who was getting real tired of Dark and his stupidity.

"What do you mean?" Dark asked, confused once again.

"There's more I need to tell you."

"Well, tell me then."

"Winston, has been sent to jail, numerous times for murder and child molestation."

"What's child molestation?" asked Dark, who has no clue what that means, but has a bed feeling.

"Child molestation, is when a grown man forces little kids into doing sex of some sort, or something alone those lines," said Satoshi, who was ready to kill Dark and his stupidity.


Satoshi slaps and shakes his head in a manner of 'I can't believe this person' kind of way. "I'll give you one word, rape."


"Well, if Dai gets hurt, it is your fault for wasting time with stupid question," said Satoshi, who was now really annoyed with Dark.

"Well, if Dai gets hurt, it is you fault for telling me useless facts and things that I don't understand, so I have to ask those stupid questions," retaliated Dark.

"Fine, I won't help you find Dai, then," said Satoshi with his arms crossed and an serious look in his eyes.

"Sorry, Satoshi," Dark said, bending down to Satoshi's will once again, "will you PLEASE help me find Dai."

"I don't know?"

"Let me speak to Krad."

"Fine," Satoshi said, not liking the idea of Krad and Dark in the same room together, but he complied with Dark's request.

"I will not help you!" Krad said defiantly, when him and Satoshi had completed the change between themselves.

"Please," Dark said, trying to give puppy dog eyes, "I'll do anything."


"Yes, anything."

"Fine, but when this is over, I get to kill you, got that." Krad said while giving Dark, an I'm serious look.

"Yes." Dark said, not liking the idea, but he needed to save Daisuke.


"Now, lead the way, Krad," Dark said as nicely as possible.

With that, the two left, flying through the air and to their destination. The island where Daisuke might be.


"What do you want with me?" Daisuke asked weakly, because he wanted to know but he also didn't want to know at the same time.

"Hmm, let me think. First, I want to have some fun and then kill you," Winston said with a nod and a smile.

"Kill…Kill me?"

"Of course, I'm going to kill you," Winston answered with his evil smile, "that is the reason, I kidnapped you."

This new information, had horrified Daisuke to the point of him wanting to die on the spot. He was alone and the psycho path wanted to kill him and wanted to have fun with him. Daisuke had an idea, but he really didn't want to find out, but curiosity got the better of him.

"What…What do you mean by fun?" Daisuke asked, regretting it as soon as he was finished with the sentence.

"I'll do a little this and a little that, you know."

"I don't know." Daisuke replied, wishing that Dark would somehow find him and save him, but things weren't looking up.

"Well, you will find out, soon enough," Winston replied, to Daisuke, with his smile that sent shivers down Daisuke's spine.

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