Author: Cassie89
Summary: Oneshot. The night before the execution.
Rating: K+
Pairing(s): Francesca/Casanova
Feedback: My first Hungarian-English translation:) Reviews are warmly welcome:)
Characters: Francesca Bruni, Giacomo Casanova
Betas: None, with I would like to thank my friend, Zsu with whom I saw this funny and smart movie:)
Disclaimer, author's notes : All rights reserved. Touchstone Pictures

A short vignette for fun:) I made a few modifictaion for the English version. Please tell me the mistakes, I know my grammar could do some improvements:) Enjoy!


Prison cell, somewhere in Venice, 1753

Why did you do it? – asked a deep, male voice.

Did what? – answered a lady dressed in men's clothes, Francesca Bruni.

Why did you expose yourself? Now, we are both going to die. – snaped back Giacomo Casanova sitting on the cold bench.

You thought I would let you die because of me? After everything that happened?

I was only trying to protect you...

I know. And thank you. – Francesca finished for him gently.

After one silent moment, Giacomo couldn't help but asked: So, you forgave me?

I did not say that. I really want to stay angry with you for a little while. Would you mind, Signor Casanova? – She asked with mocked hurt in her voice, but she couldn't fight back the smile that was tugging at the corner of her lips.

Not at all, Signorina Bruni. – The once notorious seducer teased.

For an endless moment they were both silent, then with a sad sigh the brown-haired beauty closed the distance between her and Casanova and curled up to him. The young swashbuckler wreathed his arm protectively around her and gently kissed her forehead.

She seemed so fragile. It hurt him to see Francesca like this. To him she was always so strong, an independent and free spirit who never gave up and kept writing so recklessly.

I am sorry it has to end like this. – He said tiredly not quite resembling himself.

I love you. – Francesca whispered and snuggled closer to her newfound love.

The man smiled: Of course, you do. I am simply irresistible.

The young woman chuckled quietly and rested her head on his chest as they drifted off to sleep.

The moonlight shone through the grids of the frigid cell and lightened the young couple who were brave enough to fight for their hopes and love.


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