Hiya, everybody! I'm Ice, and I admit, it's been a while since I've posted on so you probably don't recognize me. Not a problem. This is just a little fic I've started while taking a break from trying to write a novel. It'll be a multi-chapter piece. Hope you enjoy!

Aloha, Kenpachi!
By ice queen

Unohana sighed inwardly as yet another patient came in with a streak of blood dripping down their torso, the same words on their lips. "Zaraki Taicho is having a bad day." They would mumble, heading for the back to wait their turn. More and more often Zaraki Taicho was having a bad day. If he continued having bad days like this they would have to recruit him a new team.

She finished her tea and headed back to work, maintaining her pleasantly controlled expression even as she sewed up wounds and put them to bed. It couldn't go on like this.

Genryuusai sama wouldn't do anything about it. On some level she was positive that the old man thought it was good for them. If they had to fight a monster like Zaraki Taicho on a daily basis, hollows didn't seem to be such a problem. That's why so many vice captains came from the 11th division. Those that survived Zaraki were the strongest fighters you could get.

But still, his temper shouldn't be taken out on others.

"Taicho…" Isane, Unohara's best friend and most trusted ally said. "Taicho, I think we've got things in hand now. Why don't you rest? You've been on your feet all day."

"Thank you, Isane." Unohara said softly. "I think I'll do just that." But she didn't head for her room. Instead she headed out the door, making her way determinedly to the 11th district. She was going to knock some sense into Zaraki Taicho's head one way or another. Politely, of course. But he WOULD get the point.

"What the hell do you call that?" The 11th district's voice roared through the air, making everyone around her jump a foot off the ground. "Pick yourself up, boy! That cut won't kill you!"

"Kennn-chhhaaaann!" The vice captain's voice called. "I wanna plaaay!"

Unohana took a deep breath and walked through the front door and to the dojo. The sight of Kenpachi standing in the middle of the wooden floor, his blade in his hand, was no surprise. And neither was the sight of the unconscious giant on the floor. "Zaraki Taicho…" She said softly. "I need to speak with you."

Kenpachi went perfectly still. The abrupt lack of bells made it even stranger as slowly, one by one, the people in the dojo turned to look at her. Yachiru waved happily from where she was sitting to the side. Then the captain turned.

"There a problem?" He asked gruffly.

"I would like to speak to you, in private, if I may." She repeated.

"…Right. Whatever. Training's over, boys. Don't do anything too stupid." He muttered as he headed past Unohana and down the hall.

"I'm coming too!" Yachiru chirped happily as she climbed up Kenpachi's back like a monkey, peering over his shoulder as they entered his office. Unohana followed silently, realizing that she wouldn't be getting an invitation.

The room was comfortable, a low table with a blood red sitting mat behind it, obviously where Zaraki sat while he worked. Another pink, well padded mat was to the side, surrounded by crayons and paper. Yachiru hopped off of Zaraki's back and headed for her little pallet, looking important. Kenpachi sat down, motioning for her to sit across from him. She did, not letting her surprise show at how… normal the office looked.

Kenpachi leaned forward, looking over the sedate appearance of the most dangerous woman around. At least, in his opinion she was. Needles were definitely not his thing. "So…" He started out, not knowing what to say. "What's the big problem? I haven't killed anyone lately."

"Not for lack of trying." She replied. "Zaraki Taicho, I think it's time for you to… take a small vacation."

"…A vacation." Kenpachi repeated, as if it were a foreign word. "You tryin' to get rid of me?"

"No. I think you need some time away from work." She said calmly. "Some time to relax." She added.

"…" Kenpachi just stared at her. His reiatsu jumped for a brief second before he shook his head. "Don't need to."

"I wanna go!" Yachiru said. "Ken-chan, let's go on vacation! It gets so boring around here."

Kenpachi's eye narrowed slightly on Unohana, before he relaxed, leaning back slightly. "Just where do you think we should go for this… vacation thing?"

"Well… I was thinking Earth." Unohana replied calmly. "To a small string of islands called Hawaii."

"Ooooh…" Yachiru said, her eyes going wide. "Hawaii!"

"And I was planning on joining you." Unohana finished before he could reply. "You're not the only one who is in need of some rest and relaxation."


"Unohana Taicho…" Isane said as she watched her captain pack. "Are you sure about this? Zaraki Taicho is quite—"

"Dangerous?" Unohana asked. "That's precisely why I should go with him, Isane." She folded her soft yellow one piece and placed it on top of the clothes before closing her suitcase. "I will hopefully be able to hold his temper somewhat in check. Or at least patch up his victims. And I was not joking about my need for a vacation. And with Zaraki Taicho not here, I'm sure things will be easier to handle."

"But Taicho, I don't see how this… could be considered a vacation."

"I'm sure I'll manage to get some form of rest." Unohana replied. "There won't be that many fighters on a small island. I'm sure I can talk him into relaxing once in a while, at least."

"If anyone can it's you, Taicho." Isane said with complete faith.

"I do hope so." She replied. "I've heard the islands of Hawaii are quite beautiful.


Kenpachi looked down blankly at the large flowers that decorated his shirt. He pulled at it slightly, raising one eyebrow slightly. Huh… "This gigai itches." He muttered after a second. He didn't say a word about the shirt. It was almost shocking.

"I don't know… I kind of like mine!" Yachiru said. She looked adorable in her little pink sundress and sandals. She had a gigantic sucker in her hand and was licking happily. He had no idea where she had gotten it from. "So where's Unohana san?"

"Unno… but I'm bored." Kenpachi replied. "Where'd she say we're staying?"

"Um… some hotel or something." Yachiru said. She looked at the shop they were standing next to, cocking her head slightly. "You think she got into a fight? That's what Ken-chan does whenever he goes into a store!"

"Nah… don't smell any blood."


"But we could go in and help—"

"I've finished my shopping, Zaraki Taicho." Unohana said as she stepped out of the store. "It's actually less difficult to shop for someone of your… size in this part of earth." She said.

Kenpachi grunted, hefting his wooden sheathed blade over his shoulder. Another thing that was good about this… Ha… wye… eeh… was that he could carry a blade if he wanted to. Not that he would have paid attention even in Japan. But he only got a few strange looks for this. Even the hair didn't seem to be that big of a problem. "This damn gigai is bugging the hell out of me." He muttered.

"I'm afraid that's the price we have to pay for such a beautiful vacation spot, Zaraki Taicho." She replied gently as she started to walk towards their hotel.

"Would you stop with the taicho shit?" Kenpachi demanded. "You're the one that said this was a vacation. Last thing I want is to listen to that."

"Forgive me, Zaraki san."

"Can we go to the beach, Ken-chan?" Yachiru asked, hopping onto his back and bouncing there.

"After we get our rooms?" Unohana asked. "I hope you don't mind that we'll be sharing a suite."

"A sweet?" Yachiru repeated. "Yay! I like sweets!"

"It's a hotel room, Yachiru chan." Unohana said with a little smile. "There's three bedrooms, a half kitchen and a living room."

"That's fine." Kenpachi said, not looking at her. He was glancing around, trying not to stare at how oddly dressed some of the people walking the streets looked. There was never this much skin showed back home. At least, not unless it was bleeding profusely, or taking a bath.

"Good." Unohana replied as she walked into the hotel and headed for the desk. She appeared to be in complete control of the situation, and Kenpachi couldn't do anything other than follow behind her like an overgrown pet. He would have been irritated by that fact, had he not been distracted by the strange look on the doorman's face.

He grinned, showing his row of perfectly pointed teeth. It made the poor doorman wet himself.

"Zaraki Tai—er… Zaraki san? Yachiru-chan? Are you coming?"