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Aloha, Kenpachi!


Chapter 9: The Last Favor

The looks that they got as they entered the restaurant made Kenpachi twitch. His single eye ran over the crowd, sending the weaker ones face first into the tables. Others just looked away.

"If you—if you would come this—this way, please." The waitress said. She was trembling and pale.

"Ken chan is scaring her!" Yachiru said, sounding irritated. "Poor girl."

"Kenpachi, it would be best not to terrify the woman that serves the meals." Unohana said.

"Oh—right." He said. But there wasn't much he could do about that, except try to calm down. Then he twitched as he noticed how sticky Yachiru's hands had become from the sucker. "Go wash your hands, Yachiru." He muttered before sitting down at the table they were shown.

"Haaai!" Yachiru said before scampering off to the bathroom.

"Dammit…" He muttered, eyeing his greatcoat.

"What's the problem?" Unohana asked as she gracefully took her own place.

"She got fingerprints on my coat again." He muttered. Unohana bit back a laugh, knowing it wouldn't be polite in the least. "Didn't matter back when Yumichika was around."



"I'm not surprised." She could imagine how often the 5th seat of the 11th division had cleaned up those sort of problems.

"Now I'll have to wait until one of those pansy 4th division—" He stopped. "I still say they're pansies."

"You seem in great need of them right now." She replied. "I'm sure that with practice you would be capable of washing your own clothing."

He looked at her, almost glaring. Then grunted. "Fine. I'll have to wait till one of those DAMN 4th division laundry people come. Then I won't get it back for a week."

"A week?" She repeated. "I'm sure you're exaggerating."

"Hell no." He muttered. "Two weeks is more likely. They have to get up the guts to get it first. Then they have to get the balls to bring it back." He sounded so disgusted that it was amusing.

"I'm afraid that would be your fault." Unohana said, earning a dark look from Kenpachi. "You and your entire division take great joy out of tormenting mine. It's perfectly understandable that they might be reluctant to deliver things to you."

"Che. We're just messing with them." He muttered, not quite looking away. "Where the hell is Yachiru?"

"She should be here soon." Unohana said. "Kenpachi…"


"The new subordinates will be joining our divisions tomorrow. And you owe me three more favors, do you not?"

He went still. Then cursed, leaning back slightly and looking at her. "Yeah. I do."

"Well there are two that I would like to put in charge of 11th division clean up duty."

"Straight out of school?" He asked. He was shocked. "You're kidding me, right? They won't last a day!"

"But they will last a day, Kenpachi." She said calmly. "They will last several years, in fact. Because your favor to me is to make sure that your subordinates treat them with the respect they deserve."

"The respect they deserve is—"

"Do you wish to receive your coat back in less than a week?" She asked bluntly.

His eyes narrowed. She had him cornered, even before she had said that, actually. He was a man of his word, and he owed her favors.

"That makes two favors," he muttered, "because there're two of them."

"I anticipated that," she said, "which is why I did not use one of them for your checkup."

"You've got one left."

"I know."

"I'm back!" Yachiru said as she dropped down into her spot at the table. "Where's the food?"

"It should be coming soon, Yachiru chan." Unohana said, motioning discreetly to one of the waitresses.

"Good. I'm starving." Kenpachi muttered, looking irritable.


"I'm not sure how she can sleep like that…" Unohana said as they walked back to the 11th division. She was looking at the little girl clinging tightly to his greatcoat even in sleep.

"Practice." He said as he opened the door of his division and walked in. The entire building went silent as a grave. They knew just how dangerous it was to wake Yachiru when she had finally gotten to sleep. Not that Kenpachi ever did anything about it, save for make them put her back to sleep again. Each and every man in the division knew several fairy tales by heart. Not that they would ever admit to it. It might tarnish the 11th division's reputation.

Kenpachi ignored them and headed into the pink and black room that Yachiru called her own. She had a gigantic western stylefour poster bed with lace drapes that hung around it. Sometimes he wondered why she had a bed as large as his. But he wasn't about to mention that in front of Unohana.

"Should we wake her?"

"Nah." Kenpachi said, shrugging off his greatcoat and gently dropping it and the little girl on top of the bed. She automatically snuggled the coat, rolling to her side. Kenpachi turned and led Unohana out of the room. He closed the door behind them, earning a sigh of relief from everyone around.

"I should get back to my own division." Unohana said. "I'm afraid that dinner lasted longer than I expected."


"Walk with me." She said firmly. He blinked, balking at the order for a second before grunting.

"Sure." He muttered. Of course he felt a little naked without his greatcoat, but dammit all, even before he had become captain he had been a badass. A piece of cloth didn't mean anything. They walked silently for a moment, heading for the other side of Soul Society.

"Kenpachi…" Unohana said after a moment. "Tomorrow I will be bringing the two recruits I told you about over to your division."

"Yeah." He said. "And I'll talk to my division tonight."

"We'll both be very busy with training for a few weeks, at least."

"Seems so."

"The likelihood of us seeing each other for more than a few moments isn't very good."

"Uh huh." He said, not really paying attention. It was astonishingly quiet out, as if people had run the moment they saw him. That tended to happen pretty often. He glanced over at Unohana, wondering where she was getting to with all this talk. She seemed to be hesitating.

"So…" She finally said. "I was thinking that this would be the best time to call in my last favor." She finished. Was she doing the right thing? She didn't know. But ever since she had asked herself if she was attracted to him, this had been lodged in the back of her mind.

"Yeah?" He asked, finally giving her his entire attention. "So… what do you want?"

"I want you… to kiss me."

Kenpachi jerked, his bells calling out how startled he was. Then he smirked. "Yeah?Alright."


((Yes, I'm evil and wrong to not write the kiss, or what happens after, but... aren't you having fun imagining it for yourself?))