The Pipsqueak and the Mechanic

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Summary: Ed and Al return to Rizembol for an automail tune-up. Winry is overjoyed that they're home for a full week because she now has a chance to tell Ed her true feelings. But will Ed return them?

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Chapter One

I sat in my room staring out the window. It had been two months since I had last seen Ed, and that was too long. Even though we were almost always fighting I missed him. I actually wished that he would get into fights more so he could come here more often. I sat in a black miniskirt, and my black tubetop staring out the window.

"Winry", came the voice of grandma.

"What?", I asked her turning around.

"I've just gotten a letter for you. It's from Edward", Grandma said.

She left the letter on my bed and then left the room. As soon has she was gone I ran to the bed and practically ripped up the envelope to get to the letter.

Dear Winry,

I have some good news. Mustang let me come home, this time for a full week. And I need another tune-up. By the time this letter gets to you my train should be pulling in.


That meant that he was on his way right now! I hurriedly pulled on a white tee shirt and pulled my hair into a ponytail. "Now might be my only chance to tell him how I feel about him", I thought to myself. I had developed a crush on him last year, and that crush, had grown into something more. I looked out the window. Ed and Al were walking up to the front door!

I couldn't remember being this nervous about a boy. And since Ed and Al were the only boys that I really knew, this was quite interesting.

"Edward, you've grown some", Grandma said from downstairs.

I stopped in the middle of the hallway. Suddenly my legs wouldn't move and I felt like I had butterflies in my stomach.

"It's good to see you Aunti Pinako, is Winry here? I need to get my automail fixed", Ed said.

I didn't hear the rest. I ran back into my room and shut the door. "Why did you do that Winry?", a voice in my head told me. "Because the man of my dreams is standing downstairs". "Don't you mean outside your door?", the voice said.

Suddenly I became aware of knocking. I got up and opened the door. Ed stood in the doorway. Pinako was right, he had grown. He was going to need extensions for his automail.

"Hey Winry", Ed said to me, "I don't see your wrench anywhere".

"Well I'm not mad at you yet", I said back to him jokingly.

There was an uncomfortable silence between us before Al entered the room.

"Winry it's good to see you again", the walking suit of armor said.

I hugged him warmly. But that was kind of hard considering the metal that made up his armor was cold.

"Don't I get a hug too?", Ed asked.

"I could try, but your too short for me", I said jokingly.

Ed's face turned the color of a tomato.


I smiled. Some things would never change.

"Come here silly", I said embracing him in a hug.

My shirt was a little too small for me and revealed just a little bit of skin, and I felt Ed's automail rub against it. I was surprised to find that I liked the feeling of it.

"Well, let's get your automail fixed", I said to him.

--- --- ---

I had just finished with Ed's leg extensions and was taking measurements for his arm. I had taken off my T-shirt and was in my tube top.

"Hold out your arm", I said to him.

He did what I asked him to do and I picked up my tape measure. Has I bent over to measure his arm I tripped over his leg and landed in his lap. I realized that our faces were very close. I wanted this to happen so much, I brought my face closer to his—


And Al came into the room. I quickly got off Ed's lap and stood up. If Al could've he probably would've widened his eyes to the size of dinner plates at the sight before him.

"Brother, I came to tell you that dinner will be ready soon", Al said quickly and then running out of the room.

Again, there was an uncomfortable silence between us.

"Um, I'll finish up on your arm later", I said before leaving the basement.

"Winry why didn't you just kiss him?", a voice in my head said. "I don't know. It was the prefect moment until Al walked in", I thought to myself. "You should've kissed him anyway", my inner voice said. "Just shut up", I thought to myself has I put my shirt back on.

"Dinners ready!", Grandma called from downstairs.

I nervously walked downstairs and sat down has far away from Ed as I could get. Which happened to be next to Al.

"So Edward, how does the new leg feel?", Grandma asked him.

"It feels great. Winry did a great job", Ed said and I felt my cheeks redden.

"Thanks", I somehow managed to say.

After dinner I went back up to my room. I changed into my nightgown and hoped that Ed wouldn't come in to say goodnight. Unfortunately, he did, just has I was about to get into bed.

"Winry, are you alright? You've been acting kinda strange", Ed said to me.

"I'm fine Ed. Just stressed that's all", I said back to him.

Ed took a step forward. "Winry what happened between us? You're acting all weird around me".

"We're still friends Ed", I said to him. Though I knew that I wanted so much more than friendship.

Ed took another step towards me, "Winry I know something's wrong. You haven't even tried to hit me with your wrench".

I chuckled lightly. "I must've forgotten".

I became aware of his hands on my waist and that our faces were an inch apart. I took control of the moment and closed the gap between us. Ed must've been surprised because he backed away.

"I'm sorry I—"

"Don't. Just let it happen", I said pressing my lips to his again.

This time he didn't do anything to stop it. I wrapped my arms around his neck and he started to return the kiss. It was the most romantic moment of my life. Until Pinako walked in on us.

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