"Where's Remus?"

He stretches, rolling to the balls of his feet, shoulders popping and back arching.

"He went upstairs."

Lily is staring at them.

"He all right?"

He isn't waiting for an answer.

"I think he wants to be alone for a bit."

Peter gnaws on his bottom lip.

"Sucks to what he wants."

He's up the stairs. The full moon is in two days. Remus' hair is growing just a fraction faster, his face is just a little paler, his temper is a tiny bit shorter.

The door to the room is shut and he opens it gently. He sees Remus laying on the bed, his cheek pressed to the sheets, eyes half hooded.


"You need to crash?"

He moves across the room, pulling the heavy curtains closed.

"I'm awake."

"Want me to save you some dinner?"

"I'm awake."

"Maybe Sirius and I will sneak you some firewhiskey, yeah?"

He grins and then rakes a hand through his hair. Remus frowns in return. His brow furrowed as if in pain.



Remus sits up, leaning heavily on one arm, tilting oddly as the mattress dips.


"It's okay if you aren't feeling well. Just let us do something."

He comes forward, holding out a supplicating hand, Remus slaps it away. His eyes are downcast and his nose wrinkles.

"Your sympathy smells awful."


The door opens with a bang and Sirius poses dramatically.

"Having a party without me, blokes?"


"Moony isn't feeling—"

"Like laying in bed any longer."

Remus gets up shakily. A worried look crosses Sirius' face and they're both ready to dart forward should Remus collapse. It doesn't happen. Remus gets off the bed, disentangling himself from the sheets and then pauses, combing his hair out of his face with his fingers.


He sounds too serious. At least Remus halts in the doorway, turns to pay attention to what he's saying.

"I'd give anything for it to be me instead."

Sirius looks stunned. He has a hand on Remus' arm, guiding him out excitedly. His fingers tighten, almost white knuckled. Remus doesn't wince.

"I would never let you, James."

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