A quick note to the readers: Please Read.

This fan fiction takes place during Rory's sophomore year of high school; she will be sixteen years old. There will be new characters that I have created. Just for the sake of those who enjoy it, you can expect some Luke and Lorelai action to appear throughout the story. Please allow some characters to be a little different from the show so that my story can develop, such as Mrs. Kim allowing Lane to date. Also, I realize the first few chapters of this story may strike you as a slash fiction, however, I do not write those types of stories. This fiction is based on a true story, and though there may be parts that appear to have a gay undertone, you'll realize soon after there isn't one. I have to write the scenes as they actually happened, so that my story will come to life. And just for the record, I promise you, you've never read a fan fiction like this before.

Rory, who had detached herself from the loud ruckus of restless teenagers tormenting the bus driver, gazed out the foggy window. Gazing out the foggy window had become her quality thinking time and one would have to find it amazing she could have quality thinking with such dynamic distractions all around her. Rory, however, wasn't the average high school girl. She didn't cheer or play any sports. She had never had a boyfriend aside from the time in sixth grade when Gregory Davis lost a bet to his buddies and he kissed Rory on the cheek, but Rory knew that didn't count. She had one friend, Lane. Lane, who wasn't any more athletic or popular than Rory, was a true companion. On the contrary, Lane had one thing Rory didn't and that was a boyfriend. His name was Eric, and they had been steadily dating for over a year. Rory didn't mind the fact that Lane had a boyfriend. Rory actually found Eric to be very funny and nice. The three of them could hang out together all day long and never feel out of place.

The bus stopped and Rory stepped off. She saw her mother look out the large window of their house. Rory immediately knew what was going to happen next. The front door opened and Lorelai glided outside.

"Hey, sweetie," Lorelai gleamed, "How was your day?"

"It was fine." Rory replied. "Just like all my other days." She added.

Every day Lorelai asked this question, as if one day Rory would come home with a different answer. Perhaps she would have an answer that would change their lives forever or an answer that would be a little more gleeful than her usual. Rory smiled; at least she had a mother who cared enough to ask the same question every day, unlike a lot of mothers at her school.

"How was your day?" Rory asked as she gently placed her overstuffed book bag on the porch and sat down on the step.

Lorelai sat down beside her daughter. "Well, Michele found six new ways to annoy me today." Lorelai replied casually. "Sookie only burned herself three times, and Luke finally caved and gave me my eighth cup of coffee in one day, before 3:00 pm."

"Wow, your day has been very numeric." Rory concluded.

"Meh, I was just in the mood to count things today. So, I was thinking, since we have dinner at the Munster house this evening we could bring up Chilton."

Rory let a small sigh escape her lungs. Her mother had been trying for several weeks to find an opening in Chilton Academy. Now that she had found one, she was to stop at nothing till she found a way to pay the first tuition bill. Rory admired many things about her mother and her ruthlessness was definitely one of them.

"Do you think they'll help us pay?" Rory asked leaning her back against the porch rail.

"Well, once they've heard that you've been accepted, I'm sure they'll want to help." Lorelai answered honestly.

"We only have dinner with them once a month."


"So, we're not that close. Why would they be so eager to help us?"

Lorelai had to admit that Rory had a very fine point, but Lorelai also knew Richard and Emily Gilmore. To the Gilmore family, status was everything. If they discovered their granddaughter was not only capable of being accepted to an academy school, but also desperately desiring to go, they would be too overdosed in their own benefits of bragging rights to turn down the offer.

"I have a feeling things will work out; besides, we don't have any other plans for the moment." Lorelai said as she stood from the porch step. She reached down her and pulled Rory up. "And if it works, it's bye-bye Stars Hollow High." Lorelai smiled.

"Nice rhyme." Rory giggled. "You're a poet and don't know it." She added.

"Clever." Lorelai applauded.

The two girls walked inside their home and began to get dressed for their monthly Friday night dinner.

The door bell rang throughout the elder Gilmore house.

"Richard, the girls are here!" Emily called. Emily glanced around the room. "Mildred!" She beckoned. "Mildred!"

"Yes, ma'am?" A small voice answered from the kitchen door frame.

Emily crossed her arms and narrowed her eyes. "Mildred, I distinctly heard the door bell ring."

"Yes, ma'am; sorry ma'am." The young woman quickly scampered to the door and opened it. "Good evening." She greeted. "Please, come in."

Lorelai and Rory stepped into the foyer. They began to slip off their jackets and hand them to the maid.

"See, a new maid every time we come to dinner." Lorelai whispered to Rory. "Not even the Queen of England is that picky."

"Lorelai, it's so good to see you!" Emily wrapped her arms around her daughter. "And Rory, my goodness you're becoming prettier with each visit."

Rory slightly blushed. "Thank you, Grandma."

Richard entered the foyer while fussing with his tie. "Honestly, I never can get these things to stay straight." He grumped.

"You know, Dad, you don't have to dress up for Rory and me." Lorelai replied. "We're just common folk." She added with a touch of southern accent in her voice.

"Lorelai, I am not amused by your antics." Richard replied coolly. "If one is to be important, one must dress important, whether it be for business or pleasure."

"Uh-huh." Lorelai said slightly shaking her head, although she clearly did not understand this reasoning.

"Well, come now, let's move into the sitting room." Emily suggested. "Would you like a drink, Lorelai?"

"I'll take a white wine, please, if you have it." Lorelai replied. "If not, a good cold beer will do the trick."

Emily scoffed, "What do you mean if we have it? Of course we have it. And you know ladies do not drink beer." She quickly brushed off the conversation before Lorelai could reply. "Rory would you like a soda?"

"A soda would be great, Grandma." Rory answered as she sat down beside her mother on the small pink sofa.

"Goodie-goodie." Lorelai whispered, directing her comment towards Rory.

"What, would you rather I ask for a beer as well?" Rory asked in a low, but teasing voice.

"Well, it would sure help us convince them you're ready for Chilton." Lorelai replied, her eyes getting a little wider with each word. Rory giggled, unable to resist her mother's comic behavior.

"What's so funny?" Richard asked.

"Yes, it's most certainly very impolite to whisper and laugh in front of others." Emily interjected.

"Oh, it's nothing. Rory and I are just really happy tonight."

"Is there a reason for your tremendous happiness?" inquired Richard.

Emily handed Lorelai and Rory their drinks.

Lorelai cleared her throat, ready to present the news. "Well, Mom, Dad, Rory has been working very hard in school since like, kindergarten and everyone knows she's smart and borderline genius and possibly even the great-grandchild of Einstein..."

"Yes, yes, Lorelai we know, Rory is smart." Emily waved her hand in annoyance.

"I'm just saying that she deserves the best education she can receive." Lorelai added. "Don't you agree?"

"Of course," Richard quickly replied. "An fine education is golden. It sets the foundation for a meaningful and prosperous life"

"So, if Rory had the chance to pursue a better education than the one she's getting now, you both would support that idea?"

Emily and Richard glanced at each other and then nodded in agreement. "Yes, we would." Richard answered.

Rory was beginning to think her mother's plan was actually going to pull through.

"Great!" Lorelai exclaimed. "Rory's been accepted to Chilton." She blurted.

"Chilton!" Emily repeated as she stood to her feet.

Richard was taken aback by his daughter's comment. "Well, my, my, Chilton is a fine prep school." He smiled. "Congratulations, Rory."

"Thank you." Rory smiled.

"That's a very tough school to get in to." Emily replied. "Who helped you?"

"No one helped us, Mom." Lorelai answered. "Rory did it all on her own. She has the grades, she has the IQ, and she has the willpower…."

"But she doesn't have the money." Richard interrupted.

Suddenly, the entire room fell silent. Everyone's eyes batted back and forth, expecting someone else to break the silence.

"Well, let's be honest." Richard said. "You need money."

Now, it seemed as if Lorelai's plan had failed. They were so close.

"I'll pay it back." Lorelai answered in a very serious voice. "Every penny."

Richard rose from his chair. "How much money do you need?"

Lorelai sighed. "It costs 5,000 dollars every semester."

Richard gazed down at his nervous granddaughter, who had not opened her mouth nor made a sound in several minutes.

"Do you desire to go to Chilton Academy, young lady?" Richard asked.

"Yes, sir." Rory replied. "Very much."

"I see. And do you plan to go to college?"

Rory smiled. "Of course I do, Grandpa. Harvard. Remember?"

"Yes, I remember." Richard replied. "Well then, you'll need a very dignified education if you plan to attend an Ivy League college, something I am sure you are not receiving at your current high school. I'll make a couple of phone calls Monday morning, and everything will be taken care of." Richard took a drink of his scotch.

"Oh, Dad, thank you so much." Lorelai exhaled deeply. "You won't regret this, I promise."

"One more thing, " Emily interjected sharply, "I want you both to do something in return."

Lorelai glanced over at Rory. "This could get ugly kiddo." She stated.

"I want you to visit more often."

Lorelai's eye brows lifted, "That's all?"

"That's all." Emily repeated. "Our monthly dinners will now become weekly dinners."

"Every Friday night?" Lorelai asked.

"Is something wrong with Friday nights?" Richard asked.

"Well, it's just it's the weekend." Lorelai stammered. "I mean, you know, working for the weekend, cause you go out and have fun on the weekend."

"That's the deal." Emily stated. "Take it or leave it."

"We'll take it." Rory butted in.

Everyone suddenly shifted their attention the small young girl. Even Lorelai was shocked by her sudden out burst.

"Well, then, "Emily smiled. "Let's enjoy our dinner."

After a pleasant dinner, Lorelai and Rory exited the Gilmore mansion. They stepped into the than colored jeep and began their trip back to Stars Hollow.

"Well, I guess we have the next three years of Friday nights planned." Lorelai said randomly.

"It won't be so bad." Rory defended. Rory never had any plans on a Friday night. The thought of actually having somewhere to be and people expecting her, made her feel important.

"Psht, you say that now." Lorelai answered. "You just wait a few weeks."

"We don't have to do this, Mom." Rory replied as she focused on the shadow outline of her mother sitting in the driver's seat. "I mean, I don't mind staying at Stars Hollow High if it will make you…"

"Whoa, hold it right there, missy." Lorelai objected. "Don't even think about finishing that sentence. Of course I want you to go to Chilton. That's what would make me happy. I'd give up every Friday night from now till Armageddon, if that's what it took."

Rory felt her heart tingle. She had always known she had the most loving and generous mother in all of Connecticut, and Lorelai was constantly proving it to be true.

"I love you, Mom."

"I love you back, hun."