Rory smiled. "Everything has been going great for the last 2 months, Dr. Brewer."

"I'm so happy to hear that." Brewer smiled.

"I feel so free of them. I'm not obsessing over them anymore." Rory replied proudly. "I don't even care if I see them or not." She laughed. "It's such a great feeling."

"I knew you could pull through this Rory." Dr. Brewer began. "When you came into my office three months ago, I knew you'd win this battle."

"Thank you so much." Rory replied. "For everything."

"I'm not the only one you should be thanking. Your mother has been such a tremendous help."

"I know she has." Rory admitted. "She's been so wonderful, I can't even begin to explain it."

"Maybe there's someone else who you'd like to contribute a little credit to?" Brewer asked teasingly.

"Maybe." Rory smiled and her cheeks turned a bright pink.

"I hear Dean has had quite the effect on you. How long have you been together now?"

"Around 2 and a half months." Stated Rory proudly. "He's so understanding and caring."

"You're both very lucky to have each other." Brewer glanced down at her watch. "Well, I'm afraid our time is up."

"So soon?" Rory asked. "These sessions are going by so quickly these days."

"Yes, they are."

"Well, see you next Thursday." Rory replied as she grabbed her jacket.

"Uh, Rory." Dr. Brewer stopped the young girl. "There isn't going to be a session next Thursday."

"There isn't?" Rory asked. Shrugging her shoulders. "Well, I'll see you the following Thursday."

"Rory… There aren't going to be anymore sessions." Dr. Brewer smiled. "You don't need them."

Rory's faced saddened immensely. "Dr. Brewer, I do." Rory replied in a pleading tone. "I can't stop my sessions."

"Rory, you've made an enormous progression." Brewer said with certainty. "I've done all I can do. The rest is up to you."


"But nothing." Brewer cut off. "Go live your life… and enjoy it while you can."

Rory lowered her eyes and then nodded her head. "Okay." She said in a low voice. "If you honestly believe I'm ready."

"I know you are."

"Good bye, Dr. Brewer." Rory replied. "Thank you so much… again."

"Your welcome." Brewer smiled. "Feel free to stop by sometime and say hello. Just because you wont be my patient anymore doesn't mean we've stopped being friends."

"I will." Rory said as she closed the door.

(Gilmore House)

"So, no more sessions?" Lorelai asked. "Wow… that's great hun."

"Yeah." Rory smiled. "I can't imagine what I'll spend my Thursday afternoon's doing now."

"You know, I was reading on Taylor's announcement bored today that they're starting a weekly teen bible study."

Rory hadn't stepped foot inside a church since the entire Sheila – Sheena showdown. "Oh?" Rory asked.

"Yeah… Every Thursday evening from 5:00 – 6:30. Some group called Method Of Salvation."

"Maybe I'll check it out." Rory replied.

"I think you should, babe." Lorelai said. "I think it would really make you happy."

"What about you?" Rory asked.

"You know I've thought a lot about it and I think I'd like to start going to church."

"Really?" Rory's voice showed how truly surprised she was.

"Yeah… I've been putting it off long enough, don't you think?"

Rory's face lit up. "I could ask Dean if he'd like to come with me on Thursdays."

"So, you're going to check it out?" Lorelai asked.

"Sure." Rory's disposition had changed from the previous time this question was asked. "I mean I might as well see what it's about it."

Lorelai stood from the table and walked out of the room. "Stay here." Lorelai instructed. She returned carrying a small bag. "Here." She handed the bag to Rory.

"What's this?" Rory asked surprised that her mother had a gift for her.

"Open it and see."

Rory opened the bag and tore the paper that enclosed the book. "Oh, mom." Rory gasped. "It's beautiful." Rory ran her fingers over the leather cover and traced the golden engraving of her name.

"I bought it a few months ago, I just wanted to make sure I gave it to you at the right time." Lorelai smiled.

Rory jumped from her chair and wrapped her arms around her mother's neck. "Thank you so much." Rory replied as her eyes began to water. "It's incredible."

"Well, you can't have bible study without a bible." Lorelai replied, as she too became emotional with the moment.

They let each other escape from their grasps. Rory flipped through the pages of the bible. "I'm going to read every page." Rory laughed. "I swear."

"I hope you do, sweetheart." Lorelai replied. "I hope you do."