This will be my first story on this site. I hope you enjoy, the idea for this came from book six of DNAngel, a fairy tale called Ice and Snow, and I've wanted to write a Magic Knight Fanfiction for a while now. So I just decided to throw them all into one. Wish me luck; I have a bad habit of starting things and then taking a while to finish them. I welcome constructive criticism not flames, so if you have nothing constructive to say don't say anything at all. And I don't mind the random "Nice job!" but if you have any ideas they would be most welcomed. Oh yes, I don't Magic Knight Rayearth or DNAngel... wish I did but alas no. And so without further ado we can begin.


The purest snow has shadows of blue instead of gray. Whether it is night or day, the shadows stay the same pure azure blue. And on nights when no one else is around the blue-tinted fields of snow are just there, blue like her eyes, waiting forever as thought time is standing still. Slow and silent the snow keeps falling...

He felt cold, so cold and yet…warmth was creeping its way into his limbs. Slowly he felt life pour back into him, this warmth of heart, he'd only felt this warmth once before. When he was with her…With effort he opened his amber eyes, eyes like honey in a jar with the sun streaming though. He looked around at the bodies of soldiers all around him. Cephirean, Autozaman, Fahren, Chizetaean, all nations had rallied to the call of war. In the aide of this world. But…the last thing he remembered was…the arrow. He sat up clutching his left shoulder where the shaft of a half embedded arrow should have been and knew he should be lying in a pool of his own blood. And yet…among the snow, where he had been lying dead, there were rose petals, a deeper red than blood. They surrounded him, everywhere and at his feet…a single perfect blue rose. He reached for it, his blond bangs falling into his eyes, and held it gently between his fingers. The rose had no thorns and its stem was long and green. A blue rose, her favorite. Suddenly his eyes widened as the horrid thought came to him.

He was on his feet in an instant running across the bloody battle field, cold with the ice and snow, cold with the death of thousands, cold with the thought of what could have happened to her. Faster, faster to where he'd seen her last, in the thick of the onslaught.
"Please, no, not now. Not after everything, not now."

Suddenly he saw her, her lithe form covered in a light blanket of snow. Snow… he had once thought it was only the symbol for purity, how wrong she had proven him…She had told him that this was its other meaning…

"Snow is a symbol for purity…" she said.
"That's what I've always thought" he looked up at her usual calm, serene face with question.

"But… it has a darker meaning" she looked saddened suddenly.
"It does?" he asked perplexed, what could this other meaning be that made her so sad?

"Yes, death…" her voice faded to a whisper in his mind.

He dropped to his knees next to her and pulled her into his embrace, her head lulling back to the crook of his arm. Her long silky hair tumbled over the snow around them, she looked so peaceful as if she were sleeping, but this was a sleep that people don't wake up from. She had no mortal wound and yet she did not move and did not breath, she was icy to the touch. "No, please…" his voice came in a strained whisper. Why was she gone from him? She couldn't leave, he'd only just found her!

Then in his memory a soft voice filled his ears, the sound of her prayers. Her voice and what she had done to save him became painfully clear. He pulled her body close to his and called out to anything that could hear, to the one that had taken from him what he held most dear. The one who had granted her wish and taken his away,

"Please, give her all the time that I have left!"

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