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Summary: A young woman gets literally dropped into the middle earth universe after an attack on her life and faces the hard ships of sexist men and the pain of the one ring. Can she find a new life there or will she only find death?

So here it is the first chapter of this story!

To become a Ranger
Chapter One

Alyssa Howald sighed dejectedly as she sat down on a boulder not far off the path she was on, she had come to a fork in the road and was yet again lost. Her escort (and younger sister at that) had been called away to deal with a cougar sighting as she was the manager of the wild life park and had the rights for shooting the animal if things got out of hand. Sadly she had forgotten to give Alyssa a map of the park and now she was officially lost.

Alyssa had come down from Nova Scotia to visit her sister Shannon for a bit of a vacation, you know get away from the crazy collage life that she couldn't believe she was still in. Unfortunately this meant enduring long hikes in the park (which consisted of just forest, mountains and a bunch of winding twisting paths that you could get lost on) which Alyssa didn't mind at all, but there was the small little fact that you could get eaten by a cougar, as the cougar population was-a booming and the where in British Columbia's mountainous areas.

Alyssa sighed again 'God damn it, why couldn't I have just chosen the sandy beaches in the Caribbean instead of BC.'

There was a rustling of bushes behind her. Alyssa whipped around, her hand going to her throwing knives she always carried on her. She wasn't a black smith for no reason, she knew how to use all the weapons she made, made sure of it in fact and was even going though school to become a carpenter so she could make props and sets for movies like the Lord of the Rings, hell she even gave privet lessons to people who wanted to learn how to use a broad sword or something of the like. She shook her head when she herd more rustling, now was no time for reflection.

Alyssa inched forward but before she even reached the bushes where the noise was coming from, a cougar of all things leaped out, its claws out and hissing like a mad thing. It hit her in the chest with its paws and knocked Alyssa over the force of the landing knocking the wind out of her with a small oomph; the cat rolled off her and went a few feet away getting ready to pounce. Alyssa didn't even try to catch her breath but jumped up on blind panic and started to run. She could hear the cougar behind her quickly gaining ground. 'Damn, that thing was fast' but she had to keep running, had to keep going, lest she be eaten. There had already been some one killed buy these beasts and it seemed that it wanted more human blood, well fuck the cat, it was not about to get her blood.

Suddenly she felt something jump her from above, the heavy wait making her stumble and fall. "God damn it, there are two of them." She muttered in despair, just as she felt the claws of one sink into her back and the other bite her in the shoulder. She growled in a not very human like way and inched her free hand towards her belt where her daggers sat. She pulled one out and quickly stabbed it in the throat right under the jaw, it yowled painfully before falling limp to the forest floor, while the other leaped away a few feet frightened and not quite sure how to proceed. Alyssa took the free opportunity and scrambled away leaving her dagger in the beast's throat.

The other cougar shaken out of its stupor darted after her and continued the chase where the other one had left off. Alyssa huffing and puffing with blood pouring out of her wounds knew that she didn't have much energy left to continue on like this, if she didn't find any civilization soon she knew she was as good as dead.

She looked behind her and saw that the cougar was almost on top of her. She put in a burst of speed and suddenly she was floating in mid air, well not literally so but to her mind she was. Alyssa then started to fall and in a last desperate attempt flailed her arms out and some how caught onto an old root protruding from the side of the cliff she had just ran right over. Alyssa looked down and saw speeding rapids below leading to the water fall where her sister had told her to meet her at. Well at least she knew where she was now. Alyssa gulped, she was never too good at heights, ever since she had gone on that bloody Tower of Terror in Disney World, she still hadn't forgiven her father for that scare.

Alyssa heard a growling above her and looked up. She winced the cougar still hadn't given up on its chase and had now reached down and was trying to latch its claw into her skin on her left arm and hand which was closest to it paws. Blood was covering her arm from the wounds that where sure to leave ugly scars if she lived through this, and she was starting to lose her grip on the root when she heard a gun shoot out and hit the cougar square in the chest killing it instantly. Alyssa sighed in relief as her sisters curly head came into view.

"Grab my hand!" Shannon called down to Alyssa.

Alyssa reached up with her bloody hand and griped Shannon's small and pale one. Shannon started to pull her up and Alyssa was half way up when her foot slipped on a peace of loose stone, her right hand flailed out to get a grip on something but only ended up on grabbing a pile of dead grass.

"Please." Alyssa sobbed out in desperation as her left hand started to slip from her sister's grip.

Shannon moved to grab onto Alyssa's shirt but only caught empty air as Alyssa's bloody hand slipped out of her grip as she plummeted towards the speeding rapids.

"NOOOOOO!" Shannon screamed out tears of frustration sliding down her pale fair cheeks. Someone grabbed onto her waist making sure she didn't go after he sister and muttered comforting words into her ear so she would calm down.

When she had calmed down she turned around to see who had stopped her from going after Alyssa, it was Amanda Brown, one of her co-workers and Alyssa's best friend. She was also the one who warned her of Cougar activity near by and had asked for assistance in taking care of them. They had indeed scared the cougars off unfortunately though, right to where Alyssa was hiking.

"Let's go look for her." Said Amanda shakily.

"You mean her body." Said Shannon in a monotone voice, she had already gone into shock; she wasn't really there yet still was.

"We don't know that yet." Said Amanda forcefully, though even she didn't believe it, the falls where long and the rapids plenty, besides no one had ever survived it before.

They walked down the path to the falls after calling a back up team to take care of the cougar carcasses, they had found the other one a while back, actually that was what had warned them that Alyssa was in trouble as her knife was still lodged into its throat.

When they got to the falls they saw a bloody shirt floating in the water. Shannon waded out into the water and grabbed it holding it up to the light. It was indeed Alyssa's old plaid shirt that she always wore over top of a tank top, it was ripped and torn and had more blood on it than before Alyssa had gone toppling into the rapids showing clearly that she had sustained more injuries from the rocks and boulders.

Shannon came out of the water and handed the shirt to Amanda who was crying silently. "There is no hope left; she could not have survived it." Shannon then turned away and went and sat on a large rock beside the falls and just staring out into space waiting until the search teams came out to search thoroughly for Alyssa's body, and even then did nothing as the search teams came and left finding nothing more then the shirt that had once been Alyssa's prize possession.

Million of miles away, in a total Alternate universe a young woman fell down the great falls of Rauros.

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