Title: Two Faces of the Same (WIP)
Pairing/Character: LoVe (ultimately), Duncan/Rebecca, Logan/Lilly
Summary: Moving to Neptune, Veronica and her twin sister start Neptune High. AU, obviously.
Spoilers/Warnings: Some things that happened season 1 happen, but that's pretty much it.
Author's Notes: I'm finished with this story, having worked on it the last couple of weeks, so I decided what the hell. The chapters should be coming out once a week, and I'd appreciate feedback. Thanks!

Chapter One

When we were younger, people were always getting us mixed up. Mom would dress us up in matching outfits, and wherever we'd go, we were awed on how precious we were, twin blond girls, as cute as buttons. Identical, right down to the mole on our hips.

In fact, we were pretty much the same in everything. Always wanting to excel in our classes, aiming to please our parents, and to have the most friends. Shy, innocent, naive.

Sophomore year, Rebecca and I went to a party at our friend Cassie's house, the most popular girl in our grade. With flaming red hair, and a personality that matched, she was like an older sister, more outgoing, more beautiful, more perfect than anyone we'd ever met. Wild to the extent of being dangerous, and how dad described her actions, "self-destructible."

Upon getting there, Becky and I were separated, and after a half an hour of looking for her (she was after all my baby sister by three whole minutes), I was so frustrated that I remember taking a cup of rum and coke and drinking it all within a few gulps. I don't know who gave it to me, but I do remember waking up the next morning in a strange bed, searching for my underwear.

I found Becky and Cassie asleep in Cassie's bed, and I vaguely remember thinking about how something so heinous happened to me just down the hall. How something (although, I knew what it was, but the word rape just sounded so nightmarish), someone had hurt me in one of the worst ways, and no one helped me.

I had dragged Becky out of the bed, forcing her down the stairs and out of the house towards the car we shared. She hadn't realized something was wrong until she looked at me. A strap on my white dress was broken, hair tangled, dress wrinkled, mascara smeared, and tears pooling in my eyes.

She knew.

Without asking, she didn't need to.

That was the day everything changed. Dad, the chief of police of Seattle, had freaked when he found out. I originally didn't want to say anything, especially to dad, but Rebecca wouldn't hear of it. The minute he heard what had happened to me, he'd been on a warpath. Sometimes he didn't come home for dinner, sometimes not coming home until past midnight, so obsessed with finding and bring to justice to the person who had raped me.

The aftermath of that night seemed to have more of an impact than the incident itself. I don't have the memories of that night, just the physical evidence and the feeling of something missing. Forced into therapy for six weeks after, nothing really changed. I knew I wasn't the same the minute I woke up that sunny morning, and one afternoon after coming home from another useless meeting with the counselor, feeling especially dirty and tainted, and empty, I spent over an hour in the shower, the water as cold as it could go, sitting on the tile of the shower floor.

I had gotten out of the shower stall, and proceeded to cut off my long blond hair up to my chin. I wasn't that girl anymore.

With the hair came a new me, a girl who didn't take crap from others, knew how to fight back, a girl who slept during class and who became the school outcast. I just stopped caring about things so trivial, like shoes and who was dating who, and if the cute guy behind the counter at Starbucks was looking at me.

I couldn't adapt. Even after the creep was caught, I hated my school and my friends, and everything. After a while, dad and mom figured it would be best if we just moved, start over. When the school year ended, we packed up, and moved to Neptune, California, where mom was born and raised. Dad rented out a space and opened his own PI office, Mars Investigations. When I first started working there, as secretary, answering phones and typing reports out, it was only until dad hired somebody else. But then I began to like it, and before I knew it, I was snapping pictures of unfaithful husbands doing the horizontal (or sometimes no-so horizontal) tango. I've always loved photography, and it was so much better than staying at home during the summer with no friends, while Becky was at work (at some clothing store, "Oh gosh, I get a 45 discount!"), and while mom was "having a nap" from one too many tequila shots or gin and tonics.

There was something releasing and cathartic about it. Since the whole incident, I wasn't much of a people person anymore, the less time I would have to spend with living people (my family and Backup excluded), the better. Working in the office with dad, and him sometimes even letting me help with cases, had kept me sane.

Now I'm only dreading the first day of school tomorrow. Becky and I will be the new kids, the only thing worse than being the pariah. I hate not knowing where I'm going, what's going on, and what to expect. I won't know who to look out for (although, living in a town where you're either rich or poor, I think it'll be easy to figure that out). I hate not being in control.

Walking through the door, and softly shutting it, I tiptoe down the hall, hoping dad went to bed early for once. When I make it to my room without being caught, I let out a sigh of relief and swing open my door, dropping my bag by the bottom of my bed.

Coming home at three in the morning the night before school begins might not be the smartest, but hey, a girl's got to do what a girl's gotta do.

"Veronica! Come on!"

Squinting my eyes open, I see my face reflected back at me. Is it already morning?

"What?" I whine back. While Becky may be all sunshine and smiles at seven in the morning, I am not.

"If you don't get up soon, we're going to be late," Rebecca insisted.

I blink at her blankly. Sighing frustratingly, she continues, "Veronica, we have to make a good impression! We do have to spend the next two years with these people, and while you may be just fine with no friends, I would like to have some!" By the time she's finished, her face is red, and she's breathing hard.

I stare at her for a minute, and she finally cracks.

"Fine, ten minutes, but that's all Ronica, I'm serious," she says in irritation, although I can tell she's not really that upset from the sides of her mouth lifting. I smile back triumphantly, and throw the covers back around me. Ten minutes is a long time away...

By the time we get to school, we have to park yards away from the entrance, and I'm already regretting staying in bed those ten extra minutes. As we make our way to the front of the school, I notice a crowd around the flag pole, then a boy with the word "Snitch" spelled wrong.

Tilting my head, "Wow, I can already tell that this school is going to be great," I say sarcastically, and reach back in my jeans for my pocket knife.

Taking a couple of paces through the crowd, a hand on my arm halts me.

"Veronica!" Rebecca hisses at me, "what are you doing?"

Sighing, I reply sarcastically, "Well, it doesn't look like any of these morons are going to cut that kid down anytime soon, so I thought I might as well."

"Don't be uncool, he's obviously up there for a reason." One thing that drives me insane about Becky; she can't take charge. I get it, I do. Hell, I used to be so shy of doing anything out of line, confronting people, making a scene, I used to rather be grounded than have Cassie say that I was uncool. I mean, the world would have ended if I was uncool in Cassie's eyes! Now I just roll my eyes.

I shake my head, shove my way through the bunch of idiots standing around, and cut the kid down. After all, getting duck taped to the flag pole on the first day of school has got to be traumatic enough, but having the event photographed and mentioned in the yearbook for years to come is just cruel.

Neptune High, a place I'm already dreading spending my days learning at. What fun.

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