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A Mother's Love

Chapter One: Reunion

Lily Potter nee Evans was stressed. She had arrived home an hour ago, tired from work and intending to take a hot bath but before she could even remove her cloak, an owl had arrived.

The note it bore was written in a simple and slightly scrawled hand and Lily instantly identified her husband's handwriting. The note informed her simply that Sirius was back from wherever he'd been and that he and their other three old school friends would be joining them for dinner.

In a slight panic, Lily had hurried to her fridge. There wasn't a great deal of food in the house, just enough for herself and James. She had planned to go grocery shopping the next day.

Rummaging through her freezer, Lily came out with a box of eight apple pies and a tub of ice cream; perfect for dessert but not for the main course.

Mumbling about unexpected guests and James' gall, Lily changed into Muggle clothes in a flash and hurried over to the local supermarket where she purchased six chicken breasts, potatoes and a large pumpkin.

Running home, Lily put everything down in the kitchen and, with a flick of her wand, set everything in motion.

As previously mentioned, Lily was stressed.

Fortunately, by the time James and his guests had apparated into the entrance hall, Lily had changed, calmed herself down, and was just removing the chicken and roast vegetables from the oven.

"Lils?" James called out as he hung his cloak and those belonging to their friends in the front closet. "Lily?"

"Here James!" Lily responded and left the kitchen to meet them.

James stepped forward and tenderly kissed his wife in greeting. His hours at the ministry were longer than hers as she had a desk job and he was training to be an Auror.

Stepping out of her husbands embrace, Lily was immediately taken in by her best friends from Hogwarts. Courtney squealed and Gabby laughed as they all hugged each other.

"Lily!" Courtney exclaimed, holding her at arms length. "I can't believe it! To think I actually thought you'd be fat and pregnant by now!"

"Courtney!" Lily blushed. "We've only been married six months!"

Courtney shrugged. "Ah well. Plenty of time yet."

"Ignore her Lils," Gabby said, squeezing her hand. "Good things come to those who wait."

"Yeah, but they come more often to those who do something about it," Courtney retorted stubbornly.

"Now now ladies, let's leave talk of prospective children for later. I still have to greet Mrs Potter."

Stepping forward, Remus looked Lily up and down then held out his arms, which she gladly stepped into.

Lily held a soft spot for Remus. They had shared their seventh year as Head Boy and Girl at Hogwarts and she had even fancied him in their third year. He was the calming one and, in spite of his lycanthropy, she loved him dearly.

Letting her go, Remus made room for Sirius.

"Sirius! Where have you been?" Lily asked sternly, eyebrows raised in mock disapproval.

The object of her green-eyes gaze shuddered. "Please Lils, don't you feel any guilt over greeting the best man of your wedding with a McGonagall?"

Lily laughed with everyone at this, then hugged him fiercely. "Not when said best man leaves without any clue as to where he's going or when he'll be back."

"I sent owls!"

"Maybe so, but a location would have been nice, at least every once in a while. We were worried about you!"

Sincerely, Sirius responded, "I'm sorry Lily, I won't do it again."

Lily nodded in acceptance of this. "Good. Now, on a different note, I'm sure you're all starving. Dinner's ready, so just come through."

She turned to walk back down the hall but turned back to face her husband. "James dear, the next time you want to invite unexpected guests to dinner, tell me to expect them before you leave for training."

James smiled sheepishly as their friends laughed. "Yes love. I'll remember that."


The plates were washing themselves in the kitchen sink and the tea and coffee had been served. For a dinner party prepared at such short notice, everything had gone remarkably well.

During the meal, Sirius had regaled them all with tales of his adventures, causing everyone to burst into fits of laughter numerous times. Lily shared points about her job and James told everyone the highlights of his Auror training. Courtney spoke for three quarters of an hour about her latest boyfriend and said in one sentence that she had found a job in the ministry's Department of Magical Transportation. Gabby revealed that she'd been offered a teaching position at Beauxbatons Academy in France and Remus finally admitted, after much prodding, that he had been unable to find work in the wizarding world due to his 'problem'. He was currently employed by a muggle bookshop. This revelation caused Lily to begin ranting about the injustices and prejudices of the wizarding world. She didn't quieten until James physically performed a silencing charm on her. Now, the meal over, they were left to discuss the recent darker happenings in the wizarding world.

"There'll be lots of work for you once you've got your diploma, eh Prongs, what with Dark wizards popping up left, right and centre," Sirius commented as he sipped his coffee.

"Please Sirius," Lily said with a noticeable shudder, "Don't say that."

James took one of his wife's hands and squeezed it gently. "Don't worry Lils, so far, I'm top of my class." He kissed her knuckles then turned to his friend. "I guess I will be busy. Not for a couple more years though. Auror training goes for three."

"Do they send you out on missions James?" Gabby asked.

He shook his head. "No. They used to, but with everything the way it is now, they've got us on simulations. They don't want us inexperienced young bucks getting ourselves killed."

"Thank Merlin for that," Lily murmured, fingering the phoenix necklace that she never went without.

Everyone was silent, mentally agreeing with Lily's prayer.

After a few moments though, Courtney spoke up. "Say, did Dumbledore speak to any of you about some kind of Dark wizard fighting group he's setting up?"

Each person around the table looked up at her in surprise. They all nodded warily.

"Good. What did you all say?"

"I accepted," Remus replied, "Though not until he assured me my being a werewolf would be an asset, not a burden."

"I did to," Sirius said with a firm nod.

"How did Dumbledore know where you were?" Gabby asked.

Sirius laughed. "My dear, is it not a known fact that Albus Dumbledore knows everything?"

Gabby blushed. "Right. Well, I declined. He insisted that we need allies abroad but I don't want to fight Dark wizards. I'm not cut out for that kind of thing."

"James and I are still considering it. We're so busy and we do want to start a family. We're not quite sure what we'll do yet."

James nodded in agreement with his better half. "Yeah, but what about you Courtney? You're the one who brought this up. What was your answer?"

Courtney shrugged. "I said no."

"No?" everyone exclaimed.

"That's right. No. I'd rather not get caught up in that whole saving the world thing. Besides, isn't that what Aurors are for?"

Lily was a little astonished at her friends reasoning. "But you were always so good at Defence Against the Dark Arts."

Courtney shrugged again. "So? That's self-defence. I don't know what I'd do if I had to watch out for other people too."

"That's ridiculous," Gabby remarked. "You'd be better off with other people."

At this, Courtney was instantly fired up. "You didn't accept either! Besides, it's my life and my decision. Understand?"

Gabby looked too shocked at her friend's outburst to reply. Instead, Remus stepped in. "We understand Courtney, but it seemed more likely that you'd say yes, so we're all a bit surprised. We don't mean anything by it."

Lily nodded. "Remus is right Courtney. We're sorry."

Courtney smiled slightly and apologized. After this, the conversation turned to other things and the evening continued in high spirits.


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