Harry packed the few things he had taken from his trunk quickly; he had only been at the Dursly's for a little while, so only eight or nine things had been removed. Ron and Hermione had already packed. They were going to spend the rest of the summer in Godric's Hollow. He finished and closed the lid. "Locomotor trunks" he said and the trunk lifted a few feet off the ground, he sent it through the door ahead of him, conducting it with his wand.

"Harry" he heard Hermione calling "C'mon, your taking forever," he let the trunk bang onto the floor at the bottom of the steps in answer. Hermione jumped.

"Hey mate, don't scare her to death, that's You-Know-Who's job." Ron said jokingly.

"Don't joke about that Ron," Harry said darkly "and how many times do I have to tell you, call him Voldemort." Ron dropped his cup because he shuddered and Hermione repaired it with a flick of her wand. "We're not leaving till you say it." Harry said stubbornly.

"Fine, V-Vold-dm-mort" he said dropping his glass again.

"Honestly Ronald," Hermione said exasperatedly kissing him on the cheek. They had finally gotten together at the end of their 6th year. "Repario" she said fixing it again.

"Lets go we've got a long way to go." Harry said grabbing his Firebolt while Ron shouldered his Cleansweep. Harry turned to go into the kitchen to say good bye, not that he figured they'd care. "We're leaving," he said to the kitchen.

"Fine, shut the door when you go." Uncle Vernon said indifferently.

"Oh, Harry, be careful," His Aunt Petunia said startling him more then if Dudly had started doing magic. "I know we have always been well, less then kind, but you are our nephew and we do love you so much."

"Er…" was all he managed.

"Please write, to tell us your okay. I don't even care if you use your owl, Hedwong?"


"Right." She stood, walked swiftly over to him, and pull him into an embrace that made him think of Ron's mom Mrs. Wesley. And with that he walked back into the hall, and left with Ron and Hermione, mounting their brooms, Ron and Hermione on Ron's Cleansweep for once, a little sad that he was leaving, and even more so because he knew he would probably never return.