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Author's Message: When referring to the planet, it will now be called Earth instead of Mobius.

Chapter 1

It had been one year since the fight with Eclipse. The park in station square was decorated festively. There was a giant stage in the middle of the park. In front of it were about twenty rows of foldable chairs. Beside the stage was a giant object covered with some kind of curtain. The object was in the middle of the park.

Sonic, Knuckles, Tails, Rouge, Cream, and Amy sat in the front row. Behind them sat every citizen in station square. The whole park was quiet except for the small birds chirping in their nests.

The mayor of station square walked up on to the stage and stood in front of the microphone.

"Today we honor a hero. A hero of a different sort. A hero who made the ultimate sacrifice to keep this world safe. Shadow the Hedgehog!"

The mayor pulled a long golden rope and the curtain over the object lifted. There stood a giant silver statue of Shadow. A stern look upon his face and his arms crossed.

The whole crowd of people applauded.

"Now, I believe some of Shadow's close friends would like to say a few words."

The mayor motioned for the group of heroes to come over. They all walked up on the stage and stood in a circle around the mike. Sonic was the first to speak.

"Shadow was a good friend and ally. He was always stern and serious, but had his heart in the right place. I will really miss him."

Sonic stepped back and Rouge stepped up.

"Shadow was born into a world of hate and destruction. Even though he had a horrific past, he tried to make the best of his life. I can't even imagine how he felt all the time, but now I hope he is in a better place."

Rouge stepped down and no one else spoke up. The crowd applauded the group of heroes.

5 Hours Later: Rouge's Mansion.

Rouge was sitting in her huge house in the living room with the rest of the gang. The group sat on 3 white couches watching TV.

Sonic decided to break the silence.

"Hey Knuckles!"

The red Echidna looked over at the hedgehog.

"How's it coming along with the broken emeralds?"

"I've fixed six of them already, the last one is half way done."

"Alright, what do you think will happen when they're reformed?"

"I don't know."

Amy spoke up at this point.

"Why did they shatter in the first place?"

"I think Shadow overloaded them when he used that final super attack." Sonic answered.

Upon hearing Shadow's name, Rouge started crying. She got off of the couch and went upstairs to her bedroom. She threw herself down on the bed and sobbed into the sheets.

"Why Shadow? Why?"

Living Room

"She's taking Shadow's death really hard." Tails said.

"I know, but it's been a year, hasn't it?" Amy said.

"You can't rush these things." Sonic said with sadness in his voice. "No one is completely over it."

Everyone fell silent for a moment.

"I'd better get going." Knuckles said.

"What for?" Sonic asked.

"To fix the last emerald. We might need them soon."

Sonic nodded and walked out the door. Tails and Cream also got up and headed home. Now only Sonic and Amy were left.

"Do you think we should talk to Rouge?" Amy asked.

"No, let her let out her sadness. It's especially hard on her."

Amy looked down in sadness.

"I know."